Capsule Wardrobe: Billie Eilish

Everything you need to copy Billie Eilish’s wardrobe for yourself, right now.

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Billie Eilish
Photograph: © John Roca/PacificCoastNews

At just 17 years old, Billie Eilish is one of the world’s top selling artists right now, topping the charts worldwide and reigniting the sparks between listeners and lyricists. Her sound, words and image never fail to make heads turn and jaws drop, and her sense of style and fashion are no exception.

We’ve covered Billie Eilish’s style on CF before, but below I’ll give you a basic rundown of her look, before I get into the capsule wardrobe.

Billie is often seen wearing oversized and/or neon pieces, that are unusually paired with high waisted yet low hanging drawstring or elastic band shorts, and a nice comfy pair of sneakers. There is no clear way to describe her style, but all in all it can be summed up as “wonderfully different.”

The Clothes:

Products: Yellow hoodie – Collusion, Cargo shorts – ASOS Design, Pink t-shirt – Criminal Damage, Mesh t-shirt – ASOS Design, Grey Dress – ASOS Design, Fishnet tights – ASOS, Oversized white top – ASOS, Oversized black shirt – Ghospell, Satin Dress – Unique21, Grey track pants – Fila, Orange hoodie – ASOS Design, Blue and white pants – River Island, Jumpsuit – Noisy May, White sneakers – Keds, Grey sneakers – Propet, Pink sneakers – Vans, Black sneakers – Nike

As I mentioned above, oversized pieces are Billie’s thing. She has said that there’s a purpose for this, namely so that no one can make comments or judgements on her body. Also, she’s said, it’s so that no one can truly know everything about her.

Each of the pieces above is in keeping with this message, and paired together these items look so cute!

Outfit Idea: I Love You

Billie Eilish inspired outfit with printed long sleeve dress and pink high tops

Products: Satin Dress – Unique21, Pink sneakers – Vans

This song is one of Billie’s softer ones. It has bittersweet message about not receiving the perfect response to the words ‘I love you,’ perhaps the most vulnerable thing a person can say.

The song’s feel is reflected in the silky satin fabric and pink tones of the frock. But note that the dress is not form fitting and the sneakers are still totally Billie’s style!

This outfit would work great for class or to dinner with friends.

Outfit Idea: Bad Guy

Billie Eilish inspired outfit with camo shorts, mesh oversized top, black sneakers

Products: Mesh t-shirt – ASOS Design, Black sneakers – Nike, Cargo shorts – ASOS Design

One of the edgiest songs she has come out with, Bad Guy explores the role of a rebellious young woman, and this loose mesh top is the perfect thing to go with that. Camouflage-print cargo shorts and sneakers complete the grungy look that makes for a runway worthy outfit! This is definitely one that would make a statement, I would say it’s perfect for the weekend or any summer day!

Outfit Idea: When The Party’s Over

Billie Eilish inspired outfit with patterned jumpsuit, white sweatshirt, white keds

Products: Jumpsuit – Noisy May, White sneakers – Keds, Oversized white top – Monki (sold out – similar)

This slightly somber song is still dribbled with hints of youthfulness, and this baggy jumpsuit and white top pairing is a great outfit to accompany it. The sneakers tie the ensemble together perfectly.

All three pieces match almost too perfectly and would look so cute on a day trip somewhere or even to class. Plus, they are so comfortable and convenient that you could do almost anything adventurous in them!

Outfit Idea: Copycat

Billie Eilish inspired outfit with pink high tops, yellow and red printed sweatshirt, camo shorts

Products: Yellow hoodie – Collusion, Cargo shorts – ASOS Design, Pink sneakers – Vans

This song has a great beat and vibe to it, and the outfit is just as wonderfully eclectic as the lyrics. This is one look that everyone’s going to want to copy!

Even though the colors appear to be wildly different, they come together wonderfully to create a playful and bold outfit that would be perfect for anything casual. This is something I could picture Billie wearing pretty much anywhere.

Outfit Idea: Ocean Eyes

Billie Eilish inspired outfit with plaid oversized pants, white oversized top, and gray running shoes

Products: Oversized white top – Monki, Blue and white pants – River Island, Grey sneakers – Propet

In keeping with the song, of course, this outfit had to incorporate some blue. A toned-down look to be sure, this is still very Billie because of the loose pants, stiff but large top, and grey sneakers combination.

I would wear this look to brunch or to class — or anything in the day that was casual but on the fun side!

Outfit Idea: Ilomilo

Billie Eilish inspired outfit with pink oversized tee shirt, pink high tops, gray sweatpants

Products: Pink t-shirt – Criminal Damage, Grey track pants – Fila, Pink sneakers – Vans

This song about love references an old video game where players had to reunite two estranged characters; Ilo and Milo. Given that the song has romantic undertones, pink is only fitting, and so this pink oversized shirt is the perfect fit! Pair it with grey sweatpants and pink high top sneakers to complete the look.

This look is more daring than the last due to the neon colors. That said, it’s definitely wearable to the mall or anywhere fun with friends!

What do you think?

Are you a Billie Eilish fan? What is your favorite song? What do you think about her style and why she dresses this way? What’s your favorite Billie look? Let me know in the comments below!

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