Bridgerton Fashion: Modern Outfits Inspired by the Ladies of Mayfair

Outfits to inspire your own coming out look.

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This Bridgerton fashion guide will show you modern outfits inspired by the women on Season 1 of the hit Netflix show. (Click here for Bridgerton Season 2 fashion.)

A picture of Daphne Bridgerton.

One of the best recent additions to Netflix is the new regency period drama ‘Bridgerton‘ produced by Shondaland. It is based on the ‘Bridgerton’ book series by New York Times Bestselling Author, Julia Quinn.

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The first season of the show follows debutante Daphne Bridgerton during the London social Season, where young ladies try to find husbands. But as they say, the path of true love never did run smooth, and aside from finding a match, the women must also worry about improving their social status and avoiding scandal at all costs.

That is no easy feat when a nosy society column writer called Lady Whistledown offers daily observations on the lives and secrets of the characters. (Yes, it reminds us of Gossip Girl, too.)

Romantic, witty, and with a diverse cast, ‘Bridgerton’ is the show everyone is talking about right now. (And it’s just been announced that it’s being renewed for a second season!)

Fashion-wise, costume designer Ellen Mirojnick created a regency look with modern twists. 7500 custom pieces were created in just 5 months for the show.

Everyone on this show seems to be dressed to the nines just going on a walk. And we love it.

Empire waists, feathers, pearls and corsets abound in Bridgerton and Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) has 93 dresses in total. While we could easily do a post on just her outfits, today’s article will give you inspiration based on the various ladies of Mayfair.

In these looks, you’re sure to feel like “the diamond of the first water”. Read on for our Bridgerton fashion guide!

Outfit 1: Daphne Bridgerton

A picture of Daphne Bridgerton.

Daphne, the oldest Bridgerton girl, goes through a huge style shift throughout the series. When we meet her, her signature color is blue to exemplify her doll-like innocence. As she develops into her own person, the colors becomes richer and more daring.

I based this modern outfit idea on Daphne’s first look of the series. She wears this ensemble when she is coming out before the queen who rightly calls her, “flawless”.

We may not have the pomp and glamour of coming out parties in the 21st century but this metallic crossover gown would sure get a nod of approval from any queen.

The golden shoes and purse offer a nice complement. I tried to find cross earrings similar to ones Daphne wears and found a relatively close match on Amazon.

The pearl hear clips are a nod to the pearls Daphne wears at the ball.

Outfit 2: Eloise Bridgerton

Picture of Eloise, Violet and Hyacinth Bridgerton.

The second Bridgerton daughter and my personal favorite for her no-nonsense attitude, Eloise Bridgerton has a strong desire to live outside of the narrow confines that society places on women.

We see her most of the time in light blue and lilac. Her main accessory is a ribbon tied into a bow in her hair.

At the start we don’t see Eloise in many fancy dresses as she isn’t ‘out’ yet, but that doesn’t mean that her everyday clothes don’t make a statement in themselves.

Outfit inspired by Eloise Bridgerton with lilac sweater dress, chunky heeled boots, bejeweled headband, mini backpack

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The lilac sweater dress would be perfect for Eloise if she lived in our time because she’s always running around town looking for evidence. You have to stay comfortable when you’re so busy.

The beige sock boots add some unexpected style to the look, and the chunky heel makes them more comfortable than you’d think. The blue mini backpack is great for carrying your phone and a small notebook around town.

To complete the look we have a purple headband, a modern nod to Eloise’s love of statement headwear.

Outfit 3: Penelope Featherington

Picture of Penelope Featherington (Bridgerton).

Next on our list is the youngest daughter from the nouveau riche Featheringtons, Penelope. Her mother is obsessed with finding her daughters good matches, which explains her garish wardrobe choices for them.

To make the girls stand out, Mrs. Featherington ensures her daughters always wear lots of print, feathers and color in their outfits.

While you might not want to take it to the extent Penelope does, wearing color is rarely a bad idea. Take some of her ideas to stand apart from the crowd!

Penelope Featherington outfit from Bridgerton with floral dress, hot pink clutch, red flats, rose gold jewelry

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The Featheringtons love their flowers, and this floral print dress captures Penelope’s sweetness and innocence.

The coral shoes add a dramatic flair and the pink sequined purse is sure to turn heads.

Complete the looks with the adorable pink rings and earrings.

Outfit 4: Marina Thompson

Picture of Marina Thompson (Bridgerton).

Last but not least in our Bridgerton fashion guide is Marina Thompson, a young woman from the country and a distant relative of the Featheringtons. Throughout the series, we see that her presence causes a stir in the Mayfair social scene.

Though Marina lives with the Featheringtons, her outfits are not as outlandish as theirs, though she doesn’t shy away from color.

Like Penelope, the colors yellow and orange show up in her wardrobe quite a bit.

A full yellow outfit including dress, shoes and heart pendant.

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This yellow dress from Nordstrom is light and flowy, demonstrating Marina’s initial disengagement with society.

For jewelry, I chose a heart necklace. Fun fact: the pendant that Marina wears in the show is called a ‘lover’s eye pendant’ in line with the Georgian tradition of keeping the picture of one’s lover’s eye in a locket. I thought that the heart was a less creepy alternative.

Lastly, for footwear, I chose the loafers because as country girl she would be accustomed to a great deal of walking. The satchel purse tops it off.

What do you think of our Bridgerton fashion guide?

Have you watched ‘Bridgerton yet’? What’s your favorite outfit in the show? Isn’t the Duke of a Hastings a gem? Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think.

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