3 Fabulous Ways to Style Jack Rogers Sandals (Plus How to Get Them for 75% Off!)

Learn how to style Jackie O’s favorite sandals.

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How to Style Jack Rogers Sandals

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Hey girls! Can you believe that the longest day of the year is almost upon us?

When I think of long summer days, a few things come to mind. I imagine beach days with friends, sipping on delicious pink lemonade, and all the cute sandals the warm weather permits me to wear.

While there are countless brands that dominate the summer scene, a few have managed to cement themselves as summer favorites. One of these is Jack Rogers.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve loved Jack Rogers sandals. During the winter months when they were too cold to wear outside, I’d put them on in my room. They always reminded me that warmer days lay ahead. Not to mention they were incredibly comfortable!

During the summer, I see Jack Rogers sandals everywhere. Tons of girls wear them for pretty much all occasions, from daytime strolls to evenings out. To me, they have always represented timeless elegance and style. A lot of that has to do with the person who inspired them, my personal favorite style icon: Jackie Kennedy.

For those of you who haven’t heard the sweet tale: here it is. Back in 1960, Jackie was on vacation in Capri. While there, she purchased a pair of sandals and fell in love with them. When she returned to the United States, she took the sandals to her cobbler (in Palm Beach) and asked him to make her more pairs! This partnership created the Jack Rogers brand we all know and love today.

Click here to see pictures of the iconic First Lady wearing her favorite sandals!

The story, we can agree, makes you want to buy the shoes ASAP. But what is even more exciting is that I found a place that sells Jacks for 75% off! If you know this brand, you know they run pricey.

Right now at 6PM.com, the Jack Rogers Blair Sandal is on sale for only $39.99, down from $138! Sound too good to be true? I promise this deal is as good as it sounds and totally worth it.

Black and white Jack Rogers sandals.

The Blair Sandal comes in three beautiful colors: Bright pink and white, Caribbean blue and gold, and midnight and white. For this article, I’ll be focusing on the midnight and white style because its neutral tone makes it easy to style for a variety of occasions. I just adore the quality stitching of these sandals. They’re super easy to wear (just slip them on!) and the sole is handmade. These shoes are a must for the summer!

Note: This specific sandal is only available in small sizes right now, however 6PM has an array of Jack Rogers sandals all hugely discounted — click here to see their stock and to see which Jacks styles they have in your size.

Jack Rogers Sandals Outfit 1: “Hello Sunshine”

Straw bag and hat, black top, mauve shorts, foundation and sandals.

Products: Hat – Double Couple (Amazon), Sandals – Jack Rogers (6pm), Top – Charlotte Russe, Sunblock – Shiseido (Sephora), Bag – Urban Outfitters, Shorts – Forever 21

This outfit is PERFECT for going to the beach on a warm summer day.

I can’t get enough of the hat. It’s stunning, the “hello sunshine” text is playful, and best of all it protects of from the sun. You can wear it every time you go to the beach because it’ll pair perfectly with any outfit you pick out.

I had to include SPF with this look because I wear shiseido sunblock every day. Whether I’m wearing a lot of makeup for a party at night, or going to the beach and wearing nearly nothing, this foundation is the base of my daily routine. It isn’t oily, blends perfectly with my skin, and protects very well from the sun. Girls, this is a must- have product for all of you this summer. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

Jack Rogers Sandals Outfit 2: Bow and Ruffle Fun

Red skirt and nail polish, white top, black handbag, sunglasses and sandals.

Products: Sunglasses – Anthropologie, Handbag – A New Day (Target), Skirt – Urban Outfitters, Sandals – Jack Rogers (6pm), Nail Polish – Essie, Top – Gap

This look is great for a lunch out with friends.

I’m obsessing over this Urban Outfitters skirt. I have a thing for bows so I love the elegant touch the bow detail adds to the skirt. The cotton-blend material gives it a smooth, high-quality look, while the color is so versatile that you can wear in both the summer and fall. (Just add some tights and wear darker tones and you could easily wear it for Thanksgiving dinner!) I love pieces like this that you can wear for multiple seasons.

I’m a huge fan of Essie nail polish and honestly, who isn’t? They have colors that match everyone’s style and always ensure quality. “Be Cherry” is such a fun color and though the name has cherry in it, it reminds me much more of a strawberry. Despite technically being from their Winter collection, it’s so pretty and summery!

Jack Rogers Sandals Outfit 3: Stripped Sweetheart

Pink dress, shawl, lipgloss and eyeshadow palette, nude bag, black sandals and white watch.

Products: Shawl – Not on the High Street, Watch – Xinge (Amazon), Eyeshadow Palette – Urban Decay, Sandals – Jack Rogers (6pm), Bag – Mango, Lipgloss – elf, Dress – Nine West (Amazon)

This outfit is perfect for an elegant summer brunch or dinner.

I started the look off with this Nine West dress: The design is so simple yet chic at the same time. The belt also makes the cut extra flattering. Not to mention you can always wear the belt separately with another dress or pair of pants.

Next, I adore the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette. Whenever I purchase makeup from Urban Decay, I know that quality is guaranteed, and this palette doesn’t disappoint. There are colors for every occasion and every shade blends so easily! If you don’t own this palette yet, you need to invest ASAP.

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Do you like these sandals? Are you a fan of Jack Rogers? What are your favorite styles of sandals? What are your favorite summer trends? Start the convo below!

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