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Inspired by... Bringing Up Baby

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Inspired by Bringing Up Baby

For the first installment of our series on 10 more movies for fashion inspiration, today we'll talk fashion inspiration from the film Bringing Up Baby. This movie, released in 1938, follows the crazy adventure of a scientist (Cary Grant) who meets a somewhat absent-minded and bold woman (Katharine Hepburn). The two end up in various predicaments, including taking care of a leopard named Baby.

Bringing Up Baby Style

Katharine Hepburn's style in Bringing Up Baby can best be described as glamourous and elegant-- very Old Hollywood. Every outfit had some kind of interesting detail, whether it was a bold sash, a ruffled collar or an oversized bow. The film even incorporated some menswear-inspired outfits that Ms. Hepburn was famous for wearing.

Here are three outfits inspired by Katherine Hepburn's style in the film:

Outfit #1: Effortless and Chic

Bringing Up Baby Outfit 1

Product Information: Dress- ModCloth, Hat- Anthropologie, Ring- ASOS, Shoes- Urban Outfitters, Bag- Fred Flare

This outfit gives off a very 1930s vibe. This long-sleeved dress is conservative yet stylish in a pretty blue color. The cloche hat is similar to one Hepburn wears in the film with an adorable flower detail. The ring is a homage to Baby used in a modern way, while the t-strap shoes continue the vintage feel. Finally, this sturdy, classic bag is perfect for everyday use.

Outfit #2: Menswear Inspired

Bringing Up Baby Outfit 2

Product Information: Blouse-, Pants- Forever 21, Bag- ASOS, Oxfords- Nordstrom, Bracelet- Urban Outfitters

As I mentioned before, Katharine Hepburn was famous for wearing menswear. At the time, the idea of women wearing pants in a film was very uncommon, but it was rumored that Hepburn convinced the studio to allow her to wear some in the movie in an unconventional way.

This outfit is perfect for the warmer weather that is (hopefully) right around the corner. These wide-leg pants are made of linen, which makes them super lightweight. They are also high-waisted-- perfect for tucking the ruffled blouse into. These oxford pumps are a nod to menswear, but with a feminine touch. And the bag has intricate detail that is similar to the detailing on the lightweight gold cuff.

Outfit #3: Glamazon

Bringing Up Baby Outfit 3

Product Information: Dress- ModCloth, Clutch- ASOS, Earrings- Forever 21, Pumps- Nordstrom

In the film, Katharine Hepburn's character wears a gorgeous floor-length gold lamé gown, in an iconic scene. This is a modern take on that look: instead of a gold lamé gown, this dress has a metallic gold waistband and a classic shape. A patent clutch and some elegant earrings continue the glam yet classic look. Some leopard print heels add a fun touch and, again, pay tribute to Baby.

Feelin' inspired?

Have you ever seen Bringing Up Baby? What do you think of 1930s fashion? Do these outfits capture the essence of the film? Leave a comment and let us know!

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