Greek Myth Fashion: Mythical Animals

Pegasus, Cerberus and a Phoenix walk into your closet…

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Hello, and welcome to another installment of Greek Myth Fashion, the column where we draw fashion inspiration from Greek mythology. I have previously introduced you to outfits inspired by monsters of Greek mythology, but now I’d like to dedicate an article to the fantastic beasts (Harry Potter reference intended) of Greek myth.

So in this article I will show you three outfits inspired by Pegasus, Cerberus, and the Phoenix


Pegasus is a winged divine horse (which you might recognize from Disney’s Hercules). He was sired by Poseidon, and was born out of the blood of Medusa. 

Pegasus helped the hero Bellerophon defeat the Chimera, then moved to Olympus where he received the task of carrying Zeus’ thunderbolts. As a sign of gratitude for his faithful service, Zeus transformed him into a constellation (the Pegasus constellation).

greek myth fashion- pegasus outfit

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Although Pegasus is depicted in art as being all white, I introduced some navy into this outfit as a nod to Poseidon. The central element here is the white tunic with long bell sleeves (which are pretty similar to wings if you ask me). Pair it with navy trousers and add a pair of nude block heels. Finally, accessorize with a wing necklace.


Cerberus is the multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld, preventing the dead from leaving the realm. 

Heracles’ twelfth Labor was to capture Cerberus from the Underworld. With the help of Hermes and Athena, he succeeded in bringing the dog from the Underworld, but afterwards he returned him to Hades. Just like Pegasus, Cerberus also has a corresponding constellation. 

greek myth fashion- cerberus outfit

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For a Cerberus-inspired outfit wear a black dress, along with ankle booties and a shoulder-bag. To represent the multiple heads, wear three rings, because most descriptions of the dog state that he has three heads. For an edgy touch add a pair of asymmetrical earrings.


One of the most famous creatures of Greek mythology, used symbolically in all media types, is the Phoenix, a bird that is reborn out of its own ashes. Interestingly, diverse cultures and mythologies have variations of the Phoenix. In all versions the bird is capable of rebirth. 

Personally, I find the myth of the Phoenix to be very inspirational, as we are all capable of reinventing ourselves at any point. When faced with hardships, we can rise with hope and orchestrate our own rebirth. Did I get too cheesy? Okay, let’s move on to the outfit.

greek myth fashion- phoenix outfit

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When creating this Phoenix-inspired outfit I didn’t have anything too extravagant in mind. I tried representing this majestic bird in a simple way: through a well-accessorized orange sweater dress. I chose to add a black wool hat and a pair of brown boots. The jewelry is where the symbolism lies: the bracelet has a circle representing the cyclic rebirth of the Phoenix, the earrings are reminiscent of the spark which ends the bird’s life while simultaneously starting it, and the feather necklace is pretty self-explanatory. 

Here’s a challenge: take any item from your wardrobe and style it in a manner completely different from your to-go formula. Break a few rules, like I did with the black and brown combo, and maybe you’ll find fresh inspiration. Don’t be afraid of reinventing your style. Want more tips? See our article on phoenixing.

What do you think? 

What is your favorite mythical creature? Would you wear any of these outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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