5 Go-To Preppy Hairstyles to Match Your Polished Outfit

Learn how to look effortlessly preppy with these go-to hairstyles.

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Continuing our series on preppy style 101, this week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite preppy hairstyles with you all. (In case you missed past posts in the series, see our preppy style guide and favorite preppy outfits.)

As a college student myself, I know that I don’t have a ton of time to do my hair before class or on a daily basis. I want something that looks good but can be put together in a few short minutes. I’ve watched so many tutorials and it seems that my hair never looks like the amazing women in the videos. So I knew for this piece I wanted to pick EASY preppy hairstyles that someone like me with no hair skills could execute on a daily basis. 

When picking the hairstyles I told myself that if I personally couldn’t put them together in under 10 minutes, I wouldn’t include them in this article. So I hope this piece provides examples of hairstyles that not only look great, but that you’ll actually want to wear every day. Let’s get to it.

Preppy Hairstyle 1: The Classic Headband

Quick & Easy Headband Hairstyles | Must Try Hairstyles | Beauty BFF | MissMalini

I think headbands look great on every hair type. My hair is naturally straight and I wear them all the time. I definitely consider them my signature accessory and they are without a doubt the definition of preppy! 

There are a ton of different kinds of headbands out there, differing in size, style and design. If you want more coverage and to really get the hair out of your face, I recommend wearing a thicker headband like this one. It keeps your hair out of your face which is super convenient. Thinner, jeweled headbands allow for a more romantic style with less coverage and more hair near the front of the face (as seen throughout the video above).

Preppy girls should always have a variety of headbands on deck because they are appropriate for every occasion. Whether you’re rocking a casual headband for daytime or an intricate jeweled headband for a party, it’s important to have options.

Preppy Hairstyle 2: Low Bun

Low Messy Bun Hair Tutorial

This hairstyle is an elegant classic. The low bun is romantic and ladylike, and can be as messy or polished as you wish. You can wear your hair like this for any occasion whether it be a job interview or morning class. It looks effortless and unlike many buns, putting it together actually is effortless! All you need are 4-7 thin bobby pins. 

For this look you’ll want to grab your hair as if you were going to put it in a ponytail. Then start twisting it and rolling it into a donut shape. Then, start pinning the donut to the back of your head so it is both secure and natural looking. Pull out a few pieces if you want to make it messier, and spray with hairspray as needed. 

I’ve worn this several times and it always lasts the whole day. If I ever feel it getting loose, I can just go to the bathroom and adjust the pins.

I personally enjoy romantic hairstyles so I leave some pieces of hair lose in the front. I think it looks charming and complements my facial structure. That’s a personal choice though, you could easily do this low bun with all of the hair pulled back and it would still look great! 

Preppy Hairstyle 3: Crown Braid

Simple Half Up Crown Braid || Hazel Darling

I just love this crown braid. I think it looks so romantic and sweet, and I love that you can pair it with big, volumized curls (another preppy girl staple). It’s so much easier than it looks — just watch the tutorial and you’ll see!

Bobby pins are your best friend once again for this look! They allow you to join the two braids effortlessly, so they look like one piece going across the back of your head.

I swear this hairstyle really lasts well throughout the day and I get so many compliments. I’m not hair savvy at all but really love this look and think it’s so easy to do even when I’m rushed before class.

Preppy Hairstyle 4: Romantic Ponytail

My 5 Minute Ponytail Routine - KayleyMelissa

I know what you all must be thinking: a ponytail is so basic! But I promise that it is a preppy classic that deserves attention. While I enjoy the classic ponytail for sports, I personally prefer the romantic version seen above. I’ll share my step by step guide to my favorite ponytail style with you all. 

I first part the front half of my hair and brush back the second half of my hair to give it a smooth aesthetic. I really think this way is much better than brushing your hair all back or leaving it all parted to the side. I then put my hair in a ponytail of either medium (like in the picture) or high height, then I do the tricks explained in the video to add more volume and make my ponytail look 100x better than your standard boring one. (Trust me, these tips work!)

As with the bun, I like adding a romantic flare to this style. I think leaving some hair at the front adds a charming flare to this classic look and is a real game changer. Give this style a try and let me know what you think!

Preppy Hairstyle 5: French Braid

Relaxed French Braid

No matter what your personal style is, you can find a type of braid that fits your aesthetic well. For preppy girls, that is the French braid and it looks so fabulous. There are different ways to approach this iconic hairstyle. Some people like it to be tighter and pull their more firmly and leave less space between the braids. I personally have found that a looser braid looks more ladylike and fits better with my style.

Like I’ve said in the previous styles, the looser, more pulled-out style looks more effortless and matches the preppy look. I’m a sucker for romantic hairstyles and think they are so classy and elegant. You can’t go wrong with this classic look.

What do you think of the Preppy Style Series? 

What would you like to read about in future articles? What is your favorite preppy hairstyle? How do you feel about preppy clothes? Start the conversation below. 

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