Video Game Fashion: Kindergarten

Find some back to school style inspiration with 2017’s latest indie game gem.

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Kindergarten is one of the most obscure and delightful games that you will play all year. Though its premise revolves around mere kindergarteners, its shocking, hilariously dark humor and puzzling gameplay will leave you on edge for hours. 

The game follows a young kindergarten student who goes to a school where things aren’t quite normal. Children and dogs are going missing and kids are given strange devices after seeing the principal. It is up to you to get to the bottom of things.

Below I’m going to help you guys kick off this school year in style by transforming these Kindergarten kids’ pixelated costumes into college-ready outfits.

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Cindy is the mean girl of the class. Sure, she looks sweet, but she’s far from it. Hope you don’t mind gum in your hair, because that’s her favorite form of torture.

While she definitely does the things you’d expect from a kindergarten version of Regina George, Cindy isn’t all bad. She does have a sweet spot for our main protagonist, as well as her dog, Biscuit.

Outfit inspired by Cindy from Kindergarten video game: pink swing dress, Too Faced Melted Lip liquid lipstick in pink, black double strapped mary jane platforms, short white ruffled socks, stacked ring set, faux leather jacket

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To highlight Cindy’s ultra sweet exterior, I based this outfit around the color pink, beginning with a pink babydoll swing dress that’s both vibrant and youthful. Every grown-up mean girl always has a bright, bold lipstick on hand, so I added this hot pink one to go with the dress. 

Since we’re headed back to school, I added some classic black Mary Jane platforms with crisp white ruffle socks. It’s like a grown-up version of what we’d wear to elementary school.

We can’t forget to reference Cindy’s dark side: To do so, finish the look off with a some stacked rings and a bold leather jacket.


Nugget is one of the most memorable characters of the game. He’s hard to describe, so I’ll leave it at this: He speaks in the third person and he has a strange obsession with chicken nuggets. You’ll love him, too.

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For Nugget’s outfit, I decided to pair a lot of intricate statement pieces for an outfit that is as unique and loud as he is. 

Flared, fringed jeans are one of my favorite trends right now, but they are an acquired taste. You’ll either love them or hate them. Nugget, however, is definitely the kind of person who would unapologetically rock a polarizing trend. So channel him and go for it!

I paired the jeans with a bright red printed flowy top and some strappy ballet flats, two pieces that are attention-grabbing in their own ways. 

Lastly, accessorize the outfit with these silver “nugget” earrings and an even larger bronze-and-gold statement necklace that will be sure to help you turn heads as you strut your stuff down the halls.


At the beginning of the game, we find out that a boy named Billy has gone missing. Lily is the boy’s sister and like our main protagonist, she’s trying to get to the bottom of things. 

Lily is a sweet girl that likes to keep to herself, but she can still hold her own when it comes to dealing with bullies like Cindy.

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To dress like Lily, begin with the signature blue and white striped skirt that we see her wear in the game. 

Instead of putting an actual flower in your hair like Lily does, try out these bright pink flower earrings for a more fashion-friendly take. 

White Keds and a white overall skirt show the world that you aren’t going to be pushed around. To me, if a person is wearing this much white to class, then they must mean business.

Tie it all together with an embroidered floral backpack and you’re set to go back to school in style. 

What do you think?

Did you enjoy Kindergarten? If so, who is your favorite character? If not, what’s been your favorite game this year? Let me know in the comments!

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