Get Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” Style with Outfit Ideas

The 2020 surprises aren’t over. Taylor Swift released (another!) surprise album. And it has major fashion inspo!

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This post will teach you everything you need to know about Taylor Swift evermore fashion, with outfits inspired by the new album.

The plot twists of this year are not over. While most of them haven’t been pleasant, Taylor Swift has been serving us with musical surprises. First, she released her unexpected alternative album ‘folklore’ back in July. Then, the Folklore: The Lost Pond Session documentary premiered on Disney+. We thought that was it. But, on December 10th, she announced her 9th album, ‘evermore’, would be released at midnight.

Taylor announced the record by saying:

“To put it plainly, we just couldn’t stop writing songs. To try and put it more poetically, it feels like we were standing on the edge of the folklorian woods and had a choice: to turn and go back or to travel further into the forest of this music. We chose to wander deeper in.”

Taylor Swift

Evermore (stylized lowercase as evermore), as described by Taylor, is a sister record to ‘folklore’. It follows in its footsteps by sharing folklore’s indie style and narrative, but it’s primarily an alternative rock and chamber rock album. Taylor’s collaborators for this album include Jack Antonoff, HAIM, The National and the elusive William Bowery. (Bowery was revealed to be actor Joe Alwyn, Swift’s boyfriend, in the ‘Lost Pond’ documentary.)

While it does have a darker tone and lyrics than the previous album, ‘evermore’ evokes warmer images, an even more mature sound, and a more positive ending in general when compared to folklore.

Style-wise, the record’s cover and photoshoot have great winter inspiration, full of boots, plaids, and warm-tone items.

I’ve listened to this album like a thousand times already. While I can’t choose a favorite song yet, my top-tier songs are “gold rush, “ ‘tis the damn season”, “happiness”, “no body, no crime”, “long story short”, “marjorie” and “evermore”.

This week, I’m sharing some fashion inspiration based on this new album, it’ll cover both the lyrics and a bit of the album’s art. Read on for our Taylor Swift evermore fashion guide.

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1. willow

The lead single of this new record, “willow” is the first song of the new album and it has its own music video. The video literally starts where “cardigan” left off and follows Swift’s character following a golden thread trying to find her one true love.

Through the video, she wears dresses from different time periods, but there are two that have been used to promote the single: a white dress, reminiscent of “Love Story”, and a burnt orange velvet gown.

Taylor Swift evermore fashion guide: Red velvet dress, black trench, green accessories

Products: Dress, Coat, Purse, Shoes

Inspired by Taylor’s velvet dress from the music video, start with a dark orange velvet midi dress with a similar neckline to the one she’s wearing. Since her cape is dark green, use a long dark green coat to emulate it. For shoes, go for a pair of green booties and accessorize with a green purse, in a similar texture and color.

2. gold rush

Taylor Swift - gold rush (Official Lyric Video)

“Gold rush” is the third song on the album and it has a fast-paced, color-infused lyricism.

From my perspective, the song talks about being attracted to someone that everyone else is attracted to, the jealousy that comes with that, and the conflicting emotions of being with them and not giving in to those feelings. Or, at least, not wanting to give into those feelings.

Taylor Swift evermore fashion guide: Gold skirt, yellow top, plaid coat, black chunky boots

Products: Skirt, Shirt, Shoes, Coat

If you want to create a look based on this song, there’s one theme you should follow: gold. Wear a golden midi skirt paired with a light yellow long-sleeve shirt. it is a very edgy-sounding song, so go for a pair of black chunky Chelsea boots. Layer up with a black and white plaid coat.

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3. cowboy like me

Taylor Swift - cowboy like me (Official Lyric Video)

Next up in our Taylor Swift evermore fashion guide, we have “cowboy like me.”

The 11th song of the record, “cowboy like me” is the story of two con-artists who fall in love with each other. It has melancholic lyrics and a dynamic sound. The lyric video has leather couches and warm-toned images.

Taylor Swift evermore outfit inspired by the film Cowboy Like Me -- outfit with wide leg jeans, black turtleneck, plaid coat, ankle boots

Products: Jeans, Top, Coat, Shoes

Keeping with the theme of the song, try going a for comfy-yet-stylish look. Mix a pair of flared jeans with a black mock neck top to create the base of the outfit.

For shoes, wear a pair of brown booties. Personally, I prefer to use shoes with a little heel when wearing flare jeans, but that’s because I’m very short and I need the height to balance the length of the jeans.

Finally, layer everything underneath a red and blue plaid coat. The plaid is a great nod to the album cover theme within the outfit.

4. evermore (ft. Bon Iver)

Taylor Swift - evermore (Official Lyric Video) ft. Bon Iver

“Evermore” is the last song on the standard edition (there are two extra songs on the deluxe version). Featuring Bon Iver, it follows the narrator from a place of a seemingly unending period of depression to a place of hope.

Outfit inspired by Taylor Swift's evermore: Blue midi skirt, cropped sweater, white ankle boots

Products: Sweater, Skirt, Shoes

The lyric video shows the image of a snowy and frosted branch, with white and blue tones. So, I chose a white knit sweater with little blue specs all over it as a nod to this. For the bottoms, use a silky midi skirt in royal blue. Finally, wear a pair of white Chelsea boots. You can also wear white sneakers and tights if you prefer.

What do you think of our Taylor Swift evermore fashion guide?

Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Have you heard the album? Which song was your favorite? Which outfit would you wear? Let us know in the comments below!

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