3 College Style Tips Inspired by Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

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Judging from your feedback on last week’s post about Rory Gilmore’s style, you guys love Gilmore Girls just as much as I do. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the show, it was a hit TV series on The CW for seven seasons and followed a mother-daughter duo through their family, career and love lives.

There’s no doubt that a large part of Rory’s fashion sense came from her mother, Lorelai. But although the two “girls” have some similar wardrobe basics, Lorelai’s style is much more unpredictable – she was never afraid to have fun with fashion.

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Gilmore Girls is still a must-see show, with re-runs on all of the time and Lorelai’s style is a great inspiration. Below are three college style tips inspired by Lorelai Gilmore’s wardrobe!

Lorelai’s Style: The Basics

When the show first started, Lorelai’s outfits were always a little bit over-the-top (think bedazzled t-shirts, chunky boots and light wash jeans). Through the seasons, though, her style matured as she did.

By the last few seasons of the show, Lorelai’s looks were put-together and sleek. She always had a great coat and dress for dinner with her parents, and the perfect blazer for a coffee date. However, through this style evolution, she never stopped putting her own spin on each outfit to make it unique.

Below are three tips inspired by Lorelai’s style that you can apply to your college wardrobe.

1. Dress Up Your Jeans

Through seven seasons, and countless outfits, you’ll be hard pressed to find Lorelai wearing jeans and flats. Her jeans were never anything too special, but she always had a great pair of heeled boots, mules or pumps to go with them. Blazers and embellished tanks also became a go-to style staple for the eldest Gilmore girl by the end of the show’s run as well.

Lorelai’s penchant for mixing and matching tailored tops and basic jeans is great inspiration for how you can take any outfit from day to night – without giving up your favorite denim staples.


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2. Invest in a Great Coat (Or Two!)

Last week, many of you pointed out that both Rory and her mother always had great coats for every occasion. Lorelai in particular favored longer trenches and peacoats – often in unexpected colors or with fun accents.

These types of statement coats are very versatile because they are essentially an entire outfit in one piece. (There was more than one occasion when Lorelai threw a coat over her PJ’s to get somewhere on time.) The best part? With summer around the corner, great coats like the ones below are all on sale!


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3. Take Your Dresses from Day to Night

Lorelai was the queen of dresses – wrap dresses in particular. Whether working at the inn, at dinner with her parents, or supporting Rory at an event, Ms. Gilmore always had a perfect dress for the occasion. Unlike her daughter, who opted for basic, cotton pieces, Lorelai embraced bright colors and loud prints.

Throughout college, having a classic dress that can be dressed up or down is invaluable. With the help of cardigans, blazers or heavier coats like those above, you’ll have the perfect look for anything that may come your way.


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What Do You Think?

Over seven seasons, Lorelai grew from a young, inexperienced mother of a teenager into a self-assured and successful woman. She never lost her spunk, though – and her love of fashion was always strong. Her wardrobe is a great inspiration for any college student.

What do you think of Lorelai’s style? Do you identify more with her trendy pieces, or with her daughter’s ladylike and conservative look? I love to hear your feedback and requests for future posts – so be sure to leave a comment!

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