How to Get the Acubi Aesthetic (with Styling Tips)

Y2K + Korean Style + Grunge = Acubi

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Are you a fan of 2000s fashion and Korean style? If so, you might be interested in checking out the acubi aesthetic for some style inspo!

If you have never heard of the acubi aesthetic before, it is a Korean trend that mixes minimalism and Y2K fashion but with a grunge twist.

Instead of the pink and girly Y2K fashion trends that may come to mind when you think of the decade, acubi style incorporates trends like baggy jeans, cargo pants, oversized sweatshirts, and graphic tees.

So, if you are obsessed with 2000s fashion, but you want to have an edgier look, then the acubi aesthetic is definitely the type of style you should go for!

Below I’ll show you everything you need to know about the acubi aesthetic and how to get it for yourself.

Elements of the Acubi Aesthetic

When shopping for your new acubi aesthetic wardrobe, there are certain things you will want to look for.

First, this aesthetic focuses on neutrals and dark colors, so seek those out.

Also, you will want to look for oversized clothing like baggy jeans or oversized sweatshirts to help you get the look. Balance them with cropped shirts or baby tees.

Lastly, don’t forget to add some trendy accessories to make your look unique, such as beanies, baseball caps, or shield sunglasses.

1. Mesh Top

This mesh top is a super cute item to add to your wardrobe that gives off Y2K vibes and will help you get the acubi aesthetic!

What you will love about this top is that you can wear it with basically any kind of bottom, whether it’s a skirt, jeans, or pants.

Or, you could even pair it with a matching mesh skirt like this one to make your look stand out even more!

2. Ruffle Dress

If you are looking for the perfect dress for the acubi aesthetic, look no further!

This dress has a bit of girly vibe with the ruffle design, however, the dark shade of the dress gives it a more grunge look.

The bow detailing on the shoulder gives it a slightly girly vibe while still keeping the dress’s edgy feel. It’s perfection!

3. Layered Pants

Another fun look that you can go for to achieve the acubi aesthetic is layered pants.

Layered pants like these, which look like sweats with boxers worn underneath, would be a great outfit to wear when lounging around or for everyday activities.

Just pair these pants with some sneakers and a cute crop top, and you will have the perfect everyday look that gives you the acubi aesthetic.

4. Track Pants

Track pants are also perfect for the acubi aesthetic since they’re very 2000s.

Track pants like these would go perfectly with a crop top or baby tee. Just add sneakers for an outfit that you can either lounge around in or use as an everyday look!

5. Maxi Denim Skirt

Maxi denim skirts like this one are very popular right now. So, you will not only look trendy in this piece but also channel an acubi aesthetic type of style.

I recommend pairing this skirt with boots and a cute crop top or sweater to finish your look!

6. Patchwork Jeans

If you like jeans but want a pair that really stands out, you will love these patchwork jeans!

These jeans come with a super cool star design on the sides to make them very eye-catching.

So, for an everyday look that is unique and gives off the acubi aesthetic, pair these jeans with a cute crop top and sneakers or slides!

7. Denim Mini Skirt

If you like the denim maxi skirt look, you also might like this denim mini skirt look!

For this look, you will pair a denim mini skirt like this one with a cute crop top or cropped jacket. It doesn’t get more 2000s than this combo!

And, to finish the look, I recommend pairing this outfit with some cute boots or sneakers. You could also do sandals or slides in the summer months.

8. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are another great clothing item to add to your wardrobe to help you achieve the acubi aesthetic. And again, they’re already trending, so they’re easy to find everywhere!

With cargo pants like these, you will have a trendy and more edgy look that you can wear every day. Not to mention they’ll be the comfiest pants you own.

9. Graphic Baby Tee

If you love the Y2K-inspired graphic tee trend, then you will love pairing your favorite graphic baby tee with some baggy pants to create an acubi aesthetic look!

To make this everyday look more fun, pair it with fun accessories like shield sunglasses or chunky jewelry.

10. Oversized Hoodie

Another clothing item you should be shopping for is an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie!

Having an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie will make it so much easier for you to create a comfy acubi aesthetic outfit for everyday wear.

All you need to do is find a hoodie in a neutral or darker shade like this one and pair it with some cute shorts or even a skirt to finish the look.

And, you can make this look more fun by buying an oversized sweatshirt with a cute design like the star design featured on this hoodie.

11. Top & Matching Gloves Set

You might have seen the top and matching gloves trend during the Y2K era. If you want to achieve the acubi aesthetic, you can totally bring this trend back!

Just pair a top and matching glove set like this one with a maxi skirt or some jeans to create an acubi look that will show off your Y2K style.

12. Graphic Long Sleeve Top

If you like graphic baby tees, you might also like graphic long-sleeve tops. This is another type of clothing item that would be perfect for the acubi aesthetic.

For example, you should check out this graphic long sleeve top that comes with a grunge design! This looks exactly like a vintage piece from the 2000s.

13. Pullover Sweater

If you like the look of oversized hoodies, you might also like the pullover sweater look!

Since acubi incorporates lots of oversized pieces, a big pullover that looks like it was stolen from a guy is the perfect choice for the look.

To style, pair your sweater with a cute pleated skirt or baggy jeans to create a cute and trendy acubi aesthetic look.

14. Off the Shoulder Top

Another type of clothing item that fits the acubi aesthetic is the off-the-shoulder top, another 2000s staple.

A black off-the-shoulder top like this one will look perfect when paired with a cute denim skirt or pleated skirt. Again, dark colors are key for dressing acubi.

This will give you a simple but super cute acubi aesthetic look that is more girly but also grunge.

15. Loose Fitting Jeans

Loose-fitting or baggy jeans are another great clothing item to add to your wardrobe to help you create everyday looks that fit the Acubi aesthetic.

Once again, these are insanely trendy right now, so you can get them at any store.

For an acubi feel, pair baggy jeans like this one with some boots and a tube top to get a trendy look you could wear when hanging out with friends!

16. Sheer Layered Crop Top Sweater

Some of you may have seen the layered top trend of the 2000s, and with the acubi aesthetic, you can totally bring this trend back!

To get the look, pair a cute layered top like this one (while it resembles a sweater and tank, it’s actually two pieces combined), with your favorite pair of jeans for a Y2K-inspired look that you will love.

Also, you can dress this look up by pairing this outfit with some heels or heeled boots!

More Tips for Getting the Acubi Aesthetic

Where to Shop for Acubi Pieces

how to build your acubi wardrobe! | acubi fashion | where to shop etc.

The acubi aesthetic is known to be a bit more on the grunge side, so you will want to ensure you know where to shop to make building your wardrobe easier!

And, to help you in your search for your new wardrobe, you should definitely watch this video to see the kinds of stores where you should be shopping.

HOW to build ACUBI wardrobe in 2024!

What’s great about the acubi aesthetic is it incorporates a lot of the trends that are in style right now. For example, baggy jeans and cropped shirts are super trendy, so you will definitely still look stylish with this kind of look!

And, to help you build a unique acubi aesthetic wardrobe that makes your style unique, make sure to check out this video to see what kind of trendy items you can add to your look.

Where will you be shopping for your Acubi aesthetic wardrobe?

Which outfit from this list do you like the most? What y2k trends will you be incorporating into your outfits?

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