Why Own a Cardigan? 5 Reasons You Need One in Your Closet

Cardigans rank among the Fashion VIPs in our closets. Learn why you need to own one AND where to buy the best one.

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5 Reasons You Should Own a Cardigan

With weather in the Northeast anything but wintery lately, I’m completely obsessed with cardigans. These lovely little button-down sweaters aren’t just for teachers and preppy girls anymore (though they are a preppy fashion essential) – they are stylish, cute, and ultra-functional.

Why Own a Cardigan?

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Cardigans often get relegated to the “practical” side of the closet, but they honestly deserve a starring role in your wardrobe. Here’s why owning it isn’t just about being cozy — it’s a fashion game-changer.

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Layering Becomes 10x Easier

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  • Cardigans are the best for transitional weather! Layer over tanks or tees for instant warmth on chilly days, then remove it easily when the sun peeks out. 
  • You can dress them up and down. Dress up a casual outfit with a sleek cashmere cardigan or add polish to a flowy dress with a cropped cardi. 
  • You can create endless outfit combos. Play with textures and lengths! Throw a chunky knit over straight leg jeans or layer a sleek cropped over a crop top or baby tee. The possibilities are endless.

They come in so many varieties!

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  • Go Beyond Neutral: Sure, black and grey are wardrobe staples, but don’t stop with basic. A pop of color can elevate a simple outfit and instantly update your look. Red is super trendy this season but we’re also loving pastels for those Vanilla Girl vibes.
  • Trendy Accents: You can find cardigans in every length from long to cropped, and with details like balloon sleeves, asymmetrical cuts, or cool buttons. And if you love to shop vintage, you can find some insanely cool ones from years past.

Bonus Tips for Rocking Cardigans:

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  • Invest in Quality: Choose natural fibers like wool or cashmere for warmth and longevity. A well-made cardigan will become a wardrobe staple for years to come.
  • Play with Proportions: Oversized cardigans add a cozy vibe, while cropped styles are super trendy and cute with your crop tops. Choose the right fit for your body type and desired look.
  • Don’t Forget the Details: Buttons, pockets, and embellishments can add personality and texture. Choose details that reflect your style and make you feel confident.

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Where to Buy a Cardigan

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Now that you know why you need one, here’s where to buy a cardigan. 

Keep in mind that cardigans can wear out fast around the buttons, so it’s worth it to spend more on a high-quality cardigan that will last. Also, if you’re buying an ultra cheap cardigan, we recommend keeping it buttoned as much as possible to avoid showing shoddy button hole work.

  • Urban Outfitters carries lots of cute and trendy cardigans in both basic and unique styles. Plus, the prices are good.
  • Gap.com is a great source for all things basic, casual and classic at rock-bottom prices. They have a great cardigan selection!
  • J.Crew is the classic choice. Their Tippi cardigan, while a little pricey, is the stuff of legend. You’ll have yours FOREVER.
  • Nordstrom also stocks high-quality cardigans in tons of prints, lengths, and styles.
  • Forever 21 carries some good options; just don’t expect them to last too long and be sure to inspect the button holes to make sure they’re well-made.
  • H&M is another great source of every color at insanely good prices. As with Forever 21, quality issues can be a concern. Don’t expect these to last forever but do have fun buying trendy styles.

What do you think about owning a cardigan?

Are you as big a fan of cardigans as we are? We want to hear from you down below!

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10 thoughts on “Why Own a Cardigan? 5 Reasons You Need One in Your Closet”

  1. I love my little black cardigan!
    It adds a nice neutral to all my bright tanks and rock tees at work and makes an easy thing to keep in the car for those chilly nights.
    my coworkers always compliment me while I wear it.

  2. Cardigans are amazing. I love them so. Thyre perfect because AZ is hot!! but my classrooms and inside of buildings are freezing. So cardigans are a cuter solution than hoodies. Hoodies are ok…. but they tend to look not as put together as cardigans and I hate seeing people running around in hoodies with Hollister plastered all over them. Soo mainstream and overdone.

  3. My friends always make fun of me because whenever I go out shopping I manage to find a cardigan I like. Soon I’m going to have one in every single color. I can’t help myself though, they are so cute. I also love throwing them over my dressier tanks.

  4. Cardigans are my fav to…I work in AC the whole day and they are perfect for me…and also easy to carry around. Best for jeans, dresses, work anything you name it you got it. I am still collecting cardigans of every color but they tend to stretch and damage after every wash…how do I protect and take care of them.

  5. I love cardigans! They make my outfit look so nice even though I’m only wearing a tank and jeans. Plus, they exude that stylish aura that hoodies can’t give out.
    Also, zip up jackets and hoodies are so overrated. Everybody seems to be wearing them. Why not be different?


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