Geek Chic: Fashion Inspired by Star Trek

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Welcome to the new Geek Chic column! I’m on a mission to prove that an appreciation of fashion and a love of all things geeky need not be mutually exclusive passions. This column seeks to draw sartorial inspiration from the science fiction, fantasy, and comic book genres: while we may not be able to live out the adventures of time travelers, superheroes, hobbits, or space pioneers, we can certainly take some fashion cues from them!

For my first post, I’m going to focus on the ultimate icon of geekdom: Star Trek. While I love the campiness of the original 1960s TV series, there’s no denying the major style and hotness factor of the 2009 reboot, starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana.

Know Your Geek: About Star Trek

  • Star Trek was created in the 1960s by Gene Roddenberry, who had a vision of a 23rd-century Earth free of war and inequality. The show was particularly groundbreaking at the time because of its racially diverse cast and how it addressed issues such as racism, feminism, imperialism, technology, and human rights. The original series was canceled after three seasons, but became immensely popular in syndication, spawning several spin-off shows and ten movies.
  • In 2009, Paramount released Star Trek: XI, which utilized the characters from the original series but involved the creation of an alternate reality. The movie explores the birth of the Enterprise crew as they band together to fight an enemy threatening to destroy Earth. (Plus, there are breathtaking special effects, sexy green girls, and perhaps the best-looking ensemble cast ever.)

Outfits Inspired by Star Trek

Ready to take on 2012 by boldly wearing what you’ve never worn before? Make it so with these Trek-inspired outfits!


Can I just mention what a great role model Communications officer Nyota Uhura is? She is incredibly intelligent, fiercely independent, and never backs down even though she’s one of the few female officers on the bridge. (Plus, nobody rocks a tiny mini quite like Lieutenant Uhura!)

Outfit inspired by Uhura from Star Trek

Product Information: Jacket, Dress, Earrings, Shoes, Eyeliner, Straightener

This flippy red dress is quite similar to Uhura’s: Dress it up for a night out with a sparkly jacket and futuristic studded ankle boots. Zoe Saldana wore Alexis Bittar earrings in the film, but these drop earrings are just as cute at a fraction of the price. Finish the look by sweeping your hair into a sleek, high ponytail and applying winged eyeliner.


Kirk, a rebel without a cause, feels his life is going nowhere until he joins Starfleet Academy. He spends most of the film in his cadet uniform, a simple gray and black outfit, though before he’s recruited he wears a tough leather jacket and jeans.

Outfit inspired by Kirk from Star Trek

Product Information: Jacket, Dress, Scarf, Boots, Bangle

Capture Kirk’s defiant and confident nature with a too-cool-for-school jacket and moto boots. For a pop of color, add a trendy mustard scarf to represent the gold shirt he eventually wears as a captain. Now go strut your stuff and show the world that you don’t believe in the no-win scenario!


Spock, a Vulcan-human hybrid, wears blue to identify himself as a science officer; he’s also a Starfleet instructor and perhaps the most iconic Trek character of all.

Outfit inspired by Spock from Star Trek

Product Information: Blazer, Shirt, Jeans, Satchel, Watch, Shoes, Earrings

The ever-logical Vulcan would surely approve of this polished ensemble: A crisp blazer, sensible flats, and a pragmatic bookbag make it perfect for meeting with an adviser or a professor, while the skinny jeans and sheer collared shirt (wear a cami underneath!) prevent it from being stodgy. The deep red earrings are reminiscent of Spock’s home desert planet, and the gold watch will ensure that you’re always on time. Vulcans are too logical to be late!

The U.S.S. Enterprise

Without a ship, Kirk and company wouldn’t even be able to leave Earth, much less explore space, the final frontier. In the 2009 reboot, the Starship Enterprise got a slick makeover that garnered a lot of comparisons to the streamlined elegance of Apple stores.

Outfit inspired by the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek

Product Information: Dress, Leggings, , Belt, Clutch

Channel the legendary spacecraft by pairing an embellished white dress (reminiscent of the Enterprise’s hull) with a metallic belt that’s the same shade of blue as the engine nacelles. Then add fun extras like these bold cosmic leggings and a sparkly bag. If you want a more classic look, swap in a pair of regular black tights. You’re ready to take on the galaxy!

What do you think?

Did you like the Star Trek movie? And are you excited for the 2013 sequel? Would you wear any of these looks?  What other geeky inspirations would you like to see? (Spoiler: You’ll be hearing about a certain Time Lord next time.) Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Live long and prosper!

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  3. I adore this post! Keep it up!! I especially love the background information on Star Trek itself. I’ve never been a trekkie, but reading your description definitely gave me newly found respect for the series.


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