6 Lessons We Can Learn from Modern Family

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It's no secret that here at CF, we love Modern Family! Personally, I am a little more than obsessed. I was late hopping on the bandwagon, but once I started watching, I was immediately hooked. And with the end of season four rapidly approaching, it seems like an appropriate time to pay homage to one of our favorite shows.

If you're not already a Modern Family viewer, I highly suggest you check it out. The series, which is as heartwarming as it is hilarious, chronicles the lives of the Pritchett family, their significant others, and their children. Through many ups and downs, we watch the family learn lessons about life, love, and who they are. The best part is, the show manages to make us laugh while also making us think.

We've already detailed some of the great fashion lessons from Modern Family (check them out here and here!); now it's time to share some other wisdom that the show has imparted on us. Here are six lessons we can learn from Modern Family:

1. Sometimes the most unconventional things are the best.

Modern family unconventional family

Perhaps the best thing about this series is that it shares the story of a non-traditional family. Though the some of the relationships may be unconventional, week after week we witness the families sharing hilarious memories and leading genuinely cheerful lives. It proves that, sometimes, outside-the-box may be the happiest place to be!

Take a lesson from the families and don't be afraid to rock your most fashion-forward outfits, step outside of your comfort zone, and be your fabulously unique self! The people that matter will love you all the more for it.

2. Do what makes you happy.

Modern family cam music teacher

All of the characters on Modern Family are known for their different passions: Cam loves music, Phil often reminisces on his days as a cheerleader, and bookworm Alex secretly plays in a band. They all demonstrate that we will find true happiness when we are doing something we love.

What do you love to do? If you don't yet know, now is the time to find out! College is a great time to experiment with lots of different hobbies and interests - take a fun class outside your major, join an intramural sport, or start a personal style blog to document your style! Most of all, have fun!

3. Always remain young at heart.

Modern family Phil on a tightrope

Phil Dunphy is the epitome of "young at heart." His carefree attitude, ridiculous jokes, and sometimes childish behaviors are what constantly keep us laughing. But, more than that, Phil is a reminder to never lose that young spirit that lives inside all of us.

As busy college students, we often get overwhelmed with projects and papers and presentations (oh my!), but it's so, so, so important to take some time for fun. (Maybe check a few things off your college bucket list?) Your outlook will improve dramatically, and suddenly, your to-do list will feel a whole lot more manageable.

4. There is no such thing as perfection.

Modern family messy claire

Claire is just one of the many examples on Modern Family of perfect imperfection! Though she is obsessive and strives for flawlessness, even Claire makes mistakes now and again. And thankfully so, because we see that even in her worst moments, she is still the hilarious and charming woman that everyone wants to be!

Here at CF, we're all about striving to be your best self - and building up your self esteem is a big part of that. While it's great to want to improve yourself, it's also important to realize that no one - not even the best version of you - will ever be 100% "perfect", 100% of the time.. and that's how it's supposed to be! The trick is to work towards loving yourself, "flaws" and all, every single day.

5. Patience truly is a virtue.

Modern family gloria learns to ride a bike

Part of the joy of watching this family both triumph and fail is that they must all help one another along the way. For many of the characters -- especially tough and impatient Jay -- this can be difficult at times. In the end, however, they all show that patience is the key to success.

In the journey that is college, it's natural to feel frustrated along the way. Maybe you worked really hard on a paper and received a disappointing grade. Maybe you didn't get that internship that you really, really wanted. These things happen, and they feel awful when they do. It's OK to feel down sometimes. That said, you should never let a small setback stop you from pushing forward. Break through your rut and work to stay motivated... and great rewards will eventually be yours!

6. When all else fails... just dance!

Modern family cam dancing

This lesson speaks for itself: Cam knows best!

Your Thoughts?

Are you a Modern Family fan? What do you find to be the most memorable lessons depicted on the show? What other TV shows do you think send similar important messages? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

*All photos: TV show screenshots

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