How to Keep Your Room Looking Fresh All Semester Long

Don’t let your space lose its shine after the first few weeks!

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We’ve all been there: You’ve just moved in, and your room or apartment is looking Pinterest-perfect. But as the semester rolls on and you get busier and busier, suddenly things start to look more drab than fab as you neglect taking care of your space.

If this cycle sounds familiar to you, that’s completely normal. I, for one, struggle to keep my room looking neat for more than a week after move-in day. But I’m improving at this. Here are my best tips to keep your room looking clean all the time:

Daily clutter checks


When the day starts and I can’t figure out what to wear, my stuff goes everywhere. Clothes that I decided not to wear are strewn all over the floor, and my books are scattered as I tried to find that one notebook I needed. And even though I tell myself I’ll clean up in the evening, I return home exhausted and go straight to bed to watch Netflix. The result is an accumulation of messiness over weeks, and a painful day each weekend where I try to return things to their original places.

Don’t make the same mistake – avoid the stress and take ten minutes each day to put everything back where it belongs. It’s a lot easier to put five things back on their hangers than 50.

Weekly bathroom cleanup

Soap in a dish

I hate cleaning the bathroom. So. Much. But it has to be done, because it’s just disgusting if you don’t. Things get gross in the bathroom quickly, with the mix of water and makeup and toothpaste residue – ugh.

Cleaning your sink, toilet, and mirrors at least once weekly is a good idea. Even if you think that things look okay, it’s kind of like the daily clutter check – it’ll make it possible to avoid one of those horrible cleaning sessions where things have accumulated for months at a time.

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Throw away old food


I’m so bad about this. I’ll forget that I’ve bought something and it ends up being pushed to the back of the fridge until it’s way gross and almost a health hazard. Not okay.

Take some time whenever you buy new groceries to clear out the old food before you put the new stuff in. Are there takeout boxes from last week? Throw them away now before things start to smell.

Find a spot for everything

Don’t just find a spot that looks cute – find a spot for everything that’s convenient to how you live.

I used to think that my backpack would look nice if I slung it over my clothing rack, but that was on the opposite side from my desk! It never actually made it back there and it always ended up on the floor instead. If you make it a habit to put things in a specific space that works for your lifestyle, you’ll have an easier time de-cluttering and probably won’t leave as many things laying out anyway.

How do you keep your room looking clean?

Do you have any strategies for keeping your room maintained and orderly? Bring it up in the comments!

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