The 3 Hottest Jewelry Trends for Spring 2019

Spice up any outfit with these Spring 2019 jewelry trends.

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Editor’s note: We still stand by this advice, but if you’re looking for an updated guide, be sure to see our list of the hottest jewelry trends for 2020.

Nothing beats fresh new pieces of jewelry. If you’re like me, you know what it’s like to want to wear a different necklace or pair of earrings every day with every outfit.

That’s why it’s so fun to follow current jewelry trends! You can find your new favorite accessories while being totally on top of your fashion game. Plus, if you go for costume pieces, jewelry is generally less expensive than clothing.

So, what are the current jewelry trends? Here are the hottest spring 2019 jewelry trends to keep an eye out for!

Spring 2019 Jewelry Trends: Bring On the Crystals

Crystal jewelry can currently be found in all of your favorite stores! It is totally on trend and it can make any outfit GLAM.

What’s so fun about crystal jewelry is that it can be found in so many different designs and sizes. Some pieces are more delicate, like the small crystals in the earrings below, or more chunky, as in the ring. It’s hard to feel shy when you have blingy, sparkly jewels on so go find your favorite piece of crystal jewelry and get ready to shine!

Crystal Jewelry: Stone ring, crystal bangle, crystal chain bracelet, crystal necklace, drop earrings

From left to right: Crystal Ring – Asos, Crystal Rhinestone Bracelet – Asos, Crystal Statement Bracelet – Asos, Crystal Drop Necklace – Asos, Crystal Chain Earrings – Asos, Crystal Drop earrings – Nordstrom

Spring 2019 Jewelry Trends: Heads or Tails?

The coin jewelry trend is so cute! It’s definitely one of the most popular spring 2019 jewelry trends — get ready to see it everywhere.

What’s so great about these coin pieces is that they are an effortless choice. They are so versatile, so they can go with pretty much anything. Also, because there are so many different kinds of coins to choose from, your coin jewelry is bound to be unique just to your liking.

Coin jewelry has the perfect vintage feel to it. You can go for pieces that have multiple coins are just one. Try mixing metals for a fun style!

Coin Jewelry: Coin necklace, coin bracelets, coin layered necklace, coin ring, coin earrings, coin bangle

From left to right: Coin and Pearl Necklace – Nordstrom, Coin Bracelet Set – Asos, Coin Layered Necklace – Nordstrom, Coin Piny Ring – Asos, Coin Earrings – Asos, Coin Bracelet – Asos

Spring 2019 Jewelry Trends: Shell Yeah

The shell jewelry trend is definitely the most casual of the spring 2019 jewelry trends.

I don’t know about you but shell jewelry takes me back to the early 2000s when pukka shell necklaces were all the rage. These are statement pieces for sure!

We haven’t even entered summer yet but shell jewelry can already be found in your favorite stores and all over the web. It seems that the 2019 shell jewelry trend is slightly different than back in the 2000s. Being mixed with pretty golds, the shells look much more glamorous. Next time you are looking for the perfect accessory try some shell jewelry!

Spring 2019 jewelry trends – Shell Jewelry: Clam necklace, shell and coin necklace, coin charm bracelet, shell ring, shell hoop earrings, shell drop earrings

From left to right: Pearl With Shell Necklace – Asos, Shell And Coin Necklace – Asos, Shell Charm Bracelet – Asos, Shell Ring – Asos, Shell Hoop Earrings – Lulus, Shell Drop Earrings – Asos

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Well there you have it, three of the current jewelry trends. I am excited to see how these trends evolve and what other styles we will see this year!

Which spring 2019 jewelry trend is your favorite? If you already rock one of these styles, how do you wear it? Leave a comment below!

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