3 Winter Weekend Activity Ideas (and Outfits to Match)

We’ve got winter activity ideas galore!

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I don’t know about you, but when winter rolls around, my weekend plans essentially disappear. Maybe it’s because of the cold weather, maybe because of the slowdown after the holidays: either way, concrete plans to spend the weekend all but vanish. This last boring weekend was an example.

However, just because it’s still cold outside doesn’t mean that you should completely hibernate! Here are three winter weekend activity ideas (and outfits) to help you enjoy these cold weekends. Plan ahead and make this weekend awesome!

1. Bake With Friends

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When you can’t go out with friends, staying in is always an option! Whether you head to your best friend’s apartment or the dorm’s kitchen, staying comfortable and casual is a must when baking with friends. Capture this with your favorite jeans and a cozy sweatshirt (kudos if it has school spirit built in).

To finish off the look, slip on some simple shoes (I’m a big fan of TOMS) and grab your favorite mug and sip on some hot chocolate while you whip up some delicious recipes with your squad. (If all else fails though, calling for pizza is still an option.)

2. Jump on the Exercise Hype

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Thanks to New Year’s resolutions, exercising is on everyone’s minds. With all the health benefits that come along with getting your sweat on, there’s no good reason to avoid it…especially on the weekend when you have nothing to do.

Whether you hit up the gym or practice Pilates at home, gear up with your trusty sports bra and favorite UnderArmour shirt. These leggings are fleece-lined so if you like to run outside instead of on the treadmill, no matter the temperature, you’re covered! Lace up your running shoes and you’re all set.

(A note about the book: I personally love this book for more than the exercises and explanations. Cassey Ho included recipes and inspiration for each season of the year, so it’s super easy to find the motivation to keep going if being healthier is your resolution!)

3. Embrace Hygge

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I know, I know: I said you shouldn’t hibernate…however, I’m also a fan of embracing hygge on the weekends. Whether you have fully integrated hygge into your lifestyle or you’re a casual fan of it for self-care, the Danish concept for getting cozy and finding comfort is a great way to take on the winter. (If you need help designing what hygge looks for you, I recommend picking up the featured book — it’s a bestseller for a reason!)

Curl up in your favorite sweatpants and cardigan and spend the day how you like: reading, watching movies, FaceTiming with loved ones, even napping (a mood this t-shirt captures). Slip on your coziest socks (the fuzzier, the better) and settle in for a moment of hygge. 

How are you spending your weekends?

Are you tackling resolutions like a boss? Are you getting together with friends? How do you stay entertained (and warm) during the winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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