How to Dress to Explore Westeros

Winter is coming, so you’d better visit the Seven Kingdoms while you still can!

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There’s nowhere else quite like Westeros. In one trip, you can journey through an intense, scorching desert, ride your horse through a thriving metropolis, and visit an arctic forest. 

Since it was once made up of many countries, which were later combined, the continent of Westeros has an unusual abundance of cultures. Visiting another part of the country is like visiting a whole other world, with new customs and styles to learn. It’s a dream for the explorer, since a trip there is like seven vacations in one! To thrive, you’ll need to understand all your destinations and the appropriate clothing choices for each.

A word to the wise: the one thing all the regions of Westeros have in common is danger. That may be a good thing for the thrill-seeking, but make sure you’re well-armed and protected on your journey, because Westeros is basically the murder capital of the universe.

Here are a few safety tips you’ll want to keep in mind when traveling:

  • Don’t attend weddings. I’ll repeat that. Do not attend weddings. No matter how extravagant or exclusive the affair may seem, that party is going to go south, and you don’t want to be there when it does.
  • If you’re going to get murdered, do so in the South. Okay, so obviously you should avoid being murdered anywhere. However, it’s important to exercise additional caution when north of the wall. Those killed up there have a nasty habit of coming back as zombified White Walkers, and no one wants that.
  • Don’t make friends. Westeros is the perfect place for a solo journey of reflection or a honeymoon with someone you already know. Don’t form relationships in Westeros. They’re all liars, and they will betray you.

The people of Westeros might not be the most dependable, honest or moral lot, but their country’s cultural and environmental diversity makes the trip worth it. Just keep you head down and your eyes open!

Southern Living

Maergary Tyrell and Sansa Stark Chat
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Dorne, located on the southernmost tip of the continent, is the friendliest place in Westeros (unless you’re a Lannister). Dorne joined the Seven Kingdoms later than the other regions, so it has loads of unique culture and doesn’t bear too much resemblance to the rest of the country. Dorne, run by House Martell, is a progressive and relaxed place where illegitimate children are respected and clothing is less conservative.

A yellow Dorne outfit!

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Choose something lightweight and fun that fits the vibrancy of the local culture and helps you stay cool. House Martell’s sigil is a speared sun and people from Dorne tend to wear a lot of yellows and browns, but you can always mix things up with a pop of teal. With all the sand and heat, you’ll definitely want sandals and loose-fitting clothes.

Not too far from Dorne is the city of Highgarden, home to House Tyrell. It boasts strong women, beautiful nature and a lot of money. The iconic roses of the Tyrells fill the area and it’s famous for its pleasant atmosphere.

A romantic Highgarden look!

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The Tyrells and their flower sigil have an elegant and romantic style (see Margaery above). If you want to get ahead here, you’ll need to be dressed to the nines. A flowing green dress and a floral accessory will match the lush world around you. You’ll be a hit as you stroll and socialize.

The Big City

King's Landing from Game of Thrones
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The heart of Westeros is King’s Landing, a rough and noisy city located on the shores of Blackwater Bay. It’s not for the faint of heart and many view it as violent and unclean. However, it’s also home to half a million citizens and full of life.

If you want to see what Westeros is truly about, you’ll want to walk the city streets and visit the shops. It’s also the best place in Westeros to see the elegant but controversial royal family.

A look for King's Landing on Game of Thrones.

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The styles of King’s Landing’s well-to-do (for example, the Lannisters) are often structured and conservative with a medieval vibe. Though the medieval might be a bit dated, you can still look ready to rule in a glamorous red blazer and shiny necklace. To fit in with the customs of the high families, choose something polished and conservative.

Up North

Ygritte from Game of Thrones
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Though most of Westeros was conquered and combined, the northernmost region was not actually included. A giant wall of ice separates the civilized Seven Kingdoms from the wild, lawless area above.

That area, populated by people known as Wildlings, is the perfect rural retreat. Miles and miles of peaceful, snowy forest stretch out past the wall, and it’s the ideal location for some R&R and soul searching… if you can avoid the White Walker that lurk about.

Northern GoT outfit

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You won’t find garment shops north of the wall, so the Wildlings mostly stick to native animal fur to protect themselves from the impending winter. Try this bulky (faux) fur coat. Freezing is a real concern above the wall, so wear gloves, closed-toed shoes, and a hat at all times.

Your thoughts?

Would the constant death in Westeros steer you away? What do you think of the outfits? Let me know! Shout-out to commenter Cristina for suggesting this week’s theme.

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