What to Wear to a Summer Wedding: 3 Stylish Outfit Ideas

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As warm weather starts rolling in and classes wrap up, wedding season begins! Personally, I'm gearing up for the many weddings I will be attending this summer (including my own!).

The rules about what guests should wear to a wedding are becoming looser and looser, but as you think ahead to each wedding, it's important to note that different weddings call for different attire. Also, different kinds of guests require different kinds of preparation!

Sometimes, you'll know ahead of time what kind of setting the wedding will be in, and other times you won't. Either way, you'll want to be prepared for anything - you want to make sure you'll have a great time!

Below, we've created three cute and stylish outfits based on different types of wedding guests, as well as some tips for looking your best during wedding season. We hope these will help you be ready to enjoy these summer weddings to their fullest, no matter what kind of guest you are!

Guest #1: Wants to dance the night away!

Wedding Outfit - blue dress, coral accessories, sandals

Dance Necklace | Forever21 Skater Dress | Lori's Flower Ring | Wet Seal Pyramid Sandals | Fossil Wristlet

  • For optimal movement when you're out on the dance floor, I recommend this season's trendy skater dress! It's flouncy, fun, and most importantly, it won't restrict you to boring dance moves. CautionThis dress might not be formal enough, depending on the setting of the wedding. If you know the bride or groom well enough, feel free to check the dress code ahead of time. Or if you're worried it won't be dressy enough, you can always style it up with accessories!
  • Consider bringing a wristlet instead of a full-sized wallet or purse. This way you can loop your belongings on your wrist just in case there isn't a safe place to put your bag while you're out dancing to your heart's content. Maybe there will be a coat check or a non-dancing friend who will watch over your things, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Even if you can leave it behind at your table, you'll be thankful that you brought something lightweight and hassel-free.
  • Wear comfortable flats! Yes, heels are super cute, but you can find some stylish sandals this summer that will keep your feet feeling fresh and ready to groove. You won't want to have anything in the way of you breaking it down on the dance floor!

Guest #2: Wants to make a fashion statement.

Wedding Outfit: High-Low Dress, Wedges, Statement Jewelry

Francesca's Bracelet | Wildfox Couture Ring | DeBlossom Wedges | GoJane High/Low Dress | ASOS Pyramid Earrings | Jeweliq Necklace

  • A dramatic high/low dress is sure to make a statement. This super-modern look works to frame your legs in a flattering way, plus it leaves a fluttery trail behind you whenever you walk. Caution: This could be tricky on the dance floor, depending on how low your dress dips in the back - people could step on it! Trust me, you don't want a rip or tear in your dress from someone else's clumsy dancing.
  • Opt for a pair of stylish and summer-appropriate wedges. These would look fab with a high/low dress and often are designed with a platform to give you added height. Plus, these transition really well between indoor/outdoor areas. If you're wearing standard heels, your stiletto could easily sink into soft grass, but a great pair of wedges won't do that.
  • Don't shy away from statement jewelry! Something super sparkly will give your look just the right amount of bold appeal.

Guest #3: Wants to keep it classy.

Wedding Outfit: peplum dress, ankle strap heels, classic accessories

Steve Madden SunglassesSteve Madden SandalsDorthy Perkins Peplum Dress | Carolee Bracelet | Kate Spade Pearl Earrings

  • A polished peplum dress will give you that sophisticated look you're going for (or for a more traditional look, try a nice, fitted sheath dress). Think business casual - poised and professional. Caution: This type of dress will make it a little more difficult to dance, but hey, if you're trying to keep it classy, then I'm sure you have some respectable dance moves to go with that.
  • Simple, timeless heels. You may want to go classic with the shoes, but keep in mind that timeless doesn't mean boring! Don't feel like you can't add a touch of modern style with a texture or a pop or color - we say go for it!
  • Classic pearls or sophisticated drop earrings may be the route you want to take. Think about a Southern Belle-inspired style! Also, if you're attending an outdoor ceremony, you'll be thankful you brought a pair of classic sunglasses to shield your eyes from the summer sun.

What do you think?

Are you attending a wedding this summer? More than one? What kind of guest are you? Are you the bride? What do you want your guests to wear one day? Do you have other tips for wedding guests? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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