22 Nail Ideas for this Christmas Season

Look festive AF with these Christmas nail ideas. 💅

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I love the Christmas season, and one of my favorite parts about this holiday is decorating… which includes my nails! Christmas nail looks always make me feel 10x more festive.

If you have never done themed nails for Christmas before, this post will inspire you to start!

To create the perfect Christmas nail looks for this year, you will want to use the gorgeous Christmas colors we all love. For example, you could use the classic red and green colors, or you could go a different route and try out some gold and silver. You can even incorporate winter-themed colors, such as icy blue, to mix things up!

So, if you want some inspo for looks you should be trying this season, I recommend checking out this list of 22 different Christmas nail ideas that you will be obsessed with.

Christmas Nail Ideas

1. Red Chrome Nails

If you are going for a simple and classy nail look this holiday season, you may want to try this red chrome nail look!

This will give you a simple nail look for Christmas that will make you feel festive, and make your nails stand out thanks to the chrome nail polish.

2. Swirl Christmas Nails

I am sure you have seen swirl nails before, but have you thought of trying out swirl nails with Christmas colors?

If not, I highly recommend trying out this Christmas-themed nail look, which uses red, green, and white to create an adorable swirl nail look that will be very festive for this season.

3. Red French Tips with Pearls

Also, if you like the look of French tips, you can also create a Christmas-themed look by adding red to the tips of your nails.

You can also make this look even more fun by adding on some nail accessories like these pretty pearls to complete your holiday look!

4. Red & White French Tips

Another French tip look that you may want to try that uses Christmas colors is this French tip outline look that uses red and white to create a simple but festive French tip nail look.

You can also switch up the colors on each of the tips of your nails to make the look stand out a bit more!

5. Pink Winter Nails

Pink Winter Nails ❄️ | Christmas Nails | Acrylic Nail Tutorial

If you want a Christmas-themed look, but you want to use some other colors rather than the usual Christmas colors, you totally can!

For example, this pink winter nail look would be perfect for those who love the color pink and want to try something different for their holiday nail look.

This look will give you a pink winter wonderland nail look that you will be obsessed with for the holidays.

6. Christmas Wreath French Tips

Easy Christmas French Manicure Nail Art Design DIY || KELLI MARISSA

Adding a Christmas wreath to your nails is also another fun way to make them festive for this holiday season!

So, if you are considering doing a classic French tips look, I recommend adding a bit of Christmas spirit to your nails with a small Christmas wreath design, as shown in this video.

7. Blue Snowflake Nails

Blue is another great color that you can use to create holiday nail looks for Christmas! It will give you that winter feeling that you are looking for.

So, if you are considering incorporating blue into your festive nail looks, check out these blue snowflake press-on nails!

8. Candy Cane Striped Nails

Candy Cane Striped Nails Tutorial

Another simple but festive nail look you can do around Christmas time is candy cane striped nails!

This is a simple look to create at home because all you need is red and white nail polish to create this candy cane-inspired look.

Watch this video tutorial to see exactly how to get this look at home for Christmas!

9. Christmas Sweater Nails

You can also try out this sweater nail look if you are trying to find a Christmas nail idea that is a bit different from the rest.

To create sweater nails, you will add a 3D design to your nails that resembles sweater material. But, to make your life easier (and save you the salon visit), you should totally check out these press-on sweater nails!

10. Icicle Nails

Mrs.Clause 🤶 Builds Icicles🧊Gel Nails Dripping with Jewels & Crystals 💎

Icicle nails are also another really fun and different look that you can try for this holiday season! With icicle nails, you will create the illusion that your nails are icicles.

So, in order to do this, make sure to check out this video tutorial because this look is definitely a more intricate design, but totally worth it for creating the perfect nails for the holiday season!

11. Red & Green Nails

You can also go the more classic Christmas route and use red and green colors to create a cute Christmas nail look that you will love wearing during the holiday season.

For example, this simple but super cute candy cane-inspired nail look with red and green nail polish may be exactly what you are going for.

So, make sure to check out these press-on nails if you want to achieve this look!

12. Glow in the Dark Christmas Lights

If you really want your nails to stand out this Christmas, I recommend these glow-in-the-dark Christmas lights nails!

These nails will look super cool in the dark and give you a fun and festive nail design that you will love for the season.

13. Pine Cone Nails


For a design that is a bit different than the usual Christmas-themed nail looks, you may want to try out this pine cone nail look!

This will give you a winter and Christmas feel but with a design that is a bit different from the Christmas designs you may have seen before.

14. Plaid Christmas Nails

Christmas bows are always a popular design around the holiday season, and holiday bow nails are among our favorite Christmas nail ideas.

With this look, you will be adding a super cute Christmas bow design to your nails to give them that festive feel for the holidays! If you want to create a Christmas bow nail look with minimal effort, check out these press-on nails.

15. Gold Glitter Candy Cane Nails

Using gold is also another fun way to create a Christmas-themed nail look! So, if you are curious about the nail looks you can create using gold nail polish for this holiday season, I recommend checking out these gold glitter candy cane nails.

With these nails, you will have a sparkly candy cane design that you will be obsessed with, so make sure to purchase these gold press-on nails if you want this look for this season.

16. Silver & Blue Nails

Silver and blue form another gorgeous combo I recommend you try for the holidays! For example, this silver and navy Christmas-themed nail look may be just what you want.

With this look, you will get a festive design for the holiday season, using gorgeous shades of silver and blue to create fun Christmas-themed designs like Christmas trees and ornaments!

17. Abstract Christmas Nails

If you are looking for some unique Christmas-themed nails that don’t explicitly scream Christmas, I recommend going for an abstract Xmas nail look.

Abstract nails have been very trendy, but you may have never seen them using Christmas colors!

So, if you love the look of abstract nails and want to try a Christmas-themed look, you should definitely try out a look like this one using red, white, and green nail polish.

18. Santa Hat French Nails

For a simple but super cute Christmas nail idea, you can also try out this French tips design!

To create these super cute Santa hat French nails, all you need to do is add an adorable mini Santa hat design to the tips of your nails. You can DIY or pick up the press-ons above to achieve this mani.

19. Glitter Christmas Nails

Christmas Nails | Gel Polish Nails | Nailchemy

If you love long, sparkly nails, you may want to try these glitter nails for this Christmas!

To achieve this look, make sure to have plenty of sparkly red, green, and gold nail polish to create this fun, sparkly Christmas look.

20. Red Abstract Tips

Another abstract Christmas nail idea you can try is this abstract French tips design, which is super simple to recreate at home!

To create this look, you only need to make a slanted tips design on your nails like this using some red nail polish.

21. Candy Cane Bling Nails

If you love glam nails and want a more glam nail look for this Christmas, I recommend trying this candy cane bling nail look.

With this look, you will add sparkle and candy cane designs to your nails to create a festive and fun Christmas look.

You can also purchase these press-on nails to easily get this look at home!

22. Blue Christmas Nails


If you love the silver and blue combo for Christmas, I also recommend checking out this gorgeous sparkly silver and blue snowflake nail look.

You will be using some white nail polish to create snowflake designs as well as some sparkly silver nail polish to add some glitter to make this look stand out!

Which Christmas nail ideas from this list do you think look the most festive?

Which nails will you be trying for Xmas this year? Have you ever done Xmas nails before?

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