Ask CF: How do I Dress a Pixie Cut Without Looking Like a Man?

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Woman with a pixie cut

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Ask CF Question

Dear CF,

I have very short cropped hair, a.k.a., a pixie cut. I often wear it in a mohawk. I love my hair, but at times it can be hard to dress. What are some suggestions for dressing a pixie cut, without looking like a man? Standard jeans-and-a-tshirt just won’t cut it.



Our Response

Dear Not-a-Man,

First off, thank you for your question! Short, cropped hair for girls has been popular over the past few years thanks in part to celeb trendsetters like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Michelle Williams, and Emma Watson. Like these stars have shown, having short hair doesn’t mean you have to look like a boy. Each one of these celebs rocks their short ‘dos with very different styles, but they all always look polished, feminine, and stylish.

If you’re worried about looking like a boy, try incorporating feminine details into your wardrobe – bows, ruffles, and fun, girly prints can all help you do this. And, most importantly, take advantage of your short ‘do! Try out pieces that have details such as lace, cut-outs, and other designs on the back since you won’t have to worry about any hair covering it up. Standout jewelry like earrings and necklaces are also great pieces to try.

Below, I have created a few outfits that incorporate these tips. Hopefully you find them helpful. Good luck putting together some of your own looks for yourself!



Outfit #1

Ask CF-Pixie Cut-Outfit 1

Product Information: Blazer, Top, PantsShoes, Necklace, Earrings

This outfit has a slight androgynous tone to it with the pants and a structured blazer combination, but details such as the scalloped hemline and bird print of the top add a touch of femininity. To finish the look, add on a pretty statement necklace, some simple studs, and the ever-classic neutral ballet flat.

Outfit #2

Ask CF-Pixie Cut-Outfit 2

Product Information: Bag, Top, Earrings, Shoes, Shorts

For this look, I started with this great polka-dotted top. The ruffled collar is a nice feminine detail and thanks to your short hair, everyone will be able to see the cool buttons on the back of the top. Tuck the top into some simple black shorts, and add black accessories like a patent bag and flower studs. Finally, while you can opt for a pair of black loafers, I thought I’d add an unexpected pop of electric blue to the outfit for fun.

Outfit #3

Ask CF-Pixie Cut-Outfit 3

Product Information: Bag, Dress, Earrings, Shoes, Watch

One thing’s for sure: No one will confuse you for a boy in this pastel blue dress! While the front is simple, the unique back ensures that it is no basic dress. I wanted to keep this look soft, simple, and pretty. To do that, add on some geometric earrings, a rose-gold watch, a floral print bag, and pretty pink flats.

Outfit #4

Ask CF-Pixie Cut-Outfit 4

Product Information: Sunglasses, Top, Necklace, Bag, Sandals, Pants

Finding pieces in a fun print or silhouette can be helpful, too – this shirt has both, as it combines this pretty floral print with a peplum top. Bright pants have been all the rage recently and these bold coral ones would look great with the top. Accessorize the look with a chunky chain-link necklace, some sunglasses, and neutral sandals. Lastly, add on a complementary striped tote to complete the look.

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What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Ask CF: How do I Dress a Pixie Cut Without Looking Like a Man?”

  1. I have had that same problem! I am 14, and I cut off my hair and got a pixie last July, and since then I have had the issue of stressing over wearing “too masculine” clothing. Some days, I really love a more androgynous look, but other days, I really just want to be acknowledged for my femininity and confidence in my fashion sense. However, one of the most prominent pros to getting a shorter cut, I have noticed, is that because you no longer have so much hair to hide behind, you find a new sense of confidence and self love. I am extremely happy with my hair, and I hope anyone who may be reading this and considering chopping their hair off, I say do it! It can always grow back if you prefer your hair long, and it is just fun and very liberating!! Have a great day, everyone!:)

    • I wanna get a pixie cut but how do u style school uniform with it ( in my school all girls have to wear navy knee length pleated skirts but I’m not sure how it will look ? Anyone else had a similar thing ?

      • Dear Gal,
        I have a pixie cut too and I know your problem. What I do is give volume to the back, straighten to front like bangs or side bangs AND most important: PUT ON A HEADBAND! I choose ones with bow on the side to look more feminine! You can match the color of your headband w/ your outfit!
        Hope this helps 😄
        Yours truly,
        Felow Struggling teen girl with pixie haircut 💇‍♂️

  2. I am really considering getting a pixie cut. I am 5’8″, thin, and 32A. My face is oval. Will a pixie cut work for me? I know I can dress feminine enough normally, but I am worried about when I work out or run. I’m scared I’ll look boyish them.

  3. So I got a pixie cut like Emma Watson and I’m in size two pants and an A36 and as long as I dress/accesorize right I think I look great. Plus if you walk like you know you’re awesome you avoid a lot of comments.

  4. Hi!

    I’ve been wanting to get my hair cut like ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie but I’m worried I’ll look like a boy! I kinda have a flat chest (even though I’m not a teen!) and an oval/heart shaped face. Thoughts or suggestions?

  5. When I used to have a pixie haircut I always wore hair clips or headbands. Most days I’d dress girly but on days when I just felt like wearing jeans and a t-shirt the right accessories were enough.

  6. Great post, I suffer from the exact same problem! For some reason the link to the blue pastel dress in the third outfit won’t work and I NEED that dress!!! Where’s it from?


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