The Secret to Making Any Outfit Amazing

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Do you ever wonder how certain girls always seem to look good no matter what they wear? They could be rocking just a tee shirt and jeans, but yet the outfit comes off as simply stylish.

While you might think it’s a designer brand name, the aid of a stylist, or a never ending closet to blame, there’s another piece to the puzzle that can make or break an outfit.

Here’s the secret to looking great in even the most basic clothes, something that the world’s most stylish girls have mastered: the art of accessorizing.

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Putting the right accessories together is a basic fashion skill that separates well-dressed people from those who just look boring. Once you’ve got it down, you’ll always look great in whatever you wear. The best part? You can find incredible accessories at any budget, so it’s a great way to stretch your wardrobe and save money.

Yes, it’s true. Your clothes can be totally basic and you’ll still look incredible if you add the right accessories. It’s a style trick that everyone from fashion stylists to that well-dressed girl in your English class have mastered. With a few simple tips and an eye for proportions, anyone can learn to accessorize well.

How to Accessorize Any Outfit

Any outfit can go from boring to stunning with the right accessories. You just need to learn to buy pieces that express your personality and remember not to overdo it. Here are some more tips to accessorizing like a pro:

Large earrings can be a great way to dress up a casual or formal outfit. They draw attention to your face and add sparkle. Whether 80’s door knockers are your thing, or you prefer chunky faux diamond studs, a statement earring can always add drama to an outfit.

Layered necklaces are a hot trend. Play with lengths and sizes and pair two or three necklaces together for a cute look. But beware, one chunky necklace is enough. Too many and you risk looking like you just got back from Mardi Gras – not so cute.

Be careful with proportions. If you’re wearing an outfit that is big and voluminous, scale back on the accessories. If you’re wearing something sleeker, you can go a little bigger and bolder with a chunky cocktail ring or big, bright handbag.

Add a belt. Yet another hot trend this fall, cinched waists are in. Add a wide belt over a flowy dress, or use a brightly colored belt over a black cardigan and white tank to add interest to the outfit and emphasize your curves.

The more basic the outfit, the bolder your accessories can be. Amazing outfits are all about balance. For example, pair a simple tee shirt and jeans combo with colorful sneakers, layered necklaces and a few layered bracelets in different types of metals. Accessories can add complexity and interest to a plain look, balancing everything out.

Don’t wear too many accessories at once. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and you don’t want to resemble a kid playing dress up in mom’s closet. Exercise a little bit of restraint with accessories – if you have statement earrings on, don’t add bangles, a cocktail ring, and a scarf. Keep it to one or two main pieces.

Try layering your bracelets. Stacked bracelets are a hot trend this winter. Wear a bunch on one arm to easily add sparkle to an outfit. You can buy a pack of bracelets for super cheap at any fast fashion store, so it’s definitely a budget-friendly look!

Buy accessories that convey a part of your personality. This is so important, and it’s also so much fun. When you buy accessories, go for pieces that you’re attracted to – even better if they have a personal meaning to you.

Don’t be afraid to mix materials. I know some people don’t believe this, but it’s totally okay to mix metals when it comes to jewelry. Mixing up your jewelry creates a fabulous vintage look, so don’t be afraid to throw things together and see what happens. You might come up with some amazing combos!

Add pops of color. If your outfit is plain (black and white, black and grey, etc.), create a pop of color with jewelry, a scarf, a handbag, or a bright shoe. Remember that outfits don’t have to MATCH, but they do have to GO – keep things in similar color families (warm colors or cool colors), and you’ll generally be fine.

How do you accessorize?

These are just a few of my tips for accessorizing your outfits, and there are lots of other accessories I didn’t even get into here. But now I want to hear from you – what are your favorite accessories? Are you a jewelry person, or do you prefer the basic bags and shoes approach?

Let me know how you accessorize by leaving a comment – I want to hear your tips!

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  1. I totally agree with this post – I love viewing an outfit as a blank canvas just WAITING to be accessorized… but my biggest issue is, once you buy all these accessories, where do you put them? There is a serious lack of organization skills in my room because of this. I can’t seem to find enough jewelry boxes, hangers, or the like to keep them separated. Its especially difficult when you have such a wide variety.

  2. I’m so glad that beaded necklaces are still in style, I thought it was out of style and stoped wearing my black beaded necklace but I’m going to wear it again. I do have one question is a long chain necklace with a heart on it really in style? If so I’m going to get one hopefully Target or Forver 21 will have it!

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  4. pieceapie – Hm, I mean the part of the shoulder that is connected to my neck, mine is a large bump, very odd looking. Not the collarbone. 😛


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