Create a Cozy Space With These 11 Decor Ideas

Turn your room into a seasonal escape!

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Fall isn’t just a great season for fashion, it’s also a wonderful time to add some extra comfort into your living space.

If you are anything like me, items like fall-scented candles and big knit throws get you excited for the colder weather that is approaching us.

If you’re struggling to find a way to make your room more of a seasonal escape this year, look no further. Here are 11 decor ideas to make your room the coziest spot in the world this winter.

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1. Candles

Cozy decor item: Spiced apple and fir candle

This one might seem kind of obvious. There is no doubt that candles are an inexpensive and effective way to make your space more intimate.

I typically shop for these at my local T.J. Maxx. They always have a huge selection of wonderfully smelling candles that will bring that fall atmosphere straight into your room.

If you live on campus and are not allowed to have candles, do not fret, there are alternatives! Diffusers are a great way to get those yummy smells without having to light a match.

2. Switch Out Bedding

cream duvet cover from The Home Depot

Switching out your bedding is a great way to instantly make your room feel more new, fresh, and snug.

During this time of the year, reach for warmer and darker colors. Something about muted tones makes your bed feel a lot more welcoming and reminds one of the crisp, cool weather we’re experiencing outside.

3. Throws, Blankets, and More

big knit rose colored blanket

You cannot go wrong with this cozy decor trick!

Warm orange or yellow colors are great for this season. You can bring some throws into your space for the style or some big knit blankets to purely keep you warm when snuggled up in bed.

I typically make sure to keep a basket laying around somewhere in my room to store all the throws and blankets I’m not currently using.

4. Pillows on Pillows

Cozy decor item: multi-colored pillows on bed

There is no such thing as too many pillows! If anyone says so, refer them back to me and I will set the record straight.

Pillows are a simple decor hack to bring some cozy vibes into your bedroom. They can serve for aesthetic purposes or functionality. I actually tend to use my prettier pillows for more casual moments like taking a nap or to lean against while reading.

No matter what, a plethora of pillows will tie all those fun fall color accents in your room together.

5. Warm Lights

warm colored fairy lights

Adding some warm fairy lights into your room is an easy way to transform your space and step away from summer.

You could also do this with a small lamp, whether it be by your bedside or at your desk, but there’s something magical about having just your little lights by your bed lit that give your room such a homey feel to it.

{Editor’s note: here are CF, we love fun lights. If you want tips or tricks, check out our full guide on decorating your space with lights here.}

6. Cozy Fall Decor

Cozy decor item: three stock photos of vases

This one might seem a little obvious, but there’s nothing wrong with splurging a little on cute and cozy Target decor item or two.

There are some fabulous accent pieces for the home that would make any room the most aesthetically fall room you could imagine.

My personal favorites are small glass vases (putting plants in them is optional!), fall wreaths, and of course, small pumpkin decorations. Just one or even your own little patch could spice up any surface in your room.

7. Add Moody Colors Wherever You Can

I like to bring moody colors around, not just in my bedding but in other areas of my room too!

For example, I switch out a lot of decorations I keep over my desk or on my shelves to items that resemble more of a fall aesthetic. I will bring out my fall, dark colored mugs for my morning cup of coffee and I’ll take notes on my favorite brown leather notebook.

It really depends on how much of your room you want to transform – these are just some tips for things that I do personally.

8. Warm & Cozy Rugs as Decor

orange wide striped cotton woven indoor rug

Rugs can be tricky if you have carpet. But adding a fun rug as decor in your bedroom or bathroom gives it that extra push in the cozy department.

This tip not have to be a huge investment, especially if you’re doing this on a budget. There are some great options for warm-colored rugs out there, and I fully encourage you to seek them out!

Here is an orange wide-striped cotton rug that is very budget-friendly and would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s fall room transition.

9. Seasonal Flowers

For floral arrangements, I tend to buy orange and yellow hues around this time of year because the colors are such a nice presence during the season.

Some flowers are actually great in removing harmful toxins from the air and can aid during sleep. Since they give off so much oxygen, they will not just make your room look fresher and more comfortable, they are actually freshening up your air and taking a little extra care of you!

10. Rustic, Cozy Decor Items

small rustic rope serving tray

We have all heard of spring cleaning, but I tend to organize my room a bit around this time as well. I know I will have more family and friends around, so it is just a proactive thing to do.

My favorite way to organize desk areas or my dresser items is by using small, rustic trays. I can always group items on my desk together to make them feel more cohesive.

Target has the best selection of trays. Besides, an organized space will give you more room for all those candles we talked about earlier!

11. Small Wreath

Cozy decor item: fall pumpkin covered wreath

There is no decor item more cozy than a fall wreath. Wreaths always remind me of the holidays, fall weather, and home. You typically see them more at the end of the year, but there are actually some gorgeous fall floral wreaths out there.

The whole thing will just make you excited about the season and if you are far from family, it’s another reminder that soon you’ll be home for break.

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Do you like these cozy decor tricks?

I hope you all enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Which item on this list was your favorite? Do you have any other fun cozy decor ideas or items you would add to the list?

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