Outfits Under $100: Meet the Parents in Style

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Angie Wins Over the In Laws with Style

Angelina wins over Brad's parents with her sleek style (Photo Credit)

Confession: After two and a half years with my boyfriend, and a full two years since I first met his parents, I still plot out my outfits each time I visit with his family. It's not that they care what I wear or would judge me, but I still always like to look sharp and presentable in front of them.

There's even more pressure when you first meet the parents. So if you'll soon be introduced to your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents, or spending time with his or her family, you might (understandably) be stressing over what to wear. My best advice? Don't over think it. Be yourself, but make sure to look polished and classy. And read the rest of this post.

The following tips and affordable outfits will have you looking great and feeling confident when you finally (gulp) meet the parents:

Tips for Looking Parent-Appropriate:

  • Even if you know your boyfriend or girlfriend well, you don't know their parents. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your attire. So when getting dressed, look grandparent-appropriate: Avoid low-cut tops, micro-minis and too much bare skin.
  • Avoid t-shirts or accessories with overt political or religious messages. Your winning personality should make a great impression on them; you don't want politics to distract from that.
  • Even if Rihanna thinks it's cool, this is not the time to wearjewelry or clothes with swears or crude sayings. (This one should be obvious!)
  • Pick comfortable clothes that flatter your body. Tight pieces can be unflattering and uncomfortable. Clothes that are too baggy can also be unflattering and look sloppy. Pick garments that fit you well so you feel your best.
  • Balance proportions. Loose-fitting tops should be worn with skinny pants, slim-fitting tops look best with flared pants or skirts, etc.
  • Keep undergarments under wraps. Bra straps and panties should be out of sight!
  • Don't try too hard. Wearing heels might sound like a good idea, but it's a recipe for disaster if you're not used to wearing them. You'll look silly as you walk awkwardly or — heaven forbidden — take a tumble.
  • Natural is best. Now is not the time to try out a new hairstyle or pile on layers of makeup. Be yourself, look natural and you'll feel confident.
  • Smile! It's your best accessory.

Outfit #1: Dress for Dinner

Outfits Under $100: Meet the Parents - Dress for Dinner

Product Info:Shirt, Dress, Tights, Boots

Your boy or girl's parents invite you over for dinner - what do you wear? If it's just a home-cooked meal at their place, you don't want to overdress, but you do want to look polished. This look is casual but classy. Layer a basic long-sleeve shirt under a sleeveless dress for added warmth and propriety, but show your personality and youth with on-trend (yet subtle) colored tights.

Outfit #2: Casual Meet & Greet

Outfits Under $100: Meet the Parents - Meet & Greet

Product Info:Cami, Shirt, Jeans, Necklace, Flats

Sometimes that first encounter with the parents is just a quick meet and greet or a casual outing on campus. If that's the case, just wear what you would normally wear to class — if you had an extra hour in the morning, that is. Put a little extra time into your look and make sure it's appropriate, but don't go overboard. A laid-back look like the one above is sensible and expected.

Outfit #3: Fancy Family Affair

Outfits Under $100: Meet the Parents - Fancy Family Affair

Product Info:Dress, Tights, Booties

If you find yourself becoming a "plus one" to your guy or gal's family party or wedding, it might mean meeting many relatives at once. Don't feel pressured! Attending a fancier affair just means applying the same tips as the earlier outfits — don't show too much skin, look classy, be polished — to a dressier outfit. This dress is classy, but with embellished shoulders, it also has a unique and fashionable edge.

Want more tips?

If you're still stressing about what to wear to meet your significant other's parents, here are some more CF articles that will help you out!

What do you think?

Do you like these outfits? Will you be meeting the parents soon? What did you wear when you met your sweetheart's family?  Any more tips you could offer? Please leave a comment!

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