Class to Night Out: Oversized Cardigan

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Diamonds were a girl’s best friend, but that was before we met the oversized cardigan. This piece is a fall go-to for college girls everywhere and it’s easy to see why: Who wouldn’t want to feel like they were snuggled up in a big blanket all day?

Some may have typecast the oversized cardigan as something you wear while relaxing at home, as you yell at the current Bachelor on your TV screen. In fact, however, this item can be worn anywhere this fall. Read on to see how to take the cozy cardi from class to night.

Oversized Cardigan: Class

Transform your basics into something original by pairing an oversized cable knit cardigan with trendy slip-ons and a unique hat. 

Now, I know this hat is not everyone’s cup of tea so if your taste demands a more traditional approach, any black hat would do. (An of-the-moment floppy one would be fab, or you could rock a baseball hat instead.) 

Finally, add a little bling: Since this is a day look, a simple approach is best, so this minimal layered necklace is an ideal choice.

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Oversized Cardigan: Night Out

Classes are over for the day and it’s time to let your hair down and upgrade your ensemble! A big cardigan is not typically something I’d grab for a night on the town but this is where creativity comes into play. 

Since the cardigan is neutral in tone, it will look great with bold fall colors. A teal romper and burgundy belt have personality, while tall brown boots are perfect for the season. The layered rings and necklaces add dimension to the outfit while the bold stone cuff is a final cool touch.

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