Beauty Video Tutorial: Eyebrows 101

A video tutorial on how to shape your eyebrows and how to fill in sparse brows, making your eyebrows look like you just had them done.

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Editor’s note: Every two weeks, our resident video blogger and makeup artist Imani shows you how to create a gorgeous makeup look on a college student budget. In case you missed them, see her past videos, Summer Beauty Tutorial: Bronzed Babe, Eyeliner 101, and Go-to Going Out Makeup Look & Bonus Tutorial.

Eyebrows provide the frame for your beautiful face. Therefore, they need to look good at all times. Since many of you commented on my past videos asking how I did my eyebrows, I made a video dedicated solely to my best eyebrow tips! From shaping your brows to filling in sparse brows, to making it look like you just had them done, I’ll show you how to get flawless eyebrows:

Eyebrows 101 - College Fashion Tutorial

Tips for Getting Those Killer Brows:

As I already said in the video, and may repeat a few more times throughout the article just for emphasis, I do not condone shaping your own eyebrows. There is a BIG difference between shaping your eyebrows and cleaning them up. As I explain in the video, it is really hard to stop once you start plucking and nothing is more heartbreaking than looking into the mirror and realizing you have three eyebrow hairs left.

That said, here are my top four eyebrow tips, which I discussed in the video:

  • Always clean up those little hairs that pop up between shapings, because before you know it, one little hair becomes 10 little hairs.
  • Can’t get to the shop before class on Monday? Fake it with concealer.
  • A clear brow gel will keep them from budging all day.
  • Put down the tweezers and step away from the magnifying mirror.

Tips for Girls with Thin Eyebrows:

I have a personal obsession with eyebrows. My own brows have always been very thick and my mom took me to get them waxed when I was in 8th grade. Ever since then, I’ve been really aware of how eyebrows can completely change your face.

Now, I clearly don’t have issues with thin eyebrows, but I, for some reason, found myself reading up on the care and keeping of eyebrows as though I had none. I know some of you may have problems when it comes to hair growth in that region, but fear not: I have some tricks for you, too:

  • Plucking your eyebrows is not the same as shaving – the hair won’t always grow back the same texture and length. In fact, plucking may damage the hair follicle over time.
  • If you’ve messed up your eyebrows, as hard as it may be, you need to let the hairs grow back in before you get them done. If you just thought “Easier said than done”, go check out my eyeliner video from a few weeks ago. You will see a significant difference in my brows. Let. Them. Grow.
  • If your brows won’t grow back in, come to terms with it, then purchase a stencil kit. I love Anastasia stencils; they truly work and are worth the $65.00 price tag. I know that a few of you just instantly hated me for suggesting such a pricey item, but it’s a small price to pay for beautiful brows. You can also just purchase the stencils for $20 and use your favorite brow powder to fill in.

Before We Go…

Keep in mind not all eyebrows are created equal – you want to try out different products to see what works best for you. If you don’t have luck with eyebrow powders, you may want to try a pencil and vice versa. Experiment until you find your perfect brow technique!

One final note: “Eyebrows are to remain sisters, not twins.” – an old eyebrow proverb.


I know this has been a hot topic in the comments section of my last few videos. So here’s your chance to weigh in: Any more tips? Questions? Did you find the article helpful? What are some of your favorite brow products? What’s your preferred hair removal method? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Beauty Video Tutorial: Eyebrows 101”

  1. I actually came back to watch this video again before I started in on my eyebrows, so thank you for this awesome advice!
    Also, threading. Do you recommend it ? How long should I wait before I do it for the first time (as in, how unruly should I allow my brows to get before a visit)? Are any salons better for this than others?

  2. I have to admit, I have a huge obsession with my eyebrows. I used to have thick bushy brows until I got my first wax. And since then, my eyebrows have always been thin, but lately I’ve been shading them in to make them stand out. And since then, my overall face looks SO much better!

  3. Really great post! My eyebrows grow back very fast so I always have to maintain them a lot before I go back to a salon to get them done.


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