3 Outfits for Midterms to Keep You Stylish & Put-Together

The semester may be halfway done, but your style is still fresh!

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Outfits for midterms in college

So, it’s midterm month! Whether that means you’re in the thick of it or you’re just getting out of it, suffice it to say that you’ve been overwhelmed with tests, presentations, and more assignments than you can count.

With the stress that comes with the extra work, some things get pushed off to the side in importance, such as dressing up for class. While I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt gal myself, I also recognize that dressing up during stressful times fools me into thinking that I still have everything under control.

So put down the sweatpants, and let’s take the midterm week by storm! Here are 3 outfits for midterms to keep you looking stylish and together.

Outfits for Midterms: Test Day

Outfits for midterms: Skinny jeans, Hogwarts tote bag, oversized burgundy sweater, brown ankle boots

Products: Pants – Hollister, Sweater – Charlotte Russe, Booties – Charlotte Russe, Tote Bag – Kohl’s

When you’ve been up all night cramming for a test, chances are you’ll want to run to class in whatever you wore during your studying (I’m looking at you, oversized shirt and pajama bottoms). It’s so simple not to do that and still stay comfortable!

These jeans are soft and stretchy — maybe not as much as your favorite sweatpants, but enough to stay comfy during the exam. The sweater is like your favorite sweatshirt’s older sister: still cozy, just a bit more structured. 

Keep the outfit formula simple by throwing on some booties and grabbing your favorite tote bag — perfect for holding your notes if you have time to study just one more time!

Outfits for Midterms: Presentation Time

Cute midterms outfit: Sweater skirt, cropped sweater, TOMS shoes, Batiste dry shampoo

Products: Sweater – Hollister, Skirt – Modcloth, Shoes – Amazon, Brow Gel – Amazon, Dry Shampoo – Amazon

Presentations may require you to dress up a little more, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort! 

A cold-shoulder sweater is a cute, fashion-forward take on a classic. (This sweater comes in several colors.) The skirt’s pleats keep everything proper and classic without being overbearing. 

Don’t worry about heels — grab your nicest (or most trustworthy) set of flats so you don’t worry about any faux pas during your presentation. Keep your beauty routine simple (because let’s admit it, no one really has time for things during midterm week) with a spritz of dry shampoo and a swipe of brow gel.

Outfits for Midterms: Studying Time

Products: Sweatpants – H&M, Sweatshirt – Etsy, Socks – Express, Notebook – Macy’s

Yes, I know, I was just saying to avoid sweatpants…but for studying in your dorm, they are more than acceptable: they’re basically required.

Whether you plan to study with friends or just kick it solo, slim jogger-esque sweatpants are cute and comfy. Grab your favorite sweatshirt (graphics/fun sayings keep it light even when you’re completely overwhelmed), and slip on your coziest socks. Find your notebooks (this Kate Spade one is a great start) and get studying!

What do you think? 

Is it midterms for you? How do you dress during exam season? What’s your go-to outfit for midterms? What occasions are happening in your life–and what do you need help dressing up for? Let me know in the comments!

Outfits for Midterms in college - 3 outfit ideas for midterm exam week

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    • Love this idea! I’ll definitely put it on our list. LMK if you have anything else you’d like to see here!


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