I Tried It… The Ped Egg

Does the Ped Egg really work? Is it gross and disgusting? Is it painful? We reveal all the gory details in our Ped Egg review.

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The Ped Egg packaging

There’s nothing I love more than a relaxing pedicure. Being a college student, however, I rarely have the time or money for that luxury, so I have to make do with Maybelline 60-Second Quick Dry Nail Polish and a loofah. That’s why I was excited when this Christmas, my mom graciously got me the Ped Egg to add to my pedicure arsenal.

What is the Ped Egg?

Its makers tout it as “The Ultimate Foot File,” and “the ultimate way to smooth, beautiful feet.” I’m sure you’ve probably seen the commercial on TV more than a few times, but in case you haven’t, here it is:

Ped-Egg Commercial

I recently gave the Ped Egg a try and here is what happened:

My Experience:

Ped Egg on TV

Let me just start by saying I don’t have the prettiest feet- I go barefoot a lot, and, thanks to uncomfortable shoes, I usually have a few blisters and callouses. So that’s why I was psyched to try the Ped Egg. I figured any improvement would be worth the time and effort!

The Ped Egg is as soft as it says it is- you won’t get cut by running your fingers over it. But beware: you need to use the Ped Egg on dry feet- if you don’t, it’ll feel like you’re cutting your feet up. I used the Ped Egg for about 5-10 minutes on each foot. If you do this while watching TV, it’ll probably go by quickly, but I didn’t – and was pretty bored after the first few minutes, especially since it took those full 8-10 minutes to see any results. On the plus side, it truly wasn’t messy, which I liked.

My Results:

The Ped Egg

My feet looked much better after using the Ped Egg- my calluses were pretty close to being gone. My feet didn’t look as good as they do post-pedicure, but I did see a clear improvement. I was scared to try the Ped Egg over my blisters, however, so I can’t really account for how well it would have worked on them.

Cleanup was less pleasant. I really did not like throwing the dead skin away- it doesn’t make a mess, but the skin looks like loose powder. Maybe it’s my queasy stomach, but I thought the dead skin was really, really gross.

My Overall Review:

The Ped Egg packaging

The Ped Egg did make my feet look much better. They didn’t look as good as they would after a pedicure, but I saw a visible improvement.

However, I won’t be using the Ped Egg again. Overall, I thought the process was too time-consuming: if you don’t vigorously rub each foot for upwards of 5 minutes, you won’t see any improvement. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going through all that effort when my feet will just be dirty again in two days. Also, the dead-skin powder was a turn-off in my eyes, but many of you might not feel that way.

For those of you who really want pristine feet and don’t mind putting the time in to get them- purchase this ASAP. The Ped Egg is great for that in-between pedicure time. At $10, it’s not a bad investment, and it’s a fairly useful product. As far as As Seen On TV products go, this is definitely one of the better ones- if you want to put in the time to use it.

What do you guys think of the Ped Egg?

Have any of you tried the Ped Egg? Will you be buying it? What other As Seen On TV products have you tried? Tell me everything and more in the comments!

34 thoughts on “I Tried It… The Ped Egg”

  1. I have to say that I tried the Ped Egg, and I’m very disappointed, I used it for about an hour and the skin never smoothened, I even tried it backwards and nothing, wouldn’t reccomend.

    • I tried Ped-Egg for the first time today, after struggling with Athletes Foot for one entire year, I realized the medication was not penetrating to my feet because of all the callous buildup, I should have taken a before and after pictures because finally my feet are not disgusting anymore Hilda Ques a satisfied client

  2. LOVE the Ped Egg. I was skeptical at first (just because it was on an infomercial lol), but I so it on sale somewhere for like 6 bucks and decided to try it. Couple this bad boy up with your regular at-home pedicure & you’ll look like you just got a spa pedicure. At least that’s how it works for me. The first time I used it, I wasn’t impressed…but after I got the hang of it….def. loved it. I’d recommend it too.

  3. This is absolutely perfect timing that this was posted because I seriously just started to use mine yesterday! I thought it was amazing because I have THE grossest feet ever (my friends hold my feet as the lowest reference point of comparison haha), but after using this, my feet look a 100x better! I’ve tried pumice stones and they didn’t do anything at all. I guess the pedegg works especially if you have really bad feet. After I used it, I just made sure to moisturize really well and it’s feeling fine. No cuts or blood or anything… Also, make sure to only gently rub in a direction parallel to your feet, not in circles.

    About the cleanup, it’s not that bad. I think pumice stones were more gross because they’d be damp. At least the skin in the Pedegg is all dry and easily disposable.

  4. I have the Dr. Scholls for her version of the ped egg and I absolutely love it! It is a little time consuming (I haven’t tried in/after a shower yet though) and it is a little gross to see skin in it, but it works just as well. The Dr. Scholls version also has a little buffer to use after and it helps smooth out the feet even more!

    My boyfriend thought it was the weirdest thing and then he tried it. He LOVED seeing all the dead skin! I guess that’s a boy for you….

  5. I LOVE my PedEgg. Truly one of the best $10 investments I’ve ever made. I wear flip flops as much as I can and I run…so, seriously, my PedEgg has a special place in my medicine cabinet. The clean up isn’t that bad, c’mon girls…

  6. i haven’t tried that thing but i’m planning on that, you can get one for less than $5 shipping included in ebay

  7. Interesting, I have heard nothing but negative reviews from this thing from a lot of my friends…I usually don’t trust anything that is mass televised in 30 second commercials

  8. I’m a dancer and have tough feet. But when I used the ped egg, I ended up with cuts all over the bottoms of my feet, because some of the blades were sticking out at odd angles.

  9. I have a pumice stone and it works really well for me when I use it in the shower…and I’m less worried about accidentally hurting myself with it.

  10. I use this after my feet have been soaking in water when I shower it makes the rough spots soft and easily comes off the moment i rub it on the Ped egg. It makes a huge difference! Also when your skin is wet the rough spots on your feet turn white so its easy to see where the dead skin is located. JUST be careful though. It’s easy to over use in the shower since skin is much softer. TRUST me it works much better this way.

  11. Honestly, I never recommend anyone to use Ped Eg… it is horrible. If you want immediately result, you can use it… but it come back more, and thicker. I rather use the stone, and vaseline! Be patience!!! work much better

  12. Honestly, I find that just applying plain old Vaseline to my feet and wearing socks overnight does the trick. I use a pumice stone in the shower and always moisturize my feet after, putting on slippers immediately after while I do my hair, etc. Vaseline has never failed to make my feet very soft and remain so for at least a couple days. Never used the Ped Egg myself, but it seems to be no better than a pumice stone.


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