Would You Wear… a Newsboy Cap?

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Newsboy Cap Trend: on the left, a velvet burgundy Forever 21 cabby hat and on the right, a black Urban Outfitters baker boy hat with wide brim.
Product Information: Forever 21, Urban Outfitters

Some people call it a cabby hat, some call it a baker boy hat. We like to refer to it as a newsboy cap because here at CF we are the #1 source for fashion news for college students. Whatever you choose to call it, this adorable androgynous accessory is fall’s latest fad. 

Whether you’re donning one to cover up an untamed mane or rocking it with flawless curls, this hat will make a vital accessory when the cooler temperatures come knocking. Opt for all black for a more traditional style or grab one in a deep jewel tone for a trendier seasonal look.

Newsboy cap trend: a grey Eugenia Kim calf hair-trimmed cashmere felt baker boy hat, a black train conductor-style hat from Zara, and a black wool cabby hat from ASOS.
Product Information: Net-a-Porter, Zara, ASOS

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