6 Ways to Make the Most of Spring Break at Home

You can still have an amazing spring break, sans-travel.

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Even though the weather might not be the best indication (The east coast has had a particularly harsh winter!), Spring Break is right around the corner. And while some of you will be jetting off to beaches and wearing bikinis, I know a lot of you, like myself, will also be home for Spring Break. But just because you won’t be tanning by day and clubbing by night, that doesn’t mean you won’t still be able to have a fabulous Spring Break!

Catch up on sleep! Get yourself organized! Enjoy having nothing to do for an entire week! Spring Break is like a nice little, mid-semester time out. So use it to your advantage, and make the most of your week without plans. Here are six ways to make the most of your at-home Spring Break.

1. Cross some things off your to-do list.

We all have that list of stuff to get done that’s always at the back of our minds, but that we never actually manage to get to. These to-do items always seem to get pushed aside because you have so much else going on. Well, now you don’t. So start tackling those tasks, whatever they may be! It’ll feel really good to get them done, and you’ll be getting ahead for the long-term!

2. Read a book.

Whether it be a current bestseller, a childhood favorite, or something you started for class and never finished, just pick up a book and start reading. Lose yourself in another world for a little while and revel in the accomplishment you’ll feel after you’ve completed it. Bonus points if you don’t use a kindle/e-reader/nook!


3. Try a new recipe.

For those of you that are skilled in the kitchen, turn on the Food Network and start cooking! Watching shows like The Best Thing I Ever Ate and Throw Down With Bobby Flay are inspiration enough. You can also check out food blogs like Smitten Kitchen and Gourmet or Gourmand for more ideas and recipes to try! I can barely use a spatula but even I’m excited to try something new over break.

4. Spend some time with your family.

If you’re home for the break, make sure to schedule in some quality family time, whether it’s taking your little sister out for ice cream, having dinner with your grandparents, or participating in a good old fashioned family game night. You may not necessarily be happy to be home for Spring Break, but I bet your family will be happy to have you, so enjoy their company while you have the chance.

Black woman writing her plans

5. Make plans for the summer.

You may not have been able to go away for Spring Break, but maybe you’ll be able to plan a vacation for summer break, whether that be a trip to Thailand, or a weekend at the beach. Start planning and start saving now, and you’ll have something to look forward to.

6. Pamper yourself a little.

Spring Break is an excellent time to indulge in all those beauty rituals you never have time for during the semester. Get your hair trimmed. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. Or splurge on a massage. You could even turn your apartment into a beach if you can’t get there!

Whatever you do, make sure you do something that relaxes you. Then get some sleep and make sure to recharge so you’re stress-free and full of energy once you’re back at school.

What do you think?

How do you plan on spending your Spring Break? Are you going away, staying on campus, or heading home? Leave a comment and let me know!

9 thoughts on “6 Ways to Make the Most of Spring Break at Home”

  1. Get some exercise!
    Day to day college life can be so busy, there’s little time to get a good workout in! Use this time off to time up and get in shape! Get a week trial at a local gym, or use YouTube workouts at home! Either way, you’ll get some mood-boosting endorphins!

  2. Sadly, our spring break (which I would assume is like a mid-term one week break) is really catching up on group project plannings and piles of readings :((

  3. hey, i went to Thailand last summer with my family =] it was awesome! everything is cute and cheap =D best food ever

  4. I agree with Jaime and Cathy above – I don’t understand the prejudice against ereaders! Besides the reasons mentioned above, I find myself reading more now that it’s easy to download books, and rereading more since I carry so many books with me in my pocket. Especially as a student studying abroad it is much more convenient for travel.

  5. I lovee pampering myself during breaks. It makes me feel so refreshed and ready for what’s to come after the break.
    But, why not use a kindle/e-reader/nook? It’s veryy environmentally friendly and convenient!

  6. I plan on doing all 6 of these things over spring break! They sound perfect for a relaxing week at home. Although I wouldn’t mind spending my spring break basking in the sun on some tropical island with a pina colada in hand, going home to southern california will be a nice break too. Can’t wait to crack open a new book and make some jewelry. I found some great ideas on http://becauseimaddicted.net/!!

  7. What’s wrong with e-books? I think they’re just as fun as physical books. Even better because you have more space in your home. Overall I do like this article.

  8. Sometimes I feel like a spring break is better spent relaxing at home than constantly on the go in a foreign country. Not that going away isn’t great, but it’s constantly active. I’ve spent my Reading Week hanging out with a few good friends, having a few relaxed meals out, and reading for pleasure, and I feel entirely rejuvenated for the start of classes again tomorrow! (And, okay, a night or two out clubbing!)


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