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Inspired by... Annie Hall

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Annie Hall

Dianne Keaton's style in Annie Hall is a classic look from the 70's that is still admired today. Her look is almost completely menswear, yet she manages to make it look fabulous... not to mention sexy!

To channel Annie Hall's style and make it work for today, it's all about mixing menswear pieces with fitted and feminine touches. As always, a healthy dose of confidence is also key.

Below are four outfits inspired by Annie Hall to get your fashion inspiration going!

Outfits Inspired by Annie Hall:

Outfit 1:

This look is effortlessly casual and completely menswear-inspired, yet still feminine and chic. Wide-leg khaki trousers with girly pleats are the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, while a fitted tee shows off your curves. Trendy oxfords are so right-now, while still offering a nod to the past. The finishing touch, a pocket watch necklace, is a fun, humorous, menswear reference.

Annie Hall Outfit

V-neck tee:, Wide leg pleated twill trouser and Pocket Watch Necklace:, Edith readers:, Spectators:

Outfit 2:

For a more subtle menswear-inspired outfit, look no further than look number two. A simple turtleneck and jeans gets an Annie Hall twist with the addition of a menswear-style vest and a very 70's-appropriate hat. This look could easily be worn to class, and you'd be the chicest girl in the room!

Outfit inspired by Annie Hall

Turtleneck sweater:, Pleated career vest:, "Brooklyn" skinny stretch jeans:, Hat:, Rubal flat:

Outfit 3:

If you thought suspenders couldn't be chic, think again! Pairing a simple blue button-down shirt with suspender trousers automatically ups your style quotient. The addition of a menswear-inspired watch (fitted for a woman), and trendy oxfords is the perfect way to channel the Annie Hall look without looking costumey. Both pieces would work equally well with the rest of your wardrobe.

Annie Hall Fashion

Striped stretch fitted shirt:, Suspender trousers:, Dad knows best watch:, Varble flat:

Outfit 4:

Of course, Annie Hall wasn't ONLY about menswear. If you have a more girly style, this look would be the perfect way to reference the film without going full-on androgynous. The figure-flattering belted dress would be perfect for a party, especially when paired with edgy peep-toe patent booties. The chain-strap purse is very classic Chanel-esque, minus the high price tag of course.

Annie Hall style

Brigitte dress, Lita clutch, and Bewitching peep toes: all

Feeling Inspired?

Are you inspired by Annie Hall? Do you think you could rock these looks? What do you think of menswear-inspired fashion? Let us know by leaving your comments!

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