How to Wear Jumpsuits

Four ways to style this trendy closet must-have.

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four ways to wear a jumpsuit

A popular trend seen almost everywhere once the warmer weather hits, jumpsuits are a quick and fun way to wake up your wardrobe.

Whether you prefer a tailored cut or a wide-leg vibe, this mix between a dress and pants is a great way to express your personality through your style because it is a blank canvas for tons of different ensembles.

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Sometimes jumpsuits can be hard to style, especially if you’re not used to wearing them or have only tried ones on that don’t suit your personal style. But they can almost always be styled in many different ways and for many different occasions.

Below are four ways to style jumpsuits, so if you’re stressing about wanting to incorporate this item into your wardrobe but have the slightest of clues, here’s how.

Jumpsuit Outfit One

Motel Floral Print Jumpsuit with faux suede sandals and purse, silver jewelry

Products: Jumpsuit – Forever 21, Sandals – Steve Madden, Rings – Kohl’s, Earrings – Kohl’s, Purse – H&M

This Forever 21 jumpsuit perfectly incorporates spring and summer patterns with deep, cool tones making it a perfect match for those chiller spring days/summer nights.

To keep the focus on the woven print, I paired the jumpsuit with grey accessories. I specifically chose faux-suede sandals and a faux-suede purse because the material has a calm and balanced look to offset the bold print.

The silver rings and earrings are versatile pieces in any wardrobe, but pairing them with this jumpsuit adds an extra element of style, making the outfit look completely polished.

Jumpsuit Outfit Two

Olive green jumpsuit with gold jewelry, sunglasses and stilettos

Products: Jumpsuit – Forever 21, Necklace – Tobi, Bracelet – Nordstrom, Sunglasses – Forever 21, Heels – Lulu’s

The star of this outfit is this statement-making Forever 21 Scoop Neck Wide-Leg Jumpsuit. One of my favorite things about this jumpsuit is its relaxed feel. It’s not fitted to the body and hangs loose, allowing the piece to act as casual attire or dress attire.

To work with the deep olive green color of the jumpsuit, I opted for gold and nude accents. The layered pendant necklace adds both depth and dimension to the look, whereas the bracelet adds a touch of delicacy.

To finish the look from head to toe, I found heels that match the sunglasses. This color combo creates a balanced and fun outfit for multiple occasions.

Jumpsuit Outfit Three

Yellow cut-out jumpsuit paired with tan sandals, purse and gold jewelry

Products: Jumpsuit – Charlotte Russe, Sandals – DSW, Sunglasses – Forever 21, Purse – DSW, Necklace – Forever 21, Ankle Bracelet – Forever 21

This Charlotte Russe knotted cut-out jumpsuit welcomes warm weather with its bright yellow tone.

Because of the V-neck cut-out neckline and the bold tone of the jumpsuit, I paired it with accessories in soft amber and tan tones. Each accessory flows in its own unique way, but they all manage to keep the romper at the center of attention.

I loved the details of the purse and I thought it was a perfect pairing for the casual romper. But for a more dressy look, you could swap it out with a simple tan clutch such as this.

The ankle bracelet adds an extra hint of glam to the look; as an added bonus, it also replaces the need for a bracelet so you can avoid accidentally snagging the romper.

Jumpsuit Outfit Four

Products: Jumpsuit – Forever 21, Necklace –, Bracelet – Jared, Purse – Neiman Marcus, Heels – Kohl’s 

This Forever 21 Off-the-Shoulder Striped Jumpsuit makes for the perfect date night look. Though you could dress it down with a floppy hat, crossbody bag, and sandals, I styled it for a night out because there was just something about it that kept telling me to make it more special.

To keep with the minimalistic, neutral toned look, we can add subtle pinks throughout the outfit in the form of a purse, bracelet, and necklace. Finally, I added the black heels to complete the outfit and to match the stripes of the jumpsuit.


Just recently I’ve gotten into jumpsuits and can’t get enough of them! I hope these jumpsuit outfits helped you out with some styling ideas. How do you like to style your jumpsuits? Leave a comment below.

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