20 Adorable Christmas Almond Nail Ideas You’ll Love This Season

Get in the Christmas spirit with these almond nail ideas.

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If you are obsessed with almond nails, you may be considering what kind of nail looks you should rock this Christmas season. We’ve already shared some Christmas nail ideas, but this post will specifically focus on almond nails for Xmas.

Christmas almond nail looks will work for basically any nail length; you just need to find the perfect one for you!

So, for those of us looking for the perfect almond nail look for this holiday season, check out this list of 20 super cute almond nail Christmas looks that you should try!

Christmas Almond Nails

1. Pastel Blue Frozen Nails

Pointed Almond Frozen Blue Acrylic Nails | Blue Opal BLING & Snowflakes ❄️

If you want a Christmas design made with blue nail polish for your almond nails, this one may be for you!

With this nail look, you will be creating the illusion that your nails are frozen with some glitter and polish to create an icy look on your nails.

You can add more to this look by using some rhinestones to give it more sparkle!

2. Black & White Christmas Nails

Black & White Christmas Set | Gel-X

If you want a nail look that is a bit different from the usual Christmas nail looks, this is a cool option that’s subtle and chic.

To create this nail look, you will use black & white nail polish to create a fun Christmas-inspired design on your nails that features a Christmas bow.

So, if you are curious about how to recreate this look, check out this video!

3. White & Gold Christmas Nails

White and gold Christmas nail art. Snowflake nail design, Christmas tree nail art. Easy Xmas nails

White and gold is another pretty combo for nail designs on almond-shaped nails. So, if this sounds like the type of look you want to try for Christmas, check out this white and gold Christmas nail art look.

I love this look because you can create super cute Christmas-themed designs on your nails with gold nail polish, making your Christmas nails stand out.

4. White Ribbon Nails

Christmas Nail Art Design With Snow White Ribbons - Step-By-Step Nail Art Video Tutorial

Another fun design for almond-shaped nails is this white ribbon nail look. This is great for those who like to do silver nail looks for Christmas.

This look centers around a bow design made out of white and silver polish. You can also get even more creative with this nail look by adding on a 3D bow, as shown in the video tutorial!

Short Almond Christmas Cookie Nail design | Press On Nails | Day 3 Xmas Special

If you like to play off gingerbread and Christmas cookie designs, you may want to check out this Christmas cookie nail look.

This look uses brown nail polish to create fun designs resembling Christmas cookies on your nails. You will be obsessed with how cute these mini Christmas cookie designs look on your almond-shaped nails!

6. Christmas Nail Art

Another fun way to make your almond nails look more festive this year is by doing some Christmas nail art, as seen on these almond-shaped nails.

To create a look like this one, you will want to use multiple different Christmas sweets designs on your nails, such as peppermint, candy cane, and gingerbread designs!

And, to make doing your nails a bit easier around the holidays, you can also purchase these press-on nails to apply at home.

7. Sparkly Accent Nails

Almond Shaped Christmas Nails | Shameless Nails Dip Powder | First Impressions and Review

A sparkly accent nail design is perfect for those of us looking for a simple but also festive nail look for this Christmas!

To achieve a look like this one, you will want to make sure that you have red or green nail polish to paint your other nails, as well as some silver glittery nail polish to paint your accent nail.

Also, to make your nails even more colorful, you can also use red and green nail polish to create this look!

8. Black & White French Nails

This is a great Christmas nail look for almond nails if you want something a bit different but also want to incorporate some classic Christmas designs!

For this nail look, you will add an abstract tip design to your nails using black & white nail polish and some cute Christmas designs to your nails, such as Santa hats and candy canes.

This will give you a unique look for the holiday season that you will love!

9. 3D Christmas Nails

If you are curious about some other 3D nail art designs you can try this holiday season, you should totally be checking out these press-on nails!

These nails come with super cool 3D Christmas-inspired designs that will make your nails stand out with gorgeous gems added to your nails.

So, if you want to try out this look like I am this Christmas, purchase these press-on nails to get the look!

10. Snowflake Polar Bear Nails

🐻‍❄️ Easy Christmas Nail Art Design | Snowflake Polar Bear Nails | White Blue Foil | Madam Glam

Another super cute nail design for almond-shaped nails you should try for the holiday season is this look with adorable polar bears and snowflakes!

For this nail look, you will be using blue and white nail polish to create winter designs.

If you are curious about how to create the perfect snowflake design on your nails or how to recreate this adorable polar bear design, check out this nail tutorial!

11. Gingerbread Nails

If you love the look of Christmas colors but want to create a look that is a bit less colorful than other Christmas designs, this may be the one you are looking for!

For this nail look, you will get a super cute gingerbread-inspired nail look, perfect for Christmas.

This look will be more subtle, made with a neutral base coat with brown and white designs to complete the look!

12. Red French Tip Nails

Red French Tip Nails ❤️✨ asmr / nail art / glitter nails / gel nail extensions

Some of us also might be going for a nail look that is more simple for our almond-shaped nails. For example, you may be interested in this French tip look for your almond-shaped nails!

To recreate this French tip look for this holiday season, just make sure to have some red nail polish and some red glitter to add to the tips of your almond nails.

13. Santa Nails

Santa designs are also another very popular nail design that you can totally do on almond-shaped nails!

For example, these press-on nails have adorable Santa designs and some super cute Christmas tree and reindeer designs you will be obsessed with this season.

14. Gold Snowflake Nails

Christmas Nails | Notpolish Acrylic Nail Design: Almond Nails | Watch Me Work

For those of us who want to create an almond nail look using colors other than the usual Christmas colors, you may want to check out this gold snowflake nail look!

This gold snowflake nail look uses dark purple, white, and gold glittery nail polish to create some gorgeous striped designs on the nails.

Also, to add the winter and holiday feel to this nail look, you should definitely add some gold snowflake glitter to your nails!

15. Purple Christmas Nails

Another nail look that uses colors other than the classic Christmas colors is this purple Christmas nail look!

This look creates a winter vibe on your nails with some white snowflake designs as well as 3D sweater patterns.

So, if you are looking for something different for your almond nails this holiday season, try out these purple Christmas press-on nails at home.

16. Sparkly Gold Nails

White & Gold Acrylic Almond Nail Design with Freehand Art

If you love the look of gold glitter for holiday nail looks, you can try this sparkly gold nail look!

This look uses gold glitter and white nail polish to create some super fun nail designs for almond-shaped nails that will make your nails look festive and sparkly this season.

17. Candy Cane Nails

This candy cane nail look is a perfect Christmas nail design for almond-shaped nails. With this nail look, you will add a super cute design for the tips of your nails that creates a heart using candy canes.

So, if you are obsessed with how cute this look is like I am, definitely check out these press-on nails to get the look.

18. Christmas Ornaments Nails

Another super cute nail look for almond nails this holiday season is this Christmas ornament-inspired nail look.

This look will give you an adorable Christmas-themed nail look with some mini ornament designs added to each of your nails!

19. Sparkly Green Nails

Watch Me Work: Short Almond Shaped Nails + Christmas/New Years Design🎄

For a green Christmas nail look, you may want to check out this sparkly green nail look for almond nails, which features French tips using sparkly green nail polish!

Also, you can add more to this look with some rhinestones, as seen in this video tutorial.

20. Red Almond Nails

Pure Red Gel Almond Nails | Short

You can also go super simple but classy this Christmas season with an all-red nail polish look! I Iove using red nail polish on almond nails because red always looks gorgeous on almond-shaped nails.

Which almond nail design from this list will you be wearing this Christmas season?

Have you ever tried Christmas nail designs? What kind of Christmas nail designs are your favorite?

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