6 Gorgeous Party Outfits Inspired by Six the Musical

You’ll lose your head over these pretty looks!

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Cast of Six the Musical.
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Looking for outfit inspiration for this year’s holiday parties and events? Look no further than Six the Musical! Its bold, colorful costumes are the perfect inspiration for your seasonal outfits.

Six is a West End show about the six wives of Henry VIII and their infamous fates; devorced, beheaded, died, devorced, beheaded, survived.

However, instead of telling their stories in a traditional way, the musical transforms the queens into a girl group. Throughout the musical, they compare their experiences with Henry VIII to determine who gets to be the lead singer. The queens are able to take control of their stories, making for an optimistic show.

The costumes of Six the Musical are a combination of historical elements and modern pop star costumes. Read on for six holiday outfits inspired by the vibrant costumes of Six the Musical.

Six the Musical Fashion: Catherine of Aragon

“Been humble, been loyal, I’ve tried

To swallow my pride all along

If you can just explain

A single thing I’ve done to cause you pain, I’ll go”

Catherine of Aragon.
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Catherine of Aragon was the first wife of Henry VIII. After she wasn’t able to give birth to a son, Henry VIII divorced her and married Anne Boleyn.

Outfit inspired by Six the Musical fashion and character Catherine of Aragon: Lace top, tank top, gold pants, spike headbands, gold earring, black boots.

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Catherine of Aragon’s costume is covered in gold and spikes. For a holiday party outfit inspired by her style, wear metallic gold pants with a black lace top worn under a black slip tank. Accessorize with black boots, gold earrings, and a spike headband.

Anne Boleyn

“Don’t worry, don’t worry

Don’t lose your head

I didn’t mean to hurt anyone”

Anne Boleyn
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Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII’s second wife, but also didn’t have a son. Henry VIII charged her with treason and had her beheaded.

Outfit inspired by Six the Musical fashion and character Anne Boleyn - Green top, green bralette, green skirt, spike headband, black tights, black boots.

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Anne Boleyn’s costume is covered in green! For a holiday look inspired by Anne, layer a sheer green blouse over a green bralette, and add a green skirt. Tights and boots make the look work for winter, while a spike headband is a nod to Anne’s hair in the musical.

Jane Seymour

” You can build me up

You can tear me down

You can try but I’m unbreakable “

Jane Seymour.
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The next queen was Jane Seymour. She gave birth to a son, but ended up dying as a result.

Outfit inspired by Six the Musical fashion and character Jane Seymour - Silver dress, gold hoop earrings, black belt, black boots.

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Jane Seymour’s costume has a silver theme. Get the look with a sparkly party dress, similar hoops, a corset belt, and boots with silver accents.

Anne of Cleves

“You, you said that I tricked ya

‘Cause I didn’t look like my profile picture

Too bad I don’t agree”

Anne of Cleves.
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Anne of Cleves was the fourth wife of Henry VIII, and was divorced when she did not have any children.

Outfit inspired by Six the Musical fashion and character Anne of Cleves - Red top, silver and black miniskirt, headband, black tights, and black block heels.

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Anne of Cleves’s fun costume is red and silver. Add a bit of her outfit to your holiday look with a red top, silver and black sequin miniskirt, black tights, and heels. Reference her spike headband with a more subtle one.

Catherine Howard

“You see, I’m all you need

All you want, we both agree

This is the place for me

I’m finally where I’m meant to be”

Katherine Howard.
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Catherine Howard was the fifth of Henry VIII’s wives. She only lasted around a year before she was beheaded.

Outfit inspired by Six the Musical fashion and character Catherine Howard: Purple sequin top, silver miniskirt, black tights, black fur vest, choker, black boots.

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Get Catherine Howard’s look with a purple sequin top, black faux fur vest, and metallic silver miniskirt. Add a choker, tights, and boots and you’re ready to go!

Catherine Parr

“Ha, darling, get a clue

There’s nothing you can do

I don’t need your love, no, no

No, I don’t need you love, no, no”

Catherine Parr.
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And, of course, this would not be a Six the Musical fashion guide without the only surviving wife! Catherine Parr was the last of Henry VIII’s wives and outlived him.

Outfit inspired by Six the Musical fashion and character Catherine Parr: Blue crop top, silver earrings, black boots, black jeans.

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Catherine Parr’s costume is mostly blue. For a casual party look inspired by her costume, pair a fun blue crop top with black jeans. Gem earrings and black boots complete the look.

What do you think of our Six the Musical fashion guide?

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3 thoughts on “6 Gorgeous Party Outfits Inspired by Six the Musical”

  1. hey, katherine howard’s outfit should actually be pink 🙂 that’s the color it is in the musical (i’ve seen the play and i do have an official shirt from the show 🙂

  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know that Anne of Cleves wasn’t divorced bc she didn’t have children but bc Henry VIII wasn’t attracted to her … it was an arranged marriage, he picked her bc he liked her portrait but then said she looked nothing like it when he met her … they annulled the marriage like a couple of months later (she was married to him for less than a year)

    • That actually wasn’t the reason he divorced her. It’s a common misconception. An alliance with the House of Cleves was a move intended to bring Henry political support and power in Europe (and he also wanted another son as a backup). By the time Anne arrived in England the original political reason for the union had diminished, and the lack of any immediate chemistry between Henry and Anne didn’t help. Anne and Henry were also separated by language, culture and personality. They had not met before their betrothal. Henry, who liked to choose his brides for himself (normally from the ranks of ladies in waiting at court) may have already set his sights on Catherine Howard as his next wife. Desperate attempts to halt the wedding failed. Despite Thomas Cromwell trying to find ways for Henry to send Anne back, the marriage went ahead. Anne’s innocence and Henry’s impatience, combined with his apparently intermittent impotence, meant the marriage was not consummated. Henry persisted for four nights before blaming Anne’s unattractive physical appearance for his failure to ‘do his duty’. The marriage was annulled after six months.


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