Video Game Fashion: Kirby

It’s been years and I still don’t know exactly what Kirby is.

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For more than two decades, this little pink fluff has been stealing my heart. Kirby, star of his own video game series, is a magical pink creature who fends off evil on Planet Popstar. His series, though not as popular here as in Japan, is one of my all time faves.

The Kirby series is known for its colorful, bright artwork, upbeat, cheerful music and ultra-cute characters. From its initial release on the Game Boy to its 2016 Nintendo 3DS installment, the Kirby series has been going strong for years. Its cute little starring blob has quite the following, being featured in Super Smash Bros and other games. Kirby even has his own anime series!

For me, Kirby sits among the all-time best video game heroes out there. So, keep scrolling to see some looks inspired by the Nintendo underdog.


Kirby is our titular hero and the cutest little crime fighter in video game history. His most iconic ability is being able to swallow up his enemies and copy their physical attributes, like breathing fire. Swallowing them also allows him to grow in size. 

Kirby is small and pink with red feet and stubby arms. So, while there may not be much to this guy physically, he still means business. This look is for all you laid-back, bohemian babes who also want to look large-and-in-charge.

Outfit inspired by Kirby from Kirby video game series: pink MAC lipstick, cupcake stud earrings, black high-heeled mules, round sunglasses, wool black hat, pink satin dress, red faux-leather satchel

Products: Shoes – Boohoo, Earrings – JC Penney, Glasses – H&M, Lipstick – Macy’s, Hat – Forever 21, Dress – Forever 21, Bag – Modcloth

To get a sweet boho look, start with a flowy pink satin dress and throw on some trendy black high-heeled mules. Add a wool hat and round sunglasses to make the outfit a little more laid-back. 

Kirby is known for his endless appetite, so instead of some boring, regular earrings, jazz the look up with some pink cupcake-shaped studs.

Kirby’s the kind of guy with a lot of baggage — after all, he has to carry all of the things he swallows around — so make sure you grab a purse before you head out. This one from Modcloth is appropriately titled Taste on Display

Lastly, if you’re feeling daring, rock a bright pink lip for an extra hint of cute.

King Dedede

King Dedede is a slightly plump penguin who is also the main antagonist of the series. However, he’s not totally bad, as sometimes he can be seen fighting alongside Kirby. 

Unlike Kirby, who is just all-around cute, King Dedede is all business in his red and white royal robe. He also wears yellow mittens and a yellow, zigzagged-patterned belt. 

Outfit inspired by King Dedede from Kirby video game series: red pants, white off the shoulder top, lemon tree earrings, pink color blocked bag

Products: Pants – JCPenney, Shoes – Nasty Gal, Top – H&M, Earrings – J.Crew, Bag – Just Fab

For this outfit, I channeled my inner #GirlBoss and paired some bright red slim fit pants with a simple white off-the-shoulder top instead of your basic business casual button-up. To tone the look down, slide into some black peeptoe booties from Nasty Gal, the (now Boohoo-owned) brand behind the Netflix original series, GirlBoss.

A pink color block bag and yellow lemon tree earrings add even more color to the look. They fit with King Dedede’s eccentric color palette without being too “out there”.

Meta Knight

Meta Knight is also a major character in the Kirby series. Most people like his character not only because of his mysteriousness but also because he looks like Kirby. However, unlike Kirby, he is the leader of an army of soldiers known as — wait for it — the Meta-Knights. 

Meta Knight typically wears a traditional knight uniform consisting of a silver mask and silver shoes, but he shrouds himself in a purple cape to stay hidden, even though he’s not as scary as he seems.

Outfit inspired by Mega Knight from Kirby video game series: lavender romper, pearl and jewel earring, platform heeled mules, faux leather jacket

Products: Romper – American Eagle, Shoes – ASOS, Earrings – Sole Society, Jacket – Charlotte Russe

If you want to look rebellious and cool this summer, a mid-tone lavender romper paired with a leather jacket is your perfect combo. These two pieces balance each other out — the romper is light and feminine while the leather jacket is dark and brooding. 

If you want show off some more of your personality, add these funky platform heeled mules and these pearl and jewel earrings, which are fit for royalty.

What do you think?

Do you enjoy the Kirby games or have you grown tired of them? Which Kirby game is your favorite? And most importantly, can someone let me know what species Kirby exactly is? Let me know in the comments.

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