15 Types of Bangs That Will Completely Revamp Your Look

Thinking of getting bangs? Here’s everything you need to know.

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This post will show you the 15 types of bangs that are super trendy right now.

Photo of a woman with bangs
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There are so many new hairstyles trends recently, that you may feel inspired to change up your hair look. I know I always like a fresh hair look for the new season.

Some people may want just a subtle change to their hair, but if you want to go for a completely different hair look, I highly recommend trying out bangs!

Bangs can change your entire look, which you will love, especially if you are looking for a cute and trendy new hairstyle for the new season.

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When deciding whether or not you want to try bangs, you may be wondering if your hair length or hair texture will work with bangs. The truth is, bangs can work with just about any hair type or style, you just have to know which ones will work best with your hair and how to style them!

How to Decide What Type of Bangs to Get

  • Before deciding which bangs you want to try, make sure to look at your face shape because this can affect how different types of bangs look on you!
  • After looking at your face shape, it will help you to decide the kind of look you want to go for. For example, maybe you want bangs to cover your forehead or bangs on the side to frame your face. These are the kinds of things you will definitely want to consider before cutting your bangs.
  • Another thing you will want to consider before getting bangs is whether or not you want to cut them yourself or go to a professional.

What’s great about bangs is certain types of bangs can be easily cut by yourself, so if you are on a budget, you can totally still get the bangs you want. There are so many different step-by-step tutorials that you can find on the web that will show you exactly how to get different types of bangs while at home!

However, if you are at all nervous about cutting your own hair or if you a want more complicated kind of bang, I would suggest going to a stylist to be safe.

15 Types of Bangs to Try

If you want bangs, keep reading because this post will show you 15 different types of bangs that are trendy and in style right now. You’re sure to find the right one for you below.

1. Long Bangs

How To: Cut Your Own Front Framing Layers/Bangs at home

If your hair is on the longer side, you might want to consider getting long bangs for balance. Long bangs have been around forever and are still a very trendy hairstyle for people who want to get the bangs look without anything extreme.

You will especially like these kind of bangs if you want something to frame your face. These kind of bangs also look great if you already have layers in your hair. They will give your hair the look of having more volume and will add something extra to your long hair to make you stand out!

2. V-shaped Bangs

If you want bangs over your forehead or if you want shorter bangs, you could go for a more blunt cut like these v-shaped bangs. You may not have seen this hair trend before, but if you are looking for a hairstyle to make you stand out, you will definitely love these bangs.

These are also super easy to cut yourself at home! If you watch this quick tutorial, you will have v-shaped bangs in no time!

3. Side Bangs

Side bangs are also a very popular type of bangs! I love side bangs because they can work on basically any kind of hair and they look great because they frame your face.

If you are looking for a bang that is more subtle or if this is your first time cutting/getting bangs, I would suggest going for this kind of bang to see how you like your hair with bangs.

These are also easy to do yourself if you watch this tutorial!

4. Curly Bangs

How to cut & style curly bangs | Vivi König

Now, you also may be wondering how to style your bangs, don’t worry because there are a couple of different ways that you can do it! One of them is by curling your bangs.

Some people take a curling iron straight to their bangs to curl them over their forehead, but if you want to get a more textured and “messy” hairstyle kind of look, there are other ways you can create curly bangs!

Just watch this tutorial and it will show you exactly how you can get super cute curly bangs with a curling iron.

5. Side Sweeping Fringe

Double Identity Side Sweeping Fringe and Chunky Textured Fringe | 2 Ways To Cut Bangs

This is another one of those types of bangs that has been around for a while and is definitely a trendy bang hairstyle that you should try out!

If you love the “sweeping” hair kind of look, you will love side swept fringe! This is the perfect bang hairstyle for those of us who want just bangs to be on one side of our face.

6. Piece-y Fringe Bangs

Hairstylist shows you 4 ways to cut BANGS at HOME! Curtain Bangs, to piecey fringe

You may be thinking that cutting short bangs means you just cut them straight across, however, there are actually so many different ways that you can style short bangs!

In particular, I love the look of textured bangs (see the video above, last photo on the right). They look so effortless and chic.

To get this look, you just need to cut little pieces off the ends of your blunt bangs to get a “piecey” bangs look. This will give your bangs more texture and interest.

What’s also great about this bang hairstyle is it is super easy to do at home! All you need is a pair of scissors and a mirror and you will be able to get these bangs in no time.

Watch this quick tutorial if you want to see exactly how to do it!

7. Wispy Bangs

How to get the perfect wispy bangs - Harmonize_Beauty

If you love the layered hair look or if you have layered hair right now, you should consider getting wispy bangs. Wispy bangs will give your hair a ton of movement and make your layered hair look even better!

Not only will they add a little something extra to your hair, they also can work for long or short hair depending on what kind of look you are going for.

Watch this quick tutorial to see exactly how to get these kinds of bangs while at home!

8. Blunt Bangs

Get Taylor Swift's Blunt Bangs at Home | Hair Tutorial | Bella How To

If you are a fan of Taylor Swift, I am sure you have noticed her signature hairstyle, which includes blunt-cut bangs.

If you are not sure what blunt cut means, it is basically short bangs that are just cut straight across.

So, if you love Taylor’s hair look or if you want short bangs, you should totally try these out.

This is such a classic bang hairstyle that is still a very popular hair trend. It is also great if you have short or long hair!

Just watch this tutorial to get all the details on how to get blunt bangs.

9. Curtain Bangs

DIY Curtain Bangs: How to Cut and Style Like a Pro | @Ariba_Pervaiz | HAIR TUTORIAL

If you love wearing your hair wavy or if you have naturally wavy hair, I would highly recommend trying out this year’s hottest type of bangs, curtain bangs.

These bangs will look great on short or long hair!

My favorite thing about these kind of bangs is that they can be used to frame your face, and they have a little bit of a retro, girly vibe that you are sure to obsess over.

And if you love playing with new hairstyles, there are so many different ways that you can use curtain bangs to style your hair.

You can also easily get these bangs at home, just watch this tutorial to see exactly how to do it!

10. Baby Bangs

✂️ Baby Bangs For Women Step by Step 2020 ✂️ Hair salon Tutorial

If you are intrigued by the look of short bangs, you may want to try out this bang hairstyle, which is the baby bangs!

Wondering what a baby bang is? Baby bangs are basically blunt cut bangs that are cut shorter! Most of us have seen the super popular bang look when the bangs are cut just above the eyebrows. But, if you love short hair, you may want to try out the baby bangs because they are actually cut even shorter!

And, don’t worry if you don’t like the straight across bang look, you can totally switch up this bang hairstyle by cutting some of the ends so your bangs aren’t just straight across. This makes them look more fashion-forward and intentional.

Watch this tutorial to see just how to do it yourself!

11. Korean Bangs

For those of us who want typical bangs, but don’t want blunt cut bangs or bangs that completely cover the forehead, these are the bangs for you!

Korean bangs are also called “see through” bangs because they are cut over the forehead, but some of your forehead peeks through since they are thin and wispy.

So if you don’t like the look of super thick forehead bangs, you won’t have to worry about that with this hairstyle. Not only are Korean bangs nice and thin, but also you can style them so they are not blunt cut or straight across the forehead, giving your hair a more “messy” look.

If this sounds like what you want, watch this tutorial to see how to get Korean bangs!

12. Vintage Bangs

Vintage Side-Swept Bangs

If you like wavy hairstyles or retro vibes, you could also try out these vintage side-swept bangs! You may not have seen these kind of bangs before, but you should totally try them because they are super cute.

You can either have these bangs cut or fake the look if you have long layers. These are the perfect kind of bangs if you are going to a fancy event because they will give your hair a super elegant look.

All you will need for this hairstyle is a curling iron and you will be good to go! You could even spice up this hairstyle even more by adding accessories to your hair to make your bang hairstyle look even fancier.

13. Fringe Bangs

Cutting The Perfect Fringe Using The Twist Bang Cut Technique

If you want a an over the forehead bang look, I would also suggest going for the fringe bang. This is a super popular bang look that you have probably seen on a ton of celebrities. If you choose this bang hairstyle, you will definitely have a super trendy hair look.

What’s great about these kind of bangs is you can cut them a little bit over the eyebrows and they will still look amazing.

Not only that, if you don’t like super thick bangs, you will definitely prefer the fringe type.

Watch this tutorial to see exactly how to cut your own fringe bangs at home!

14. Face Framing Bangs

I cut my own face framing bangs

If you love the idea of face-framing bangs, but are unsure how to get them, don’t worry because it is actually super easy to get this kind of bang at home. Just grab a pair of scissors and watch this tutorial and you will have the perfect face-framing bangs in no time!

15. Textured Bangs

How To Cut Highly Textured Fringe/Bangs With a Razor

If you love a fringe or layered kind of hairstyle, you may be wondering how to style your bangs like that as well.

This textured bangs look will give your hair a more “edgy” vibe if that is what you are going for and it also looks great on short or long hair!

This is super easy to do and you can totally do it at home. If you watch this tutorial, it will show you all the steps you need to get the perfect textured bangs by yourself!

Which type of bangs do you like the most?

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Which hairstyle from this list is your favorite? Which hairstyle are you going to try?

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