How to Dress Like Annie & Britta from NBC’s Community

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Cast of NBC's Community

Even though it’s almost October, I’m still having trouble getting back into the swing of things– I still feel like I’m in summer mode! Thankfully, the second season of my favorite TV show, Community premiered last Thursday and is slowly but surely helping me get back into my school year routine.

In case you didn’t know, Community follows a ragtag group of students at fictional Greendale Community College. While the show is absolutely hilarious and ridiculously smart, over time I’ve also grown to appreciate the style of two characters: Annie (Alison Brie), and Britta (Gillian Jacobs). Although they’re on the opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, these girls are both excellent sources for fashion inspiration.

Want to learn more about the unique styles of two (fictional) college girls? Read on:


Annie from Community

Annie Edison is a Type-A perfectionist who spent her senior year of high school in rehab after an addiction to Adderall– yikes!— and finds herself attending community college instead of the Ivy Leagues. Determined to make the best of her time at Greendale, she resumes her over-achieving ways and always looks super-stylish whether she’s learning Spanish or getting into shenanigans with her study group.

Elements of Annie’s Style

Annie's Style

  • Polished perfection. Ms. Edison usually looks like she stepped out of a J. Crew catalog thanks to her carefully put together looks. Her outfits are always expertly color-coordinated and perfectly fitted.
  • Feminine flair. Annie loves all things girly– ruffles, florals and bows abound in her closet! Her wardrobe is also filled with skirts and dresses and she is rarely seen in pants.
  • Cardigans, cardigans, cardigans! This college must-have is a staple in Annie’s wardrobe. She has cardigans in every shade and style imaginable and uses them to layer and add bright pops of color to all of her looks.

Outfit Inspired by Annie

Outfit Inspired by Annie

Blouse, Skirt, Cardigan, Flats, Necklace, Watch

You can mimic Annie’s girly-meets-preppy aesthetic with a structured skirt and feminine printed blouse. Two of Annie’s favorite pieces– a bright blue cardigan and red watch– pick up on the top’s colors, while simple flats and a demure necklace complete the look.

More Annie Inspired Pieces

Annie Inspired Pieces

Blue Printed Blouse, Red Blouse, Dress, Mustard Cardigan, Turquoise Cardigan, Gray Skirt, Denim Skirt, Purple Skirt, Taupe Skirt, Purple Heels, Yellow Flats, Brown Flats


Britta from Community

After traveling the world, being a groupie and joining the Peace Corps, Britta Perry has decided it’s time to get her life on track and start attending college. At Greendale, Britta is often the voice of reason for the group and has a closet full of cool edgy-meets-casual pieces.

Elements of Britta’s Style

Britta's Style

  • Casual basics. Fitted jeans and slouchy tops form the foundation of Britta’s wardrobe. However, she never lets them look sloppy and makes sure the cuts and styles are proportionate.
  • Edgy pieces. Britta steps up her basics with edgier accessories. Great jackets, boots, and well-chosen accessories amp up the style and make her look anything but boring.
  • Love for leather. This material seems to be Britta’s favorite and she often incorporates multiple leather pieces in each look. From jackets to footwear to belts, Britta uses pieces in her go-to material to toughen up any look.

Outfit Inspired by Britta

Outfit Inspired by Britta

Tee, Jeans, Jacket, Boots, Necklace, Bag

To channel Britta’s causal-yet-edgy style, all you need are your favorite worn-in jeans and a comfy tee. Add some heeled boots and a matching leather jacket for a rocker-chic feel and accessorize with a unique necklace and roomy messenger bag.

More Britta Inspired Pieces

Britta Inspired Pieces

Striped Top, Gray Henley, Purple Tee, Plaid Shirt, Faux Leather Jacket, Fleece Moto Jacket, Tan Jacket, Gray Denim, Blue Jeans, Black Pants, Wedge Boot, Slouchy Boot, Lace-up Boot

What do you think?

Have you ever watched Community? Who is your favorite character? Do you like Annie and Britta’s style? Which character’s style is your favorite? Be sure to let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment!

Also: if you aren’t already watching, make sure check out Community on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC! Episodes are also available to watch on Hulu if you live in the United States.

35 thoughts on “How to Dress Like Annie & Britta from NBC’s Community”

  1. I have never heard of this show, but I definitely want to check it out (especially because I attended community college and loved it).

    Plus, the fashion is obviously awesome. I’m loving these looks, and your breakdown looks great.

    Community is my absolute favourite show on TV right now (okay also Dexter and Doctor Who) but no one ever knows what it is! Everyone just tells me to watch Modern Family – which is ridiculously not as good and I resent it everytime I watch it for having a larger fanbase.

  3. I too am made ridiculously happy by this post because I LOVE Community– and I also wholeheartedly agree that everyone needs to check this show out, it’s pretty freakin’ hilarious. Plus… the bromance of Abed and Troy is stuff of legend. PLUS, Abed’s pretty freakin’ adorable.

    And of course, I didn’t miss the cute fashion, either. Will you be doing posts on the other characters, too?

  4. I did a tiny YESS in my head as soon as I saw the title of this post! Annie’s style is my absolute favorite; she’s just so darling and cute in everything she wears! I pay attention to all of her outfits, so thank you for posting all those adorable tops!

  5. I love Britta’s style. Can you give me any more models with her style?

    LOVE this website..Im a college girl in Brazil and follow ths website all the time..


  6. Hmm, never watched the show, but I have to say I am loving BOTH of their styles! All those jackets/ boots/cardigans are the reasons why I love Fall so much! 🙂

  7. Community is awesome! I love Britta and Annie’s styles so much. I would have liked to see more outfits inspired by them though…

  8. I am so excited for this article. Last week at my cousin’s wedding I inadvertently dressed like Annie, and was so thrilled when I realized the outfit I put together! LOVELOVELOVE this show, love the clothes, thank you for the awesome article!!!

  9. I think I like Annie’s style better, since it’s lighter in a sense compared to Britta. Her style seems really dark with the way it’s portrayed.

    Overall, good post. 🙂

  10. I might start watching this show now that I know about it. Especially, since I go to a community college I want see if there are any similarities lol.

  11. Love this post! I’ve never watched this show because I never knew what it was about, but it sounds really interesting! My style definitely fits in with Annie’s – I wear a lot of cardigans and ruffly tops. Thanks for inspiration with this post, and I may have just found my new favorite TV show!

  12. Haven’t watched this show before but I would have to say I relate to Britta as in my younger days I was a groupie, ended up working in the music biz, traveling all over, never made it to the Peace Corp. however. I’ve always liked to dress left of center, edgy, unexpected! I still dress that way and totally expect to see myself in some magazine with the big black bar across my face with the word DON’T emblazoned across the page! Obviously have had to tone it down a bit but refuse to succumb to what THEY say someone should dress like…how boring would that be???

  13. This makes me ridiculously happy. More people need to watch this show. I dress a lot like Britta. I’m actually fairly convinced she and I are the same person.

    Also, Abed’s style is really cool, too, I think. I’ve been inspired by his cardigan/graphic tee/skinny jeans/messenger bag formula a few times.


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