The 4 Fall Recipes You Should Master in Your 20s (& 15 Example Recipes to Try)

It’s cozy food season and we’re celebrating with these classic fall recipes.

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The cozy fall recipes everyone should master in their twenties

When fall hits, I go into full-blown nesting mode. I clean house, I want to redecorate, I ball hard through Target and buy all the things, I frantically finish up the projects that I’ve put off all summer because it’s too dang hot. And I cook.

Not that I really stop cooking in the summer — you can catch my partner and I grilling at least once a week — but it’s definitely a different kind of cooking, a celebration of all the types of foods that are available when the season peaks.

Fall recipes, for me, are all about nourishment and comfort, coziness, and — dare I say it — hygge.

It’s the kind of food that, to me, makes home feel like home — when you can smell a delicious roast in the oven, or the spices from baking pie just melting through your house.

As the only human who is responsible for your well-being — physical, mental, and emotional — it’s never a bad idea to have a couple of fall recipes up your sleeve that you can whip up when you’re craving something cozy and seasonal.

I know not everyone has access to a kitchen, and if that’s you, see our list of easy recipes for fall that you can make in a microwave. But if you do have one, keep reading for the cozy fall recipes you need in your life.

A Soup You Love

Nothing screams fall to me quite like a bowl of delicious soup, preferably with lots of veggies like carrots, onions, cabbage, and leafy greens.

There are as many types of soup as there are people on the planet, so go crazy with this one — master the recipe your mom would make you when you were sick, or the beef stew recipe passed down from your grandpa, or try one of the cozy bowls of comfort below.

The best part is, a lot of soups are just — chop up some stuff, toss it in a crock-pot, and forget about it. If you aren’t super cooking inclined, then this is a lovely option for you.

A Mac and Cheese

When I think of truly comforting food, I imagine a big old plate of cheesy pasta, and no pasta dish is cheesier and more comforting that good old mac and cheese.

Whether you’re looking for traditional, southern-style noodz or want to absolutely load your mac and cheese with veggies, this’ll do your heart some good when it’s nasty outside and you just want to snuggle up on the couch with your cat and some Netflix.

A Casserole

Nothing makes me feel more like a midwestern mom than whipping up a casserole for dinner, but honestly, even if you aren’t the savviest of cooks, casseroles are a lifesaver.

Casseroles are cozy af, often packed with veggies and cheese and creamy goodness, and they (generally) only get a few pans dirty when you make them. Plus, they make great leftovers and for awesome pack lunches if you’re working or otherwise on-the-go.

Something Sweet

Listen, it’s not fall without treats, and learning how to make your own treats, whether they’re pumpkin bread, spiced cookies, or a mulled wine (do you, bb) is a lovely way to indulge in the season and spend time doing something that makes you happy.

Just be sure not to overindulge — we still have Halloween to get through, y’all.

What do you think of these fall recipes?

Which foods do you crave in the fall? What recipes have you mastered? What food screams cozy to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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