Don't Wear Pajamas to Class!

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What Not to Wear!

This is a public service announcement for your own fashion good: If you have any self respect at all, please stop wearing your pajamas to class.

I'm assuming right now that most girls who read this site aren't the type to just roll out of bed and walk to class without so much as glancing in a mirror. Nonetheless, we all have our lazy days, we all stay up late studying, and we all experience those awful Friday mornings after Thursday nights out. Still, these are NOT good excuses to wear sloppy, unwashed sleepwear in a public setting.

It doesn't matter if you wake up with 5 minutes to get ready and throw on the ugliest jeans you own with a hoodie, or even a cute pair of sweats (which we're usually against wearing in public) if it means you aren't wearing your PJ's to class. Any semblance of normal clothing is better than wearing pajamas in a classroom. It's beyond disrespectful to your professor, as well as your fellow classmates.

Illinois State University agrees with me. Starting this semester, students majoring in Marketing or Education will be required to adhere to a business casual dress code in class at all times.

According to the University's studies of classes with required dress codes, "professionalism exhibited in the class led to a better learning environment, students being better prepared for class, and students being more respectful of one another."

If you want to look cuter in general or just want to pass your classes at Illinois State, please remember the following advice: Pajamas = cute for sleeping and lounging around the dorm. OFF LIMITS for going out in public!


*Photo by Malingering on Flickr.

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