I Tried It… The Ped Egg

Does the Ped Egg really work? Is it gross and disgusting? Is it painful? We reveal all the gory details in our Ped Egg review.

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The Ped Egg packaging

There’s nothing I love more than a relaxing pedicure. Being a college student, however, I rarely have the time or money for that luxury, so I have to make do with Maybelline 60-Second Quick Dry Nail Polish and a loofah. That’s why I was excited when this Christmas, my mom graciously got me the Ped Egg to add to my pedicure arsenal.

What is the Ped Egg?

Its makers tout it as “The Ultimate Foot File,” and “the ultimate way to smooth, beautiful feet.” I’m sure you’ve probably seen the commercial on TV more than a few times, but in case you haven’t, here it is:

Ped-Egg Commercial

I recently gave the Ped Egg a try and here is what happened:

My Experience:

Ped Egg on TV

Let me just start by saying I don’t have the prettiest feet- I go barefoot a lot, and, thanks to uncomfortable shoes, I usually have a few blisters and callouses. So that’s why I was psyched to try the Ped Egg. I figured any improvement would be worth the time and effort!

The Ped Egg is as soft as it says it is- you won’t get cut by running your fingers over it. But beware: you need to use the Ped Egg on dry feet- if you don’t, it’ll feel like you’re cutting your feet up. I used the Ped Egg for about 5-10 minutes on each foot. If you do this while watching TV, it’ll probably go by quickly, but I didn’t – and was pretty bored after the first few minutes, especially since it took those full 8-10 minutes to see any results. On the plus side, it truly wasn’t messy, which I liked.

My Results:

The Ped Egg

My feet looked much better after using the Ped Egg- my calluses were pretty close to being gone. My feet didn’t look as good as they do post-pedicure, but I did see a clear improvement. I was scared to try the Ped Egg over my blisters, however, so I can’t really account for how well it would have worked on them.

Cleanup was less pleasant. I really did not like throwing the dead skin away- it doesn’t make a mess, but the skin looks like loose powder. Maybe it’s my queasy stomach, but I thought the dead skin was really, really gross.

My Overall Review:

The Ped Egg packaging

The Ped Egg did make my feet look much better. They didn’t look as good as they would after a pedicure, but I saw a visible improvement.

However, I won’t be using the Ped Egg again. Overall, I thought the process was too time-consuming: if you don’t vigorously rub each foot for upwards of 5 minutes, you won’t see any improvement. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going through all that effort when my feet will just be dirty again in two days. Also, the dead-skin powder was a turn-off in my eyes, but many of you might not feel that way.

For those of you who really want pristine feet and don’t mind putting the time in to get them- purchase this ASAP. The Ped Egg is great for that in-between pedicure time. At $10, it’s not a bad investment, and it’s a fairly useful product. As far as As Seen On TV products go, this is definitely one of the better ones- if you want to put in the time to use it.

What do you guys think of the Ped Egg?

Have any of you tried the Ped Egg? Will you be buying it? What other As Seen On TV products have you tried? Tell me everything and more in the comments!

34 thoughts on “I Tried It… The Ped Egg”

  1. I used the ped egg and it resulted in deep cuts on my heel. I didn’t use it incorrectly and after two days I saw 4 deep openings on my foot.

  2. Honestly, I really hate my Ped Egg. It was just a glorified cheese grader to me. Haha, but it may just be because my feet are horrific 😛

  3. I love my ped egg!!! It works so much better after a shower and once you use it on a regular basis, there’s a lot less gross dead skin that comes off. I now only use it for about a minute on each foot, and my feet look and feel pretty decent. I think you should give it another chance

  4. well i wouldn’t try it myself…. that grater-look it has freaks me out! so call me a coward but i’ll never try it..or even look at it!
    i prefer pumice stone. For those who are saying it doesn’t work i think you got the smooth one. if it smooth it won’t do anything.And remember it does a good job if you soak your feet in warm water… and my feet stay soft for a long time

  5. I have used the Ped-Egg for a while now. I DO notice a huge difference, but it just does not last anytime at all. It seems like 2 days later your feet are WORSE than they were before!!! I like to use it really quick if I know I have somewhere special to go and know my feet don’t look that great 🙂 Anyway, for the money you pay, it is an OK product. But it will not replace a good ol’ pedicure 🙂

  6. I picked up my sisters ped egg yesterday after her roomed was cleaned, thought I’d give it a go. It felt amazing, but the skin still looked a little rough. My mum handed me scholl exfoliating foot cream, mistaking it for moisturiser, and after squirting some onto my hand I noticed the little exfoliating buds. Anyway, both of these combined have made my feet smooth and soft. I can actually scratch the soles of my feet to relieve an itch instead of waiting for it to pass.

  7. Ive used the ped egg for a couple years now and it works great and i use fine sand paper afterwards to smooth out the foot. My feet get bad and crack on the heals so i used the ped egg after getting out of the shower and the skin was white and thick but using the ped egg lightly it worked and took all the skin off that was bad and my feet burn a little now which they always do but a little lotion and im good..

  8. I have a PedEgg and have used it a couple times. But the skin flakes really disgusted me and my feet felt really vulnerable the next time I wore shoes.

    @Angela – I’m with you on this one. I think just heavy moisturizing and a little buffing is better for feet especially in summer. You just end up making new calluses (and going through the painful process of building them up) when your feet are too soft and delicate.

    I think the PedEgg is a good summer to winter once in a while thing but it’s a little too much for every week.

  9. My “mother-in-law” gave me a ped-egg as a stocking stuffer for Christmas last year. I absolutely love it! I don’t use it very often, unless my feet are really dry and calloused, and it is SO time consuming. I usually only use it at night time before bed, after my son has gone down for the night.
    My own personal “miracle” foot treatment: Cracked nipple cream! Sounds weird, but I started thinking about the good the cream did for me as a nursing new mom, I decided to give it a try. Laninoh makes an inexpensive cream, and you can get it at Wal-Mart’s and drug stores! I definitely recommend it as a good way to SOFTEN the callouses rather than completely remove them… the callouses are there to protect the skin of your feet, and without them your feet can get super sore.

  10. I’d recommend against using the Ped-Egg. The results initially seem good, but it tends to cause your feet to build up calluses faster then before, since you are doing minor damage to your feet. Invest instead in a decent footfile, which smoothes your calluses rather then removing them.

  11. I was given the Ped Egg as a gift and used it once. Before going to bed I used it on my heels and applied lotion, and slept with a pair of socks on. In the morning I could see and feel lines where the grater scraped strips of my skin from my heels. Perhaps I wasn’t using it properly, all over and for a long enough time to see a “smooth” finish… but the idea of strips of my skin peeling off like already mentioned, cheese, was a major turn off. I’ll stick to an oversized emery board and a pair of socks & Vaseline thank you.

  12. I am a fan! I am hesitant to use it sometimes because when I get rid of my calluses they turn into blisters. I like that I can make my feet look cleaner with this tool. I also second whoever said to use this after you shower, it makes a huge difference in how much time to have to spend using it.

    Hey I would love to see one of these articles for the Finishing Touch Hair Trimmer or the Infinity Razor.

  13. I’m so disappointed to hear that you didn’t have a good experience! I see this in the little “As Soon On TV” aisle at Joann Fabric’s every time I go & always wanted to pick one up. I don’t have much money for regular pedicures but I love pampering my feet whenever I can. Maybe I’ll try the eBay route instead.


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