What Do I Wear There? Airplane Outfits and Tips

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One of my favorite things about writing this column for CF so far is hearing about all of the awesome things you guys are doing! This week, Bosa emailed us about an exciting adventure she has planned, asking:

“I’m flying to Australia for Christmas and I have 3 short and 1 long haul flights to sit through. What can I wear that’s very comfortable, but still stylish? I don’t want to arrive looking like a slob. Thanks!”

As much fun as vacations are, the long, long flights are definitely difficult! And deciding on what to wear is even tougher—you want to show up looking chic but you need to be comfortable for your flight and all of your transfers as well!

For this article, I created two comfy but cute outfits that will get your travel-outfit inspiration going. Even if you’re not flying, these are still great for lengthier car rides, bus rides, and other means of travel.

In addition, I included a list of some general travel “do’s and dont’s” that will make sure your trip is as fabulous as your outfits!

Look One

Outfit idea for what to wear on a plane

Product Information: Tee: Old Navy, Gray Skinny Jeans: TopShop, Cardigan: Uniqlo, Scarf: Piperlime.com, Sunglasses: Target, Purple Flats: Heels.com

This is my ultimate cool, casual and comfortable look for long trips! Simple cotton v-neck shirts are always flattering and classically stylish. Pair your v-neck with your favorite jeans. I’m personally a fan of skinny jeans like these great gray-wash ones, but I know not everyone is, so feel free to substitute your favorite style! Make sure to choose jeans that you have worn before and that you know are not going to dig and poke into you after hours of sitting – comfort is key!

For accessories, I highly suggest bringing along a cardigan sweater. Even if you are going to a warmer destination, planes are typically air-conditioned and therefore cooler, and you never know what airport temperatures will be like. A lightweight scarf is also a great item to bring for this reason!

Just like jeans, you need shoes that aren’t going to be uncomfortable after a few hours of wear (and that you could potentially run around in if anything happened to go wrong). I love these flats – the deep purple color is so gorgeous with the look’s otherwise monotone colors, and the elastic band ensures that they will be comfortable and not cause blisters.

I also suggest packing a pair of sunglasses in your carry on, for as cute as your outfit may be, it is inevitable that such a long flight is going to leave you looking a little less than fresh (look below for some of my tips on how to look your best!). Sunglasses are great to disguise tired or dry eyes.

Look Two

What to wear on a plane

Product Information: Silk-blend Tunic: Net-a-porter.com, Leggings: Tillys.com, Oversized Cardigan, Braided Headband: Charlotte Russe, Leopard Flats: Piperlime.gap.com, Sunglasses: 15dollarstore.com

This look is slightly trendier than the first but just as flight-friendly!

I love the tunic’s adorable oversized pocket and draped style. Also, its fabric is a silk blend, which means it will definitely be really comfortable. Wear basic black leggings underneath for ultimate comfort (jeans can be substituted if leggings aren’t your style, just make sure they’re dark wash).

Once again, I suggest bringing a cardigan in case you run into any cold temperatures. This one picks up on the draped style of the tunic, while the button-up detail keeps the look from becoming sloppy. Leopard print flats pick up on the brown color of the cardigan and add some personality to the look!

If you’re like me, your hair has the tendency to look not-so-perfect after hours on a plane, especially if that time includes sleeping! Therefore, try pulling your hair back in a simple, messy bun with a pretty headband. This will help hide any greasy roots and give your hair some volume, too.

Once again, don’t forget to throw on a pair of sunglasses–for this look, a brown, oversized style will match well. Everyone else in the airport will be wondering which celebrity just stepped off the plane!

Travel Fashion & Beauty Dont’s

  • Stay away from wearing a lot of jewelry or shoes that are difficult to get on and off–all of these things need to be removed during security, and you don’t want to hold up the line!
  • As stylish as they may be, avoid wearing pieces with lots of studs/metal detailing, as they could potentially set off the metal detector.
  • Refrain from using too many scented products before going on the plane. You don’t want the smell to bother those around you in an enclosed space.
  • Don’t wear too much makeup, as it will most likely either start to irritate you (especially eye makeup) or get runny after hours on a plane.

Travel Fashion & Beauty Do’s

Travel Essentials

Product Information: Pear Vanilla Hand Moisturizer/Anti-Bacterial Lotion: Bath & Body Works, Dry Shampoo Brush-On Hair Powder, Boar Brush: Sephora, Shimmer Makeup: Eyeslipsface.com

  • Try to bring some snacks with you–plane food is notoriously gross!
  • Bring a heap of fashion magazines along to keep you entertained and help inspire your vacation shopping choices.
  • Take some eyedrops with you in your purse. This is especially important if you wear contacts, as planes have very drying atmospheres.
  • Along the same lines, bring moisturizer with you for both your face and hands. The one I have listed above in “Travel Essentials” is great for hands because it is an anti-bacterial lotion as well! Important Note: Anything that is in opaque packaging (such as this hand lotion) must be put into a small, clear container or it will be taken by security. Check your flight company’s website for their exact guidelines.
  • Fix your just-sat-on-a-plane-forever hair with dry shampoo. This one a great choice because of its easy, turbulence-proof applicator. Also it’s Sephora-approved for being “green”! Don’t forget to bring along a brush to help work the dry shampoo into your hair. A boar bristle brush is great for this because it helps move natural oils around in hair, which will decrease grease and add shine.
  • Bring along a tiny tube of makeup that multitasks–this creamy pink highlighter looks great on eyes, cheeks, and lips!

What Do You Think?

Do you have any great advice for long flights or lengthy trips in general? Are there any items–clothing, beauty, or otherwise–that you highly suggest bringing along? Any other suggestions on making Bosa’s trip as enjoyable as possible? Let us know below!

And as always, let me know if you have any “What Do I Wear There” questions. Yours may be featured in next week’s article!

31 thoughts on “What Do I Wear There? Airplane Outfits and Tips”

  1. I wouldn’t wear skinny jeans on an airplane, wearing skinny jeans for a long amount of time can do harm on your legs. It can cause tingling leg syndrome D:

  2. Actually Nadi, ever single plane I’ve been on has had air conditioning….and I know that for a fact…

    Anyway, I sure wish I would have had this when I did all my travelling. Last time I travelled I wore a short sleeve shirt and I was FREEZING! Even after I turned off my air vents. Now I know to always bring a hoodie or cardigan a long with me, no matter how hot the weather is.

  3. This is to amazing!
    Absolutly helpful!!
    I’m always flying for long distances and then I wear like a lot of stuffs and look so.. ugh. But this absolutly helps, to also look cool.
    Thank you so very much!

  4. Love this! I always wear a combo of the two…leggings with a t-shirt and cardigan. the problem i have is i usually fly from really cold indiana to really hot arizona and i hate having to carry my coat/boots! oh and i never forget an oversized bag that doubles as a carry on!

  5. Great article! and good suggestions! There are always a few things I don’t fly with out which I think are handy in any situation… Hand sanitizer, baby wipes (they can also double as face wipes for runny makeup) and a light moisturizer. Also once I’m through security… I buy a huge bottle of water. Staying hydrated helps my skin a lot! Don’t forget a big stylish handbag to put everything in! 😉

  6. Thanks Colleen! The second outfit is brilliant, I love it. Much better than the typical jogging-pants-and-hoodie travel outfit. And the dry shampoo is a good idea. I always find the worst part about my appearance when I land after a long haul flight is my greasy hair, so this is a great fix!

  7. I absolutely love the second outfit. Leggings and a long tunic or similarly syled minidress with a cardigan is my go-to outfit on days when I need to be super comfy. Much better than jeans in my opinion. No excuse to ever wear jogging pants in public! 🙂

  8. Outfit 2 is pretty much what I plan on wearing for my trip to Italy this Christmas.
    It sucks that I have to bring my winter jacket on the plane with me, but it will take up too much room in my suitcase if I put it in there. Same goes for my boots, but at least they’re easy to put on/take off.

    Thanks for the dry shampoo recommendation! I’ve been trying to find a good one! I’ll check this one out for sure!

    If you’re traveling alone (like I am) may I suggest taking a purse that can easily sit on your shoulder. I made this mistake in the summer, I brought my stylish Chanel, but it was so not practical because it wouldn’t stay on my shoulder, and that caused me to have to stop every 2 minutes to readjust … not fun when you have 2 suitcases and a carry on!

  9. I haven’t been on a plane since I was six years old but I hope to get on one sometime soon, so this post was helpful. I like the second outfit because leggings are so comfortable. I don’t think I’d be able to stand wearing skinny jeans – or any jeans – on a long plain ride. But the second look is perfect and wearable for me.

    I always look forward to this feature because I’m curious to see what the topic will be this time. Can’t wait til the next one!

  10. Outift 1 is pretty much what I always wear to the airport lol. I love travel clothes. They’re so comfortable but still give off an effortless cute look.

  11. I don’t remember what book it was in, but I once read a great tip regarding some celebrity – The celebrity suggested to always bring a pair of sweats/comfy pants in your carry-on, get changed once you get on a longer flight, and get changed back into your fabulous clothes right before arrival! I’ve also heard a few people suggest you do your hair on the plane, but I wouldn’t be able to do that. However, I love the comfy plane-clothing idea!

  12. big sunglasses are always great because you can look terrible and no one will ever know. the only time you need to take them off is when going through security.

  13. Agreeing with everyone else here, this post is totally awesome and helpful! I’m flying to South Korea next year and really hope to look nice after the twelve-hour trip! :3

  14. I LOVE this post! My dad is a pilot for a commercial airline so when my family flies we have to “represent the airline” by looking nice. It makes sense, but it sucks!!! I’m SO excited to have this to help me pick out clothes!!!!!!!!!


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