The Best Ways to Style Your Layered Hair

Need some styling tips for layered hair? Check out these ideas!

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This post will show you how to style layered hair and show you different layered haircuts you might want to try.

Long layers hairstyle with colorful hair clips
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Are you tired of your current hairstyle and looking for a fun way to switch things up? If so, a layered haircut might be the perfect choice for you!

Layered haircuts are extremely trendy in general right now, but did you know that there are countless variations of this style that you can try? Whether you’re interested in a short and choppy look or long, flowing layers, there’s a layered haircut out there for you.

One of the best things about layered haircuts is that they work for any hair length. Whether you’re rocking a short pixie cut or long, flowing locks, you can achieve a layered look that complements your hair type and face shape.

If you’ve never had a layered haircut before, you may be wondering what to expect. The answer largely depends on your hair type and the style of layered haircut you choose. For those with thin hair, a layered cut can add volume and give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. And if you’re looking for a bold new style, a layered pixie cut can be a great way to go.

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Ultimately, if you’re interested in trying out a layered haircut, you’ll need to consider your hair length and the type of layers that work best for you. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from, whether you have short, medium, or long hair.

So if you’re ready to mix things up and try something new with your hair, keep reading for a complete guide to different layered haircuts and how to style layered hair. You’re sure to find the perfect new style for you!

Short Layered Hair

Styling Short Hair with Bangs and Layers

how i style my short hair with bangs + layers 👼🏻🌼

Styling short hair as is can be kind of difficult, especially if you have added layers to your hair. But, don’t worry because there are ways that you can style short hair with layers to give you a super cute hairstyle!

For example, if you have short hair with layers, you could try following this hair tutorial on how to style layered hair with bangs.

This look will give you a super cute hairstyle that has a ’70s vibe and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd this year.

Pixie Haircut

Short Pixie Haircut and Hairstyle for women | Very Short layered cutting tips & techniques

If you have very short hair or you want to achieve a short hair look, the pixie haircut may be the best choice for you. You may not realize it, but a pixie cut is an example of a layered haircut!

If you have shorter hair but have never considered trying a pixie cut, just check out this video tutorial to see how to cut layers into your hair to get the look.

Feathered Layers

Short Feathered Layers Haircut Tutorial - TheSalonGuy

Another excellent option for those of us who have shorter hair is to style your hair with some short feathered layers.

This is great if you are looking to have some layers around your face, even if you have short hair. This is also a great option for those of us who want to add some dimension to the hair without going super short.

So, if your hair is on the shorter side, but you don’t want a hair look that is super short, check out this quick video tutorial for a short feathered layers haircut!

Styling a Shag Hairdo

how to style a shag for beginners, super easy!

The shag hairdo is one of the trendiest looks of the past few seasons, so if you want to look extremely current, this is the haircut to try.

And, if you already have a shag hairdo or haircut, you may be wondering how to style it because the choppy layers in the hair can make it kind of difficult.

But don’t worry because if you watch this short video tutorial, you’ll see precisely how you can style your shag haircut in no time! It’s so cute and so simple.

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Bixie Haircut

For those of us who like the look and style of a pixie cut but want a hair look with a little more movement, I recommend the bixie cut.

The bixie cut is a haircut using layers that gives you a mix of the bob and pixie cut hairstyles. Basically, this look mimics the style of a pixie cut with the layers but allows your hair to be a bit longer, so it appears almost like a bob hairdo.

So, if this sounds like a hair look you might be interested in, I recommend watching this bixie cut hair tutorial to see how it’s done at a salon!

Layered Bob with Bangs

Easy & Perfect Short Layered Bob Haircut Tutorial Best Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Fine Hair

A bob haircut is super cute, especially if you decide to add some layers to it. You may not have thought about adding layers to your bob haircut, but it actually looks great and will add some thickness to your hair if your hair is on the finer side.

Also, if you want to try out this specific hairstyle, you could add in some wispy bangs to make your hairstyle even more fun!

Short Layered Bob

How to Cut a Short Layered Bob | Textured Pixie Razor Haircut Tutorial | Kenra Professional

A bob or shoulder-length hair is a popular choice for those who like having shorter hair. But if you want some more movement in your bob, layers will be your best friend.

Before, getting a bob haircut, or if you already have a bob haircut, definitely consider adding in some layers to your hair so that you can have a bob hair look, but with a little more movement.

If you are curious about what adding layers to a bob haircut would look like, just watch this quick video about adding layers to a bob hairdo!

Medium-Length Layered Hair

Styling Layers with a Straightener

How to Style Layered Hair With a Straightener

You may not have thought about trying to style your layered hair with a straightener, but you totally can!

You will get a gorgeous salon-quality hair look at home by styling your hair with a straightener! Just check out this video tutorial to see exactly how to do it.

Note: This look tends to work best on medium-length hair, but you can try it on any hair type or length.

Short Layers

For those of us who have medium-length hair, you may also be looking for some ways you can style your hair with layers.

A popular option for medium-length hair is adding in some short layers. Short layers will give your hair a lot of movement and will also add some face-framing layers to your hair. They’re very of-the-moment, so if you love that blowout look we’re seeing all over TikTok, this cut will be perfect for you.

’90s Blowout for Layered Hair


If you are obsessed with ’90s hair looks, you might want to try out this ’90s blowout look on your layered hair!

This will look great on those with face-framing layers or medium-length hair because the blowout will add volume to your hair and make you have a gorgeous and effortless-looking hairstyle.

To get this look, make sure to watch this video tutorial to see how to get a ’90s blowout on layered hair!

Medium Layers

Another great option for medium-length hair is medium layers! Medium layers will also add that dimension to the hair you are looking for, but they will be a bit longer than the short layers above, so they blend more into your hair overall instead of sticking out.

So, this cut will work perfectly for you if you want to add a little more movement to your hair! It will also work well for those of us who have thinner hair and want to add some thickness to our hairstyle.

Square Layers


For a look that adds a lot of volume to the hair, I recommend trying some square layers for medium-length hair.

Square layers look a little bit different than the classic layered haircut. With square layers, you will get a lot more volume and movement to the hair.

These layers also look amazing for people with wavy hair or if you like to curl your hair, as shown in this video tutorial!

Layers and Curtain Bangs

Mid Length Hair with Layers and Curtain Bangs | Hair Tutorial

Curtain bangs have become an extremely popular new hairstyle. Usually, with bangs like this, you may want to add some layers to the hair to make the haircut look more seamless throughout.

Adding layers when you have curtain bangs can also make your hairstyle look even more gorgeous by emphasizing the curtain bangs and adding more movement to the hair.

So, if you want to try out the curtain bangs trend, I highly recommend adding some layers to your hair, as shown in this video tutorial!

Medium Layers with Front Bangs

MEDIUM LAYERED HAIRCUT with bangs, how to cut layers for medium length hair - NIKITOCHKIN

Front bangs have also become more trendy recently. For this kind of look, you can either leave your hair with just the front bangs, or you can add some more dimension to your hair look with some layers along with your cute new front bangs.

This will give you a layered haircut that you will be obsessed with, and it will also give you a super cute front bangs look.

Check out this video tutorial for a great example of what front bangs look like styled with a layered haircut.

Long Layered Hair

Styling Long Layers with Curtain Bangs

styling long layers + curtain bangs || & 3 hairstyles to go w/ it

Those with longer hair may have layers and/or curtain bangs that they want to know how to style.

If that’s you, don’t worry because there are a couple of different hair looks that you can do with this type of haircut that will make your hair look adorable.

For example, you could do a half-up half-down hairstyle, or you could even style your hair using a straightener to add some extra volume.

If this sounds like the type of look you are going for, just watch this quick hair tutorial showing you a couple of different ways to style long layers with curtain bangs!

’90s Layered Hair


As I mentioned above, ’90s fashion, beauty, and even ’90s nail trends have been going viral recently, and ’90s hair trends are no execption. If you love all things ’90s and have been looking for a 90’s inspired hair look, this one is for you.

This 90’s inspired layered hair look will go perfectly when styled with longer hair. To get this look, you will add layers to frame your face, as well as some layers in the back of your hair.

Watch this video tutorial to see exactly how you can get this ’90s-inspired hair look at home!

Long Layers

HOW I CUT MY HAIR AT HOME IN LONG LAYERS! │ Long Layered Haircut DIY at Home! │Updated!

Long layers are another familiar favorite for people with longer hair. Longer layers will give your long hair dimension, and they will also add some movement to the hair without looking overly choppy and short.

This kind of hair look is perfect for those of us who have very long hair because it will give you a fun new hairstyle, and it will allow you to keep your long hair while still switching up your look.

This video will show you just how amazing long layers look on longer hair!

Round Layers

How To Cut a Basic Round Layered Haircut

Round layers are another type of layered haircut that is slightly different from the classic one.

The round layers haircut will make sure you keep a lot of the length of your hair but will also add in some face-framing layers to your hair look. It’s an especially great cut for wavy hair or women who like to air dry their locks.

I recommend watching this video tutorial to see exactly what a round layered haircut looks like on longer hair.

Curtain Bangs with Long Layers


Not only do layered haircuts with curtain bangs look great on medium-length hair, but this type of hairstyle will also look great if you have long hair!

For this look, you will have curtain bangs and some beautiful layers that will frame your face and add dimension to your hair.

Watch this video to see the beautiful effect a layered haircut with curtain bangs will have on long hair!

Lived-in layers

Long Layered Haircut Technique | How to Cut Lived-in Layers on Long Hair (easy tutorial!)

If you want to achieve a layered haircut but you want a cut that looks more natural, this is the perfect hairstyle for you!

This look is called lived-in layers. And, for those of us who have never heard of this type of haircut before, this is basically when you will have layers cut into your hair that flow more naturally with your type of hair.

This will create a beautiful hair look for those of us who want to add a little bit of dimension and flow to our hair but don’t want a drastic cut!

And, if you need help deciding if lived-in layers are for you, I recommend watching this tutorial on how to cut lived-in layers that will show you exactly how it looks!

What kind of layered hair do you have?

Which of these styling ideas will you try on your layered hair? What do you like about having layered hair?

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