CF’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Significant Other

Time to check your significant other off of your holiday shopping list.

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We’ve finally had time to enjoy Thanksgiving and have officially entered the holiday shopping season. Tons of sales are available and extended store hours are existent. 

If you didn’t have a chance to purchase gifts before Black Friday, you’ve still got time to shop for holiday gifts early. This week’s gift guide is specifically made for one of your favorite people: your significant other. You know this person like the back of your hand but sometimes it can be difficult to shop for them.

We’ve got you covered! Over the past few weeks, we’ve done a gift guide for your parents, a gift guide for your grandparents, and a gift guide for your coworkers. Today, we’re going to move forward with our ultimate guide by giving you holiday gift ideas for your significant other. Here are our fave affordable gifts for your love.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

We’ve got the greatest holiday gifts for your lover, best friend, and confidant!

1. Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Best gifts for friends: Retro bluetooth speaker

Product: Retro Bluetooth Speaker – Urban Outfitters

This nostalgic speaker is perfect for playing music in retro style, while also staying up-to-date using bluetooth capabilities. Bonus points if you give them this alongside a customized Spotify playlist of their favorite tracks.

2. Public Radio – Single Station Tuner

Single station tuner

Product: Single Station Tuner – Uncommon Goods

This handy gadget can play your significant other’s favorite radio station! The Mason Jar gives a nice aesthetic. Perfect for the person who prefers old school radio.

3. Dual Portable Power Bank

Best gifts for friends: Portable power bank

Product: Dual Portable Power Bank – Amazon

In this day and age it’s important to keep your phone charged. This portable charger has not one, but two ports! That way you can use it too! This is perfect for your tech-addicted significant other.

4. What I Love About You Book

What I Love About You book

Product: What I Love About You Book – Urban Outfitters

Sometimes our thoughts are better expressed in writing. This book is the perfect way to spill your heart out to your significant other, with tons of customizable prompts to get your feelings out onto paper.

5. Gold Foil Playing Cards

Best gifts for friends: Gold foil playing cards

Product: Gold Foil Playing Cards – Walmart

For their next game night, your partner can wow the crowd with these unique gold foil playing cards! Whether you’re playing poker, spades, or any other card game, this will accommodate your needs in major style.

6. Phone Storage Workout Bottle

iPhone storage workout bottle

Product: Phone Storage Workout Bottle – Uncommon Goods

This creative workout bottle helps lessen the load your significant other has to carry to the gym, or essentially anywhere they go. Pretty cool, right?

7. Sony Extra Bass Headphones

Sony extra bass headphones

Product: Sony Extra Bass Headphones – Amazon

Who doesn’t need new headphones? These are great for working out, walking around campus, or just jamming out at home or in their dorm. Perfect if you like a little extra bass with your music.

8. Date Night Bucket List Set

Date night bucket list

Product: Date Night Bucket List Set – Uncommon Goods

This bucket list set will keep the love alive. Sometimes it’s hard to find new things to do with your significant other so this will help jog many ideas!

9. Pocket Travelers Tarp

Pocket travelers tarp

Product: Pocket Travelers Tarp – Amazon

If you’re outdoorsy, there will come a time when you just need a pocket tarp. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or picnicking, this will help alleviate some of your worries and most importantly save some of your space.

10. Amazon Echo Dot

Best gifts for friends: Amazon echo dot

Product: Amazon Echo Dot – Amazon

This is a very popular yet inexpensive device that will work well for electronic lovers or those who are looking to make life easier. Benefits include making calls for you, answering questions, and controlling smart-home gadgets with your voice. The price isn’t bad, either!


What gifts do you plan to get your significant other this year? What did we miss that isn’t on the list?

Tell us about your holiday gift ideas for your significant other in the comments box below!

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