How to Wear Melodramatic Purple

What’s fashion without a little drama?

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How to wear melodramatic purple

First it was Millennial Pink. Then it was Gen-Z Yellow. Now it’s Melodramatic Purple’s turn in the spotlight. 

This dramatically-named shade is a lilac purple popularized by Lorde (and named for her album, Melodrama). And it’s really no surprise that purple would be the next hue to become popular. Pantone’s color of the year was Ultra Violet, after all. Just think of Melodramatic Purple as Ultra Violet’s more delicate sister shade. The pop of Ultra Violet gives it a wow factor, but Melodramatic Purple conveys a degree of opulence that’s, well, dramatic. 

Melodramatic Purple is moody while still being inviting, unlike some other, darker shades of purple. It’s usually on the pinker side of purple, making it different from the typical lavender you may have seen elsewhere. 

That’s part of what makes Melodramatic Purple, Millennial Pink and Get-Z Yellow such fascinating colors. They’re specific yet flexible to the point that you know automatically them when you see them.

If you love the dreamy, soft color of Melodramatic Purple but don’t know how to incorporate it into your wardrobe, here are some ideas.

A Dream in Satin

An outfit set of a lavender satin long-sleeved top, a black mini skirt, pink aviators and back mules.

Products: Blouse – ASOS; Skirt – Boohoo; Mules – Amazon; Sunglasses – Target

Satin is a dramatic fabric. With a sleek satin top, you can double down on the drama of melodramatic purple, while still looking everyday-appropriate. It makes a statement without being overpowering. 

The high neck and balloon sleeves on this top make it especially classy. Pair it with a sassy mini skirt and some chic mules for a look that’s a perfect fit for a night or day out on the town. 

To make the glam feel of this look pop, choose a neutral color for the other pieces of your outfit. Add some tinted aviators, another favorite of Lorde’s, to finish the look off. 

Accessories for Days

An outfit set of a blue and white floral dress and lavender open toe heels, satin choker, and clutch.

Products: Clutch – ASOS; Dress – H&M; Choker – H&M; Shoes – Boohoo

If you’re hesitant about trying out Melodramatic Purple, testing it out in your accessories can be a great place to start. Lots of accessories can add drama to an otherwise simple outfit. When the accessories are all the same color, especially a more subdued one like Melodramatic Purple, the outfit can seem more elegant, too. 

For example, this cute floral dress is fine on its own for an event that’s not too fancy. When you add in the Melodramatic Purple accessories, though, it instantly looks more appropriate for an event like a summer garden party or a friend’s birthday brunch. 

Breezy Beauty

An outfit set of lavender breezy pants, yellow crop top, white sneakers, lavender tassel earrings, and yellow scrunchie.

Products: Pants – Boohoo; Sneakers – H&M; Top – Topshop; Scrunchie – Free People; Earrings – Francesca’s

Have you been eyeing the fun, colorful pants you see your favorite fashionable Instagrammers wearing? Now could be the time to bring a pair into your closet, and Melodramatic Purple is the perfect shade to help you do so. A pair of chic, breezy pants like these will give you all the street style feels. 

This outfit also shows how you can combine Melodramatic Purple with other colors to create a look that pops. It doesn’t have to be the only bright color in your outfit. Pairing it with stunning shades like yellow or red will really make your ensemble stand out. 

This combination of a sunny crop top and cute scrunchie looks great with Melodramatic Purple. Plus, the scrunchie can pull your hair back to showcase a cute pair of matching purple earrings.

Professional Chic

An outfit set of a lilac blazer, pink spaghetti strap dress, gold loafers, lavender statement necklace, and gold watch.

Products: Blazer – Amazon; Dress – Boohoo; Shoes – ASOS; Necklace – Francesca’s; Watch – Francesca’s

Professional attire doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you throw in a dose of Melodramatic Purple. A colorful blazer like this may seem like a risky purchase, but it pairs well with several colors. You can emphasize the delicate side of Melodramatic Purple with white or pale pink, like the dress in this look. It’ll also make a black or dark blue ensemble stand out. If you’re feeling even more fun, you could wear it with green or yellow, particularly for a less formal situation. 

The best part of having a Melodramatic Purple blazer is that you don’t need to worry about accessories. You can just add a statement necklace and/or something sleek and practical, like a watch. Throw on your favorite neutral professional shoes, and you’re good to go!

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