The 15 Best Blair Waldorf Quotes to Live By

Not everyone can be Blair Waldorf, but you can definitely live by her words.

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This post is comprised of the 15 best Blair Waldorf quotes and why we love them.

Love her or hate her, Blair Waldorf was the very commanding main character in the OG Gossip Girl.

While Serena was running around avoiding making any decisions (aside of dropping out of school), Blair was fervently chasing her dreams. Blair was always the drama, the romance, the fashion, and the moment.

It wasn’t always through her triumphs that I learned from her character, but also her mistakes. More than anything I learned that some of her advice didn’t work out for her in the end. Instilling fear in people to control them and being cold to cement her status as queen only brought her into a world of trouble. It’s not without saying that she didn’t open up her heart; she loved and she lost, but she won in the end by being vulnerable and putting herself out there.

Blair will always be the queen of New York. There truly is a Blair Waldorf quote for every moment of life. Here are the 15 best Blair Waldorf words of wisdom to live by.

1. “As you can see, I survived without you.”

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When someone leaves your life, it can be hard to see how you will keep on going without them. Whether that is a friend, a family member, or a love interest, the pain of living without a person you held dear is like the grief we experience with death.

But the truth is that we are capable of moving forward. The only person we need to keep on living for is ourselves.

2. “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”

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This quote has stuck with me throughout my entire life. It’s what keeps me from watching TV all day and focusing on what I want!

We make our own destiny by going after our dreams and making our own opportunities. Blair sure as hell never waited around for life to come to her or for her dreams to fall in her lap. She did everything in her power to make them come to fruition and so should you.

3. “Forget boys. Keep your eyes on the prize.”

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I love this Blair Waldorf quote! I am a sucker for falling off the work wagon because I met a boy and things inevitably head south eventually. I always have to remember that they aren’t the prize. They’re just the detours that keep you distracted. Romantic partners should be the extracurricular activities in your life, not the career.

4. “If you’re going to be sad, you might as well be sad in Paris.”

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Nothing has ever been said that rings more true. My friend Caylin lives by this quote. Even during full lockdown, she decided to go live in Paris. Because even though we all had to be indoors, at least she was indoors in Paris. Can’t say I blame her!

5. “I’m the best of the best. I’m Blair Waldorf.”

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If you need a daily mantra let this, be it. Just substitute Blair Waldorf with your name. Everyday remind yourself exactly of who you are and that it is for that reason alone that can achieve whatever you set out to achieve.

6. “We’re not servants to our emotions. We can control them, suppress them, stomp them out like bugs.”

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It’s easy to feel like we lose control of our emotions and that our decisions just become a byproduct to our emotions and that we lose control of our lives. But if Blair has taught us anything, it’s the separation of heart and mind.

While it may be easier to do what your heart wants, you have a brain for a reason, so listen to it.

Be sure to keep in mind that emotions are important and feeling your feelings is a healthy thing to do. Just try to listen to your logical brain when it comes to big decision making.

7. “I’m not a stop along the way. I’m a destination.”

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Blair wasn’t interested in people who saw her as just a moment in their life. She knew her value. Blair most definitely did not let other people’s perceptions define her.

Whenever you feel people in your life aren’t giving you the same level of priority that you give to them, remind yourself that that is a reflection on them, not on your worth.

8. “You deserve someone who would move mountains for you if he had to.”

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It’s safe to say that Blair didn’t have a perfect romantic life, but who has? I’ve given this piece of golden Blair Waldorf advice to all my friends, because at one point or another everyone finds themselves with someone who doesn’t value them.

But trust me (or at least trust Blair!), you deserve someone who is obsessed with you, because why wouldn’t they be?

9. “The most important parties to attend are the ones you aren’t invited to.”

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There has never been a more relevant Blair Waldorf quote for networking than this one and it’s also true in life. The people in your circle won’t open any more doors than they already have, whether that’s career-wise or in life.

However, if you seek out the situations outside of your comfort zone, your world will continue to widen and so will your opportunities.

10. “We make our own fairytales.”

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The Queen of the Upper East Side went from uptown wife dreams to fashion business empire dreams. You don’t need to wait around for a romantic partner to save you. In the words of another icon, Cher, when someone tells you to find a husband, you just say, “Mom, I am a rich man.”

11. “We can’t let the men of our past define us.”

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This is one of the best Blair Waldorf quotes because it rings true for anyone in your life. Do not let them and your relationships with them define who you are.

Learn from those experiences, as Blair did with Chuck, and I’d like to believe that the last time around they lived happily ever after.

12. “Oh, my life is so bountiful. I don’t need a boyfriend to feel fulfilled.”

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You don’t anyone or anything to feel fulfilled, especially not a boyfriend, which is why I love this Blair Waldorf quote. Anyone in your life should be added joy in your life. If you ever feel you depend on them for your happiness, it might be a good time to figure out what else makes you happy.

13. “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

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Watching Gossip Girl is what prompted me to make fashion a lifelong career. As I’ve become older, I’ve come to understand this quote more. I’ve seen fashion for what it is, which is art more than trends.

This is the quote that reminds me to wear what I love rather than what is on trend and not to be worried about being too extra, because momma [Blair] said it was okay. 

14. “What I want is to become a powerful woman.”

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And she did. And so can you.

Power doesn’t have to be greedy, it can be power to change the world and to make the world a better place. There is nothing more powerful than a woman on a mission.

15. “Haven’t you heard? I’m the crazy B**** around here.”

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This is perhaps my favorite Blair Waldorf quote. She truly was the feminist icon of her time, by reclaiming the term crazy b**** so often used towards high achieving women. She made herself even more intimidating!

She wasn’t scared of what people called her and she even allowed the sexist comments fuel her drive. So next time anyone diminishes your spark, remind them you are that crazy b****.

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Which of these Blair Waldorf quotes do you think is the best?

Blair Waldorf is – to this day – one of my biggest icons. While I’m not saying she was the greatest person in the world, she evolved throughout the storyline and became a better person while still staying true to her no-nonsense witty remarks. You too can be the main character if you just listen to the greatest main character of our time.

What is your favorite Blair Waldorf quote? Share it with us below!

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