Don’t Wear Pajamas to Class!

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This is a public service announcement for your own fashion good: If you have any self respect at all, please stop wearing your pajamas to class.

I’m assuming right now that most girls who read this site aren’t the type to just roll out of bed and walk to class without so much as glancing in a mirror. Nonetheless, we all have our lazy days, we all stay up late studying, and we all experience those awful Friday mornings after Thursday nights out. Still, these are NOT good excuses to wear sloppy, unwashed sleepwear in a public setting.

It doesn’t matter if you wake up with 5 minutes to get ready and throw on the rattiest jeans you own with a hoodie, or just a pair of sweats if it means you aren’t wearing your PJ’s to class. Any semblance of normal clothing is better than wearing pajamas in a classroom. It’s beyond disrespectful to your professor, as well as your fellow classmates.

Illinois State University agrees with me. Starting this semester, students majoring in Marketing or Education will be required to adhere to a business casual dress code in class at all times.

According to the University’s studies of classes with required dress codes, “professionalism exhibited in the class led to a better learning environment, students being better prepared for class, and students being more respectful of one another.”

If you want to look cuter in general or just want to pass your classes at Illinois State, please remember the following advice: Pajamas = cute for sleeping and lounging around the dorm. PLEASE, NO for going out in public!

27 thoughts on “Don’t Wear Pajamas to Class!”

  1. Lmao everyone is so mad in this comment section, it’s hilarious to see so many people ranting. At the end of the day, nobody cares what you wear. If you’re learning there isn’t a problem. No one cares. Do what you want. It’s not like the teachers will give you a bad grade for wearing pyjamas? if you’re presenting or participating in something professional, that is a different story. It’s your money, your degree, your choice. It’s not like someone is going to go up to you and start bitchin’ about your clothing attire. Anyway, everyone in this comment section is a white girl given the names lmao. “omg uwu don’t wear pj pants!!11111!”

  2. I freaking HATE seeing people in their pajamas. It looks super sloppy. I wear jeans and a cute top everyday and do my makeup all within 30 minutes. Seriously, how much more effort does it take to pull on a pair of jeans?! I go to a small liberal arts college, and I pay a really lovely (not) price to go to school there. I expect the people I am in class with to have a certain level of maturity and professionalism when it comes to their education.
    Can I also say that sweatpants are ok occasionally, but everyday is a little ridiculous. If you have on sweatpants and a full face of makeup you look stupid. End of story.

    P.S. Miss Science Major? I live with three and all of them manage to get dressed just fine in the mornings, as well as make good grades. Even when pressed for time they all look presentable, even if its just jeans, a sweater and a ponytail.

  3. I cannot stand it when people use “I’m a hardcore science major” as an excuse to walk around looking as though they dressed in the dark. As a genetics major who makes a real effort to look presentable every day, this attitude is really disheartening. I’m not saying you have to wear a business suit, but is it too much to ask to throw on a pair of jeans (or non-gymwear-shorts if it’s hot outside)? Also, the girls wearing pajamas on my campus always seem to be wearing those butt-ugly silvery jogging shoes; it’s bad enough when you go straight to class after the gym or your morning jog, it’s even worse if you’re wearing those shoes and it’s obvious you haven’t been jogging in years (see comment above re: cellulite). Pajamas in class is a great way to get guys to ignore you.

  4. Gosh. I really wish people didn’t do this. It’s so ugly. When I see a girl in pj’s and a hoodie with that grungy looking pony tail, I just want to shake her! Sweatpants or pj’s take just as long to put on as jeans. One leg in, the other leg in, EASY! So just put on the jeans! I’m not saying I expect everyone to be dressed flawlessly every single day, but even a little effort shows on those “off” days.

  5. I completely disagree – to a point.

    I’m 20 years old. I’m a full-time student, and I also work full-time as a manager on second & third shift. Most of my classes are scheduled (by neccesity) right after I wake up.

    I’ll throw on some nicer pajama pants (men’s style, dark color, no holes or stains) with a t-shirt or hoodie because it’s comfortable, and it keeps me from having to wear my work “uniform” for a few more hours out of the day.

    On my days off, I’ll dress how I like. But when I have to work? Not a chance. As fun as it is to get dressed up, my style isn’t neccesarily simple (alternative/goth); and it’s a waste of time to get all prepped up for a few classes just to turn around, rip it all of in favor of a work clothes, and run to work.

    I have never, ever had a teacher call me out on being disrepectful for wearing pajama pants to class. Most of them typically compliement me on the pattern on the pants!

    Granted, if I wasn’t in this work situation – like in high school, where I only worked 2-4 days out of the week – I would dress up almost everyday of the week.

    • Honestly, a teacher isn’t going to call you out on being disrespectful. They do it much more subtly … like saying “that’s a nice pattern you have there on your pajama pants.”

      Just food for thought.

  6. It doesn’t take long to shower and put on something presentable, i don’t understand why students would be that lazy and wear their pajamas.

  7. You know what the best thing about my college is? We don’t care what anyone else wears. Because it’s COLLEGE. NOT HIGH SCHOOL.


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