4 Cute Birthday Outfits | Birthday Girl Fashion for the Best Day of the Year

Look your best on your special day with these cute birthday outfits ideas.

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Happy birthday candles in front of balloons.

In honor of August and September being the most popular birthday months of the year, I decided to do a post with birthday outfits to inspire any girl whose birthday is coming up, whether it’s in the next few days or next few months!

My birthday is definitely my favorite day of the year. I can get away with almost anything, my mom buys me red velvet cupcakes, I get to wear the sparkliest, most daring outfit I want, and no one can say anything about it because it’s MY day! I think every girl should have the right to be completely outrageous for at least one day of the year, and what better excuse than your birthday?

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With these outfits, there’s no doubt that you’ll be the center of attention all night. Even if it’s not your birthday, these outfits will bring out your inner shine and make you the most confident girl in the room. Even better, each outfit comes with its own matching cupcake – everyone’s favorite birthday treat!

Birthday Outfit #1: Birthday Bombshell

Birthday outfits - cute all black birthday outfit with flared jeans and red shoes

Products: Jeans – Nordstrom, Top – Nordstrom, Shoes – Mango, Ring – Revolve

This birthday outfit is fun yet still captivating, bringing back the boot cut jeans and adding some low red heels.

The hint of gold from the ring adds a little something extra to this otherwise minimal look. This would be a great outfit idea for drinks with friends!

And while you’re wearing this, be sure to treat yourself to a delicious red velvet cupcake (my personal favorite).

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Birthday Outfit #2: Sleek and Sexy

Birthday look -- little black dress outfit for birthday with black heels and bag

Products: Dress – Revolve, Shoes – Steve Madden, Bag – Nordstrom

Who says you have to go bright and bold for your birthday? If you have a minimal style, this is the birthday outfit for you.

This tight, corset like dress is totally hot and perfect for the girl who wants to look sleek on her birthday — I could see this for dinner and then drinks and dancing. The slight different texture in the bag breaks up the dress and the shoes and makes the look more interesting.

Wear this outfit while eating a delectable brownie chocolate cupcake to kick off your best birthday yet.

Outfit #3: Sweet Like Candy

Birthday outfits ideas - lavender tank, leather skirt, ankle boots, choker

Products: Top – Asos, Skirt – Revolve, Boots – Asos, Bracelets – Club Monaco

This beautiful lilac-colored silk top is a perfect feminine outfit choice if you don’t want to dress up too girly on your birthday.

The leather skirt and black boots keeps the outfit on the edgier side, while the gold bracelets add a dainty touch.

Outfit #4: Pretty in Pink

Products: Jeans – Revolve, Top – Revolve, Heels – Revolve

This last outfit is perfect for birthday girls with a feminine and girly sense of style. This outfit, consisting of a beautiful lace top paired with medium wash jeans, would work for just about any birthday plans you might have. (It would pair well with any of our ideas from our 21st birthday ideas post!)

This look is casual, yet definitely still special.

The glitzy strap on the heel makes the outfit feel more dressed up for a birthday occasion. You need some sparkle on your birthday!

This is the perfect look to make you feel cheery on your birthday, so enjoy it with a pink frosted cupcake.

What do you think of these birthday outfits?

Would you wear any of these outfits on your birthday, or even on a regular night out? Is your birthday coming up? Let us know in a comment!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2010; it was completely updated and revamped in 2019 with new photos and information.

41 thoughts on “4 Cute Birthday Outfits | Birthday Girl Fashion for the Best Day of the Year”

  1. I’m really digging the first 2 outfits the bottom ones are A-Ok, but i really favor the 1st one for the fact that my 18th bday is coming up and thats almost like an outfit im lookn for, sumtn simple but with a pop of color or bold/dramatic earrings to have people ooohh and ahhh lol. if you have any more ideas close to mine i would love to hear about it.

  2. my 21st birthday is in 10 days! I just can’t figure out what to wear all of these are really cute but they just aren’t MY birthday outfit. I need some serious help!

  3. Happy birthday! – dont mind it being late I just saw it 🙂

    Outfit ideas are great I loved the last one with the fab pink skirt and ofcourse Im in love with those cute muffins you put on each photo especially the red velvet cup cakeeeee ! great article:)

  4. I REALLY love the last two outfits!!
    I’m desperate to find a pink bandage skirt here in the UK!!
    I love the little cakes on each outfit- although now I really want some cake!!
    Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!


  5. Very cute!!! My b-day is coming up next week and i love the theme/idea you have going on here. I’ll be planning a cute outfit for myself and will def take some inspiration from what you’ve got on here!

  6. Great article, my b-day is coming soon, and I think I’m going for something sort-of-like outfit 3: I’m the kind of girl who likes looking fun, sweet and sexy in her birthday. I also like wearing something unexpected: my style is usually sexy but sleek, tight and dark clothing. So, this year, I’m wearing a dress borrowed from younger sister: mini, strapless, brightly coloured, flowery, and ruffled. My boyfriend is gonna hate it, but all my friends are gonna love it!

    So I have a doubt about my dress: it’s short and strapless, so although it’s young playful, it’s sort of very revealing. Will it look too slutty if I pair it with high (not super high, 2.5 inches more or less)? Should I stick to flats? My legs are long and lean, so I don’t need the visual effect, but I’m small (5’3) and I could use the height.

  7. I also consider my birthday the best day every year, before New Year’s Eve and the first day of summer holidays!

    My mum buys me a gorgeous party dress every year (I’m a dress lover) and killer heels just to celebrate my birthday, not like a birthday present. And while all my friends dress a saturday night outfit, I look like a diva, and every one notices that it’s a special day for me 🙂 I simply love my birthday!!

  8. adored this post! my b-day is in 10 days!
    it doesn’t surprise me at all that ur an aquarius – we’re the most fashionable sign of the zodiac! 😉
    I really like the Birthday Bombshell outfit!

  9. Happy birthday and congrats on the great blog. Why shouldn’t we have one day where it’s all about us? – I’m loving the hot pink skirt. Who could refuse to bow down at your feet in that – worked back with black, black and black. Taking Wang’s candy pink to new (birthday heights). x

  10. happy belated b’day!!!!! hope u had fun!
    hey i think i actually asked fr this post a while back
    im loving the outfits and like the idea of the cup ckaes next to it
    btw they are not trashy(never blame an outfit for looking trashy…..only the way the person wears it can make it look bad)
    i love the ideas….if its ur b’day u should stand out and make a statement

  11. 1st of all, happy belated b-day!
    2nd, this is so perfect. my b-day is in 2 days!
    3rd i especially like the 2nd and 4th outfits!
    thnx Sarah 😀

  12. id also second the above post and bizzy’s as well. id add tights from outfit 2-4, since it looks trashy just with the mini skirt itself. or stockings if it is really cold.

    some nice colours otherwise. and along with the cupcakes as well..


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