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My name is Elizabeth and I'm a senior at the University of Missouri. I grew up in Paris, France and the SF Bay Area. I love all things beauty, especially lipstick, mascara and nail polish! My idols are Brandon Holley, Anthony Bourdain, Jane Pratt, Mr. Rogers and Miss Marple. Outside of that, I love the beach, Gucci Mane, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, avocados and roller coasters.

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College Fashion’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Self-Tanners


Tan legs

I recently read something by Julie over at xoJane: Her comment was that she gauges how effective a beauty product is by how many compliments she gets while wearing it. We all kind of do that, right? I mean, I know that if someone tells me they like my lipstick, I’m much more likely to […]




Our 5 Favorite Pastel Nail Polish Shades for Spring


Light blue pastel nail polish

Easter is just over a week away, the weather is turning sundress-warm – know what that means? Spring is finally, finally here. As a California transplant in the Midwest, I could not be happier about the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, and being as nail-obsessed as I am, that’s often reflected on my fingertips. Spring, to me, means breaking […]



5 More Nail Polishes Every College Girl Needs to Own


OPI No Spain No Gain

I’ll admit that it was really hard to whittle down my list for last week’s post on 5 Nail Polishes Every College Girl Needs to Own. I kept reading your comments and agreeing with all of them – most colors you guys mentioned were colors I had crossed off a longer list anyway! So without […]