11 Insanely Fun DIYS to Do at Home

Here are eleven projects to keep you busy.

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11 DIY projects to do while staying home or self isolating - fun ideas for projects you can do at home to beat boredom

As more and more people are encouraged to self-isolate, they are increasingly looking for ways to occupy themselves while they stay in their homes or dorms.

If you’re looking for something to do in your free time, trying some DIY projects can be fun and rewarding. Additionally, many of these projects can be adapted so that you can use what you have on hand.

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Read on for eleven DIY projects that you can make while self-isolating!

1. Origami Photo Frames

Origami photo frames.
Via Handmade Charlotte

Do you have a bunch of photos from the past year on your phone? Well, print some out and make some simple origami frames for them.

Origami is the perfect craft for when you’re stuck inside without access to craft stores and have to work with what you have. You can use any kind of paper you have on hand; wrapping paper, newspaper, etc,.

2. Gold Leaf Mirror

Gold leaf mirror.
Via Idle Hands Awake

If you have a mirror that you’re bored with, there are all sorts of ways to make it a little more unique. For example, this tutorial uses gold leaf. After trying this DIY, even the simplest mirror will make a statement.

If you don’t have gold leaf with you, get creative and trim the mirror with ribbon or colorful tissue paper.

3. Sequin Sweater

Sequin sweater.
Via Lovely Indeed

It’s easy to add some life to old clothing. In this DIY, you’ll sew sequins on an old sweater or other garment.

To make this project your own, use the sequins to make a unique design, or attach beads instead of sequins. Don’t know how to sew? There are lots of helpful sewing tutorials on YouTube!

4. Rainbow Fringe Wall Hanging

Rainbow fringe wall hanging.
Via Studio DIY

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your room, why not make sure it’s a space that shows your personality?

This DIY wall hanging is easy; all you need is some yarn and scissors! Plus, it’s so beautiful, it’s sure to make you smile every time you see it.

5. Stenciled Wall Art

Stencil wall hanging.
Via Laura Radniecki

Another way to decorate your room is to make a stencil and use it to decorate a canvas. Choose a favorite quote or image, and get out some paint.

You could even use this idea to decorate other items, for example, a denim jacket!

6. Sequin Clock

Sequin clock.
Via A Kailo Chic Life

If you have glitter and sequins with you, this clock would be a cheerful addition to your living space.

Another idea would be to use the same idea to decorate an empty picture frame.

7. Wide Leg Jeans with Contrast Panel

DIY: How To Make WIDE LEG Jeans (w/ CONTRAST Panel) -By Orly Shani

Update your old jeans with this tutorial. In this DIY, you open up the sides of an old pair of jeans and insert fabric to make wide leg jeans.

If you don’t have sewing supplies, fabric glue could also work for this project.

8. Chandelier

Isn’t this a fun chandelier? It also happens to be made out of recycled bottle caps, straws, and paper.

This is one of the DIY tutorials that is easy to find supplies for while self-isolating. If you can’t find one of the supplies they used, get creative and adjust the project to use what you have.

9. Rhinestone Tissue Box

Rhinestone tissue box.
Via The Crafted Life

While a rhinestone tissue box isn’t at the top of my wish list, this concept could also be used to decorate jewelry boxes, picture frames, or even old furniture.

This project is easy enough that it would be perfect even if you don’t have DIY experience. I definitely recommend checking it out!

10. Plant Stand

DIY planters.
Via Handmade Haven

If you have access to a garden, a tomato cage can be spray painted and turned into a minimalistic plant stand.

This tutorial also includes plant stands made from crates and copper piping. Plant stands will instantly upgrade your room’s style.

11. DIY Lush Products

Staying at home means lots of time for self care, so why not try out these DIYS to make Lush products for less. The sugar scrub in particular is easy to find ingredients for.

What do you think of these DIY ideas?

Which of them would you make? Let us know in the comments!

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