3 Chic Ways to Style a Black Suit

Need some ways to wear a black suit? We have three black suit styling ideas, perfect for college students and young women.

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How to wear a black suit

There are a few things I wish someone had told me when I started college:

  1. “Don’t get Netflix.”
  2. “You’ll regret eating pizza every day.”
  3. “Buy a black suit. ASAP.”

The first time I needed a suit was in my freshman year, and then again during my sophomore/junior hybrid middle years. Without a doubt, I will need a suit again when I’m a senior.

Since you are way smarter than me and obviously already own 50 black suits, let’s talk about how you can wear them. You bought one, so don’t let it waste away in that mess you call a closet! Here are three ways to style a black suit:

1. The Career Fair

Women's professional outfit

Is that a secret agent? A young CEO? Nope, just a student going to a career fair. This is the standard formal wear: a basic neutral blouse, a black blazer and pants, and black pumps or flats.

This outfit is modest, non-offensive, and says “I-let-my-resumé-speak-for-me.”

2. Business Casual

Business casual outfit

Dear girl at an event earlier this week, 

Business casual does not mean running shorts and a sorority pocket t-shirt.


The Business Casual Fairy

Here, I wore my black suit pants with gold zippers, along with this burgundy blouse with a bow, and comfy black ballet flats. Unlike formal/interview business wear, business casual lets your personality show.

Adding color, accessories, and comfy shoes is perfectly acceptable, as long as the overall look is clean, crisp, and modest.

3. Who Says You Can’t Look Smart Every Day?

Casual black blazer outfit

Blazers can make everyday outfits look smarter and more put-together. I am totally smitten with blazers that have roll-up sleeves and elbow patches (anyone know where to find an inexpensive one?).

The rest of my outfit is casual and comfortable. I have on dark skinny jeans and the soft gray peplum top from my March Favorites article. Since this outfit was begging for some color to match the beautiful flowers outside, I added flirty floral wedges.

I have major respect for people who can pull off blazers in class and make them look young and flattering. Suits don’t have to be stuffy, and I think this outfit proves it!

Your turn!

Do you own a black suit? What’s your go-to business casual outfit? Which of these looks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below how you style your black suit.

12 thoughts on “3 Chic Ways to Style a Black Suit”

  1. LOVE this article!!

    Two questions: I have difficulty finding chic black suit pants like yours here. I can only find wide-legged ones. Where did you get yours?

    Also, in regards to outfit three, do you think it’s okay to wear dark jeans with a black blazer? I always feel like I’m clashing navy and black.

  2. Sam, I couldn’t agree more. Definitely cute for going out, but not for professional networking.

    On your side note, like I said, we accept almost all comments (we do get irrelevant, spam ones) and nearly all CF comments are positive and constructive. I sincerely hope no one ever feels attacked in anyway on this website! In my experience as a writer (and reader before that), CF has been a great place for comments and creating dialogue with readers. Sorry if you’ve had a different experience!


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