7 Great Websites for Geek Chic Inspiration

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Hello, my CF lovelies! In honor of this nerdiest of weekends (aka: San Diego Comic-Con), I’ve rounded up seven websites that celebrate all that is geek and all that is chic. If you like this column, you’ll love these blogs and retailers:


1. The Stylish Geek

Stylish geek


I’ve been following Emily on Facebook for a while: her incredible cosplays and daily geeky outfits are so inspiring! On her blog, The Stylish Geek, she seamlessly incorporates unabashedly geeky pieces, like a Darth Vader sweater or Leia dress, into stylish and modern ensembles.

2. Being Geek Chic

Geek chic


Just look at the name of the website! Being Geek Chic is an awesome blog that’s a veritable geek goldmine: it features weekly spotlights on geeky ladies, fandom-inspired recipes, geeky travel guides, DIY instructions, and more!

3. The Nerdy Girlie

Nerdy girlie


Megan’s The Nerdy Girlie is a fantastic resource for any girl heading to Comic-Con! If you’re planning to attend SDCC in the future, make sure to check out her awesome, super-detailed guides on where to spot celebs, what to do, and how to make the most of the weekend!

Plus, she has a fantastic series called “Everyday Cosplay” which, like the Geek Chic column here on CF, features wearable outfits inspired by your favorite sci-fi and fantasy characters.

4. When Geeks Wed

When geeks wed


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve wasted many an hour watching “Say Yes To the Dress” and poring over online wedding dress catalogs (I’m obsessed with BHDLN and the Disney bridal line) or cooing over bridal boards on Pinterest… which is sort of ridiculous, as I have zero plans to get married in the near future. Still, I’d like to imagine that I’m not the only girl who’s given serious thought to gown silhouettes and floral arrangements long before she has a ring on her finger.

For your obsessing viewing pleasure: When Geeks Wed, which features beautiful weddings inspired by just about every fandom you can think of!


5. Black Milk

Black Milk clothes

Greedo Jersey, Daily Prophet Jacket, Aladdin-inspired Dress

This Australia-based retailer features totally kick-ass collections that combine trendy silhouettes with geeky prints and references. Black Milk also offers free standard international shipping, which is always a plus. Make sure to check out their vast array of fandom-inspired leggings!

6. Her Universe

Her Universe clothes

Exploding TARDIS Scarf, TARDIS Skirt, Vader Dress

Her Universe was founded by actress Ashley Eckstein to meet the fashion needs of the ever-growing female sci-fi/fantasy fan population. The brand carries a ton of cute fit-and-flare dresses inspired by characters from Marvel, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, as well as more subtle pieces, like infinity scarves and printed skirts.

7. ThinkGeek


ThinkGeek is sort of like Brookstone (but for geeks instead of your dad!): it’s full of gadgets you never even knew you wanted but now suddenly need. R2-D2 measuring cup set? Star Trek door chime? Bronze Spock business card holder? Relax – ThinkGeek has got it covered.

What did you think?

Have you visited any of these websites? Do you have a favorite geek blog or retailer that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “7 Great Websites for Geek Chic Inspiration”

  1. I liked everything except for Black Milk Clothing. They’ve stolen from artists, given no credit or money, and handled marketing in regards to an ad (which implied only women who looked a certain way i.e skinny and model-esque should only wear their clothing) in which they deleted any criticism from their facebook and would actually ban anyone who had didn’t agree with them even if it were civilly put. They’re absolutely horrible!

  2. I have a Doctor Who skirt from Her Universe and I love it! And I have to admit I’ve spent many hours going through ThinkGeek before.

    I take issue with Black Milk being featured here though, because like Caroline said above, they steal designs from fan artists. In addition, they’ve said that they market toward specific girls and women: sexy, pretty, skinny. There was a whole controversy about it a few months ago. Not to mention that all of their products are waaaaay over priced.

  3. This was a great post Shannon! I’ve been checking out some of the blogs that you have mentioned plus some others and they were very inspirational indeed! Though I do wish there was a bit more variety in terms of fandom fashion though…

    And I’m not sure if I’m actually allowed to make a suggestion on a website for clothing or not but for the retailers there’s this great website called We Love Fine that also has Fandom clothing and other Geekery! If you have the time why don’t you give them a look?


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