Wait…Are Logo’ed Items Really In Again?

Yep, name dropping is back.

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Balenciaga tee, Versace sweatshirt, and Moschino t-shirt dress.

Balenciaga, Versace, Moschino

Way back when in my middle school days, all the kids wore Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister clothes if they were really cool, and Aeropostale if they were kinda cool. Those were the rules.

I spent my days wishing and praying for nice clothes like they had, yet still found myself in my sister’s 10-year-old pink Hollister top, fraying at the edges, or perusing Plato’s Closet racks for some brand that would make me fit in. 

As middle school progressed and we made our way into high school, the cool brand turned into Vera Bradley and boy oh boy, there were hardly any girls in sight without a VB crossbody on their hip or a backpack on their shoulders. The “it” label had shifted, and if you missed out, you were no one.

I think you know what I’m talking about — whether it’s Miss Me jeans from Buckle, Uggs come every winter, or even carrying an iPhone in your hand, there is always a brand that everyone grabs onto with a passion. 

Now, as trends do, the logo-loving fad lulled for a while. Designers were turned off by the idea of wearing a logo on one’s sleeve (literally), since everyone was doing it, and so they decided to simply begin making their clothes without a ton of self-recognition. They wanted their clothes to be recognizable without a big logo saying “This Was Made By” so-and-so. 

That was then, anyway.

The Resurgence of Logos

For better or for worse, the logo trend is circling back around again.

Logo’ed items are officially cool this year — but don’t worry, it doesn’t magically come with the braces and bad hair you had in middle school. The designers we admire and the runway shows we watch are calling the shots, rather than bully Becky from first period.

Why are logos in again? Honestly, I don’t know for sure. My guess is because fashion, like history, is destined to repeat itself. Take the ’90s for example – scrunchies, chokers, platform sandals, etc. have been the hottest trends around lately. So the logo tees of the 2000s are the next logical step.

The Fashion Spot reports this logo-loving in the high-end designer circles started after brands like Gucci and Chanel displayed their logos on models walking down the catwalk for their Resort 2017 collections. And, as trends do, it spun out from there, and other designers followed suit.

So.. how can we get the look?

Now, though we love rocking the newest and coolest trends, an important thing to remember about this trend is . . . it ain’t cheap.

To rock a designer logo, you have to be wearing a designer item and they can have pretty lofty price tags! But, not to worry, below I have gathered both inexpensive and higher-end logo’ed pieces to try. And hey, maybe on of them could go on your Christmas list this year! And, of course, you can always skip this trend if you’re not feeling it — we wouldn’t fault you.

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Stick to What You Know

Low-end designer items

Products: Nike Sweatshirt – Nordstrom, Off-White Socks – SSense, Calvin Klein Tee – Bloomingdale’s, Tommy Hilfiger Bralette – Luisa via Roma, Adidas Sweatshirt – Adidas, DKNY Card Holder – Selfridges

  1. This sweatshirt covered with Nike symbols is the perfect throw-over-anything piece for a chill, sporty vibe.
  2. A pair of off-white socks made in Italy gives me a streetwear, Supreme-esque feel.
  3. We all know Calvin Klein for their comfy cute underwear/bra sets but did you know they made ’90s-inspired tees, too? Not to mention they use the old logo for some extra old-school-ness.
  4. Blue and red = Tommy Hilfiger, right? Right. This blue and red bralette (and matching undies!) is comfy, cas, and naptime ready. 
  5. Nike or Adidas? If you are a fan of the German company, grab a crew sweatshirt with a silky satin finish.
  6. And, for the accessory lovers out there, this black DKNY card holder gives your credit card a stylish home to dwell. 

Or . . . Get a Lil’ Crazy (& Grant Yourself a Splurge)

Higher-end designer pieces.

Products: LRL Sweater – Lord + Taylor, Moschino Scarf – Saks OFF 5th, Kate Spade Satchel – Gilt, Karl Lagerfeld Paris Sweater – Lord + Taylor, Versace Beanie – Forward, Opening Ceremony Sweatpants – Shopbop

  1. Feel like a royal in this Lauren Ralph Lauren crest sweater endowed with LRL’s signature style.
  2. Keep yourself warm (and looking chic!) in a Moschino scarf with fringe trim.
  3. Everyone loves Kate Spade (or at least most people I know), so rock a simple pink satchel, perfect for work or everyday occasions alike.
  4. Karl Lagerfeld, aka Chanel’s Creative Director, has his own line including comfy sweatshirts with his famous name adorning the front.
  5. Stay cozy – and stand out – in this bright orange Versace beanie, made in Italia. 
  6. And, for those lounge around days, rock American brand Opening Ceremony’s elastic band sweatpants for an easy, sporty look. 

And there you have it!

Now you have some ideas on how to rock the logo trend. How do you feel about this trend? Are you thinking about sporting logos in your fashion future? Start the convo below.

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